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  1. Are you implying that Matt Rhule is wrong when he says that the defense has to not give up any explosive plays, which he classifies as 20yds+, and that he instead should be telling them to prevent 30yd+ plays?
  2. A deep pass is 20yds downfield. This was already beaten to death before the season began. Head to head deep passing attempts compared to the opposing QB: LV (Carr) - 4:3 TB (Brady) -3:? LAC (Herbert) - 2:4 ARI (Murray) - 4:? ATL (Ryan) - 3:? CHI (Foles) - 3:1 NO (Brees) - 5:0 ATL (Ryan) - 4:4 Teddy has one game where he took less deep shots than the opposing QB, and that was against the Chargers (unless passing charts for TB/ARI/ATL turn up).
  3. Week 7 passing attempts that were 20+ yards 7: Joe Burrow, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady 6: Kyler Murray, Nick Foles, Carson Wentz 5: Teddy Bridgewater, Jared Goff, Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield 4: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford, Kyle Allen, Drew Lock 3: Patrick Mahomes, Cam Newton, Jimmy Garoppolo, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan 2: Andy Dalton, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen 1: Deshaun Watson, Sam Darnold, Daniel Jones 0: Drew Brees, Jarrett Stidham Somebody is going to have to help me understand this Teddy hate a little better because I keep hearing the same parties jump back and forth between the same three refuted talking points like they haven't already been mercilessly dunked on: Can't throw deep -> throws ugly deep -> doesn't take shots deep. If I can give Tre Boston credit for his decent plays after my long history of shitting on that man for everything else he does (or in the case of tackling, doesn't do) on the field, then these folks that are just out to troll in regards to Teddy can give the man credit for his good plays without the little quips that they'll add to try and downplay em. For those folks crying over draft position, take a moment to remember how many of those same posters swore up and down we had won a meaningless game that took us out of position of drafting an impact pass rusher. The team's #16 pick that year? Brian Burns.
  4. Sign Forrest Lamp in free agency and draft a center + another interior olinemen. Let's gooo!
  5. Teddy also has 52 games (42 starts) played to Cam's 150 (149 starts). What is that super awful phrase we hear weeks 1 - 7? I think it goes something like, "He's on pace for..."
  6. Cam was definitely the better prospect back in 2011 when he was drafted, but just because a QB was drafted at the end of the 1st doesn't mean that you don't put pieces around them to succeed. When he had an offensive line and weapons, he put up record breaking numbers his first two seasons. When he had an elite defense and an average line, the team went 15-1. The fact of the matter is that regardless of how super one player might be, there are 10 other guys on the field with them that have to do their job. To ignore those other 10 positions on one side of the ball is to set up ANY QB for failure. Winning isn't what is best for the team? Creating a losing culture to take lottery tickets that gives the team a draft placement a cpl of spots higher? I thought we had addressed that already when we drafted Brian Burns and folks insisted that winning the final game put us out of reach of an impact player. I don't think telling players that they can potentially waste a year of their already short careers in Carolina since the team will look for draft positioning before being halfway through the season is a championship winning formula. Let's not be coy either: Cam gets brought up because a majority of the "We need a franchise queue beeeeee" go out of their way to discredit Teddy's solid plays. If they didn't post dumb poo like, "tEddY cAn't thrOw dEEp" then maybe they wouldn't get their faces mashed into it every time Teddy throws deep. Side note: Matt Stafford only has 2 completed deep passes this season. Hopefully we can compare Teddy to him since we aren't allowed to compare him to Cam. I mean, if we need those citations, we can get the receipts unless folks' get their posting history deleted again.
  7. Kinda wild how the same folks that screamed for Cam to get an OL and/or weapons when people questioned his abilities aren't screaming for Teddy to get an OL and/or defense.
  8. Doesn't help some of their cases either when they have a history of awful football takes and/or have committed (IN WRITING NO LESS) to trolling the main forum
  9. I wouldn't say outdated, but the new approach is to definitely win while you have a franchise QB on a rookie deal that allows you to stock the team with premium talent around them. Once they're ready for that second deal, the hope is that their play can supplement the money that won't be spent on other positions now.
  10. Imagine your QB getting laid out with a dirty hit while being under duress the entire night and having the audacity to put this loss on him like he plays defense and forced one punt the entire night. Huddlers treat Bridgewater worse than Rivera treated Cam.
  11. I'm fuging cackling over the Pride Jr stumble holy poo They are going to ROAST him in practice
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