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  1. Joscott

    Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

    I liked it, don't really see what people were really complaining about. I do think a few of the jokes were not timed well and therefore not funny, but overall it was good. As good as Avengers 1? No, but still good.
  2. Doesn't really excite me, but for cheap depth with starting experience, could pay off. At the very least we should see some really good RT competition in camp, for a position that was already much improved late last season. Having a guy like Oher or possibly a high draft pick at LT probably equals Bell's play at worst, so...upgrade!
  3. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Its been a while since I posted, so here's a rant. My gym sucks right now. There are so many people in there since the new year and they recently added new machines that completely ruined the layout. You have to walk in a big loop around the gym to not bump into people using machines. My favorite new piece of equipment is this huge crossfit dream come true. It has to be about 16'x16' and 95% on the stuff on there, I, nor 75% of my gym will hardly ever use. Also, my bicep pump got me a free chipotle burrito a while back, it want as good as it sounds.
  4. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    The gym here has been super busy...and its December. DO NOT LIKE!
  5. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Got some fat gripz today as part of Amazon's Black Friday. Excited to try those out. Also ordered the new gold standard pre workout from Vitamin Shoppe's bogo 50% off. Some people go for tv deals, I'm thinking about my gains this Black Friday!
  6. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I'm back on creatine, calories and protein are increased, gains incoming... Back and biceps tonight.
  7. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    It you really want mass, you should do less reps, more weight. Think 6-8 range. Now you'll need to increase calories and protein too if you really want more muscle. Don't be afraid of not having a spot. Try using a smith machine both incline and decline. Biscuit and I also set up a flat bench in the power rack the other day. Helps to work on powering through the up motion without the fear of death.
  8. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I dont get a huge energy boost from BCAA, but it just depends on your body and tolerances. I do think they help in recovery, but I don't think it's a must have when it comes to working out. It's nice to have, but not something I'd spend a lot on. I'll stay on it for the next few months just to help with recovery along with glutamine.
  9. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    No, you body fluctuates in weight around 5 lbs a day sometimes, depending on several factors like when and what you eat. No way you drop muscle mass like that over the weekend, you'd be dead or Justin Bieber.
  10. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Successfully found my adductor muscles during my workout tonight, safe to say I will hate my life tomorrow,
  11. Joscott

    Post a pic, any pic.

    That Simona Halep, before breast reduction surgery, who lost yesterday at the French Open final. I have no idea how she used to play like that, but now she's one of the best in the world. Oh yeah, here is who beat her: You should watch more tennis.
  12. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Hurts. To. Move.
  13. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    How'd the LASIK go? I've been wanting to get it for quite some time, do they just recommend. Week off of heavy lifting? And yeah, I think the only way my forearm will get better is if I strengthen it. It's pretty painful and annoying during some back and bicep exercises. Don't get a whole lot with triceps.
  14. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Well your body needs some form of energy to get it going in the morning. Carbs are the main source of energy and eating something like oatmeal before a workout can give you a nice boost. There are plenty of people who do cardio on an empty stomach, but I wouldn't advise it, especially just starting out. Running/treadmills are horrible for your knees, if you already have knee pain, give the elipticals a shot or do some water aerobics if you have the opportunity. You can get just as good of a cardio workout without as much impact. Build up your strength here. Adding an omega/fish oil supplement might also help with the joint pain.
  15. Joscott

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I definitely recommend that chest workout I posted. lt was a nice switch up, I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, my upper back has already tightened up from yesterday.