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  1. ITT we see middle aged men dismiss the systemic oppression suffered by 1 in every 10 Americans because those middle aged men cannot compartmentalize a game
  2. If it makes you feel better, I took him in the 1st and Josh Gordon in the 3rd in one of my money leagues. ...I drafted Gordon in the 3rd in all of my leagues. Every morning I look myself in the mirror and spit at my reflection this fantasy season.
  3. I don't have the words. :(
  4. I love the trade. Veteran deep threat to replace Ginn and mentor Curtis Samuel on the speedster role while also giving DJ Moore somebody that he can share something in common with (UMD alumni) to assist with his development. We got rid of Worley, who then was cut by the Eagles. Folks are criticizing him for not being a deep threat, but at the same time we aren't calling the deep shots. People were saying that Torrey is good for two routes, fly and comeback. After last week, I saw posters say that he was only good at deep dig routes and drags. He's never going to get the credit that he is due and that's fine. He was brought in for a reason, and that was to mentor while also giving us dependability in regards to execution. He's had some hiccups, but nowhere near the type of hiccups that we saw from DJ Moore. His signing also led us to the signing of Eric Reid which while it isn't what some people were expecting, it IS better than Colin Jones getting starts outside of the Buffalo nickel position (which I would be more comfortable having Shaq play than Jones).
  5. The turn around of Morris Claiborne is very surprising.
  6. I'm still holding on to hope that Pastor Troy crashes the halftime show WELL UHHHH HUHHH
  7. He definitely talked the talk. I was impressed by his presence and accountability as a DC, though he definitely showed growing pains. I think that he can develop into a fine HC, but I also think that he needed more time as a DC first. Kinda like how the league is now just throwing rookie QBs out and grinding them out if they aren't the "saviour of the franchise" it appears that inexperienced HCs are also going thru similar issues. tldr; Has the intangibles of making a great HC imo, but did not get the time he needed to develop as a DC. Was promoted way too early which could effect his own development as a coach in the long term.
  8. Icege

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Maaaan... the day Joe Silva left was the day that I knew that Dana was going to pursue boxing-esque sideshows :( The way they protected Rousey and McGregor from tough match ups made me so friggin angry. I'll never forget when they bumped Bethe Correira up 2 spots just before they sacrificed her to Rousey even though she hadn't fought in over a year. All of her wins were decisions and they were trying to market has as some type of striking queen. Dana comes from a boxing promoter's background and is desperate for the boxing style paydays. He is both the best and worst thing to happen to the organization. :/
  9. Icege

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Since their first event when it was essentially the kumite from Bloodsport but without Chong Li and a coked up JVD :3
  10. Icege

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Came to read what Eagles fans were saying, stayed for the hubby vs Red argument. My scorecard has it at 9-10, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 (felt this could go either way but had to give it to hubby since Red went on the defense towards the end of the round, but he landed some solid shots), 10-8 (big knockdown scored), 10-9. 59-54 Hubby atm who has been grinding him out against the cage. Red has unquestionable cardio with night night hands. Will have to see if age has caught up with hubby's gas tank or if Red can find an answer for the veteran wiles. Other judges, what say you?
  11. Thank you @ladypanther Other posters have tried to express these same sentiments as of late, but then toxic posters immediately come in excusing their own behaviour with garbage such as, "You don't have to read the thread," "It's entertaining," "Cam critics are racists," "Rivera is stupid and you're stupid," etc. Hate to say it, but sometimes a woman's touch is the only thing that will work with some hot heads, but at least it shows there is some sense/decency on their parts then.
  12. I thought position coaches chose who rotated in?
  13. Contain Cam and double Olsen?
  14. I hope that the crowd brings signs and voodoo dolls of that piece of absolute poo while booing him EVERY time he speaks.