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  1. 1. ok. Mexican immigrants. does that change whether it's a choice? 2. a. arguing from a position of ignorance about troops = ok because it (e: being a troop) is a choice 2. b. arguing from a position of ignorance about Mexican (since that word is important to you) immigrants = not ok because being an immigrant isn't a choice I'm asking you to explain why, if one is not ok, then why is the other ok? Or, you know, bend my words instead. We've seen it before. (I already know you will lol have fun)
  2. I filled the previous cop thread up with examples of "one bad apple" before these mods deleted it. But that still doesn't explain why being a troop = choice, but being an illegal immigrant = not a choice.
  3. lmao this thread Yall are some truly disturbed, weird mother fugers.
  4. Well, TheRed called next and he doesn't strike me as very conservative.
  5. Really? You didn't start the "well, your team is new to winning" horse poo in your second post?
  6. https://twitter.com/WORIDSTARHIPH0P/status/687000978051051520?s=09
  7. split jerks are for guys who ride dildos but 305 is impressive. good job
  8. And they had McCown's backup towers at QB. Sounds bad, right? But backup QBs going off on us is in the Panthers' DNA. Hell, I remember the late 1990s with Bueurlein and 2007 and 2009 with Matt Moore. Maybe it's in the whole NFL's DNA to get beat up by competent backups. Against the Saints and McCown, the Panthers didn't put a whole lot of pressure on him. They sat back on defense and waited for him to make a mistake. However, he only made one mistake all game - it was the interception to Josh Norman on what could have been the game winner.
  9. You can if you want. If your injuries happened in Tikrit in 2003, Baquba in 2005, Baghdad in 2007/08 or Mosul in 2010, there's a pretty good chance I was breathing for you at one point. And I'll judge anyone, especially a Veteran, who says 19 year olds can't be trusted with firearms.
  10. Actually the "worst" is a person who "volunteers" with Veterans at the VA, then talks poo about them on a message board. It just indicates that you're in it completely for your own benefit.
  11. As a veteran with PTSD, I get far more angered by CamMoon's 2 years of non-combat service leading to a lifetime of benefits than by anyone or anything I've encountered in the "real world."
  12. PTSD is an anxiety issue, not an anger issue. This isn't the first attack on a recruiting station. ISIS communicates pretty consistently that they're targeting service members and veterans at home and anywhere they aren't armed.
  13. Has anyone ever researched why it is illegal in the first place? Basically, DuPont's synthetic fibers didn't sell very well because hemp products were much better and cost much less. But DuPont had more money and more friends in Congress.
  14. Did it a few months ago, except it was a 90 day team challenge. I lost 9 lbs. and 1 inch off my gut. Overall, my group of four collectively lost 40-some pounds and I think 9 inches. All we did differently was play racquetball after work.
  15. I don't think it was the running that affected his passing. I think it was being down multiple scores and trying too hard to create magic.
  16. The Law and the 10 Commandments are two different things. Jesus broke the 10 Commandments into 2 Commandments: love God, and love one another. He fulfilled the Law by being crucified and resurrected. The Law in Leviticus does not apply to Christians.
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