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  1. If the top 10 pass rushers are off the board (Bosa, Williams, Lawrence, Wilkins, Oliver, Ferrell, Gary, Allen, Sweat, Simmons) I'd prefer him over Polite.
  2. Icege

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    And whatever alt chuck makes next
  3. Icege

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    This thread is generating all of the clicks
  4. Icege

    Focus on building OLine

    I was fairly pessimistic about the team moving on from Matt Kalil, but after Tepper's recent interview with Bill Voth I'm regaining hope that it will happen (along with Poe). He sounds content to let Hurney handle the draft and Ron to coach the players. However, he also sounds like he wants decisions made sooner rather than later, more attention to analytics, addressing concerns such as time management/challenges, and handle the business side. Perhaps he'll have a little more say in the bookkeeping to start, as it also sounds like he's looking to bring in players via the draft while looking to use free agency as a tool to land high-value free agents. Re-signing Williams completes the right side of the OL. Go out and sign Ramon Foster to man the LG spot and bring some leadership to a young locker room, put Taylor Moton next to him, and all that is left is the center position. Matt Paradis is a possibility here, and then grab at least one OL in the draft (preferably a starting center or guard, though a guard might be better if we can land Paradis for a long-term contract). Moton/Foster/Paradis/Turner/Williams with Van Roten, Larsen, a draft pick, and then one or two more tackles for depth. The team might be able to sustain some of the injuries that have plagued the OLs over the last decade, and if so retain the options that it provides the offense which Tepper was speaking on.
  5. Cut Kalil & Poe to open up $13M, cut Torrey Smith and Capt to open up another $7M for $20M before any other moves are made. Sign DWill, move Moton to LT, sign Piradis and/or a vet LG, then go draft interior line help. I'm most concerned about the center position. Van Roten, while he isn't very good, was at the very least consistently available and the line as a whole overachieved so I wouldn't be butthurt if he was still at LG (though there are a lot of good prospects we could take to replace him).
  6. Yea, that definitely is the case, but it's also on us regardless of the situation that we are in to accurately represent ourselves, ya know? For example, when you claim to be a nationalist, I think that you are confusing that for being a patriot. A patriot is proud of their country for what it does, a nationalist is proud of their country no matter what it does. A nationalist, by definition, is a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations. A patriot, on the other hand, is defined as a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. I could be wrong here, you could very well be a nationalist rather than a patriot, but the point still stands that we must accurately represent ourselves regardless of the chaos of those surrounding us. What particular issues are most important to you? I would assume that you are concerned with national security if we looked at your desire for border security from a high level. If that's the case, it's important to address Mind you I'm not attempting to normalize some of your more provocative stances, whether they have been your true feelings or trolling, but to step back from the fire and brimstone and come closer towards at the very least an understanding of what both sides are desiring when not engaged in petty one-upmanship.
  7. Personally, I think a good start to achieve a candidate of that nature is to create an environment for them. You have said yourself, and I'm sure that you would admit to contributing to it, that there is a great divide between the parties. Do you believe that the behavior your exhibit here brings parties together? I ask because you state that you want a moderate centrist, but clearly support the right over the left to the point where you troll one side but not the other. Do you see how you asking to be represented by somebody that takes neither side when you clearly choose one hurts your credibility?
  8. Could you expand upon this? On the surface level it appears that you're implying the left-leaning politics focuses on non-white Americans, right-leaning politics focuses on white Americans, and that somehow a moderate centrist would address neither but rather all. Or is that what you are implying?
  9. Icege

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    Can we lock sanjay and julio in the Thunderdome? Winner gets chuck?
  10. Bruh... could you imagine? If we hung tight and took Eddie Jackson (#98) and Carl Lawson (#115) instead of trading up for Hall at #77 AND kept Butker over Gano to free up cap space? It literally answers two of the biggest holes going into next season for the team while giving us some extra cash for depth. Granted it would literally be a perfect draft in regards to every player contributing and competing, but still. Oh, I guess Corn would have to pan out too... but lemme dream pls.
  11. Despite what we want to say, Cam did have an OL + weapons + OC for the first two seasons of his career, and the 15-1 season he had super solid OL play. Yea, it's unforgivable to put your franchise QB behind an OL for any period of time with Byron Bell and Nate Chandler at the bookends, or rely on Mike Remmers to protect him from Von Miller in the SB. No question on that, but the team has tried to march out offensive lines for Cam only to have the unit decimated by injuries and exposed for having a lack of depth. It's not like it was ignored though. The team whiffed on Amini Silatolu and Edmund Kugbila, but then got it right with Trai Turner and Andrew Norwell. Daryll Williams and Taylor Moton were also drafted. There's also the signing of Michael Oher to try and find life after Jordan Gross. Matt Kalil was a dumpster fire signing, but the team showed it was serious about investing in protecting their QB. Weapons are interesting, but when we expand the scope to include context rather than just names and results we start to get a clearer picture: 2011: they marched Cam out there with Agent 89, LaFell, Olsen, Shockey, Deangelo, JStew, and David Gettis who had shown promise the season before but tore his ACL. 2012: the team looks for the return of Gettis (who regresses and shows lasting impact from the injury, much like what would later happen to KB but without the mental health issues) while replacing Shockey with Toldozer. The God, Brenton Bersin, first appears on the team's practice squad. 2013: they replace Gettis with Ted Ginn Jr, but they also replace Chud with Shula. 2014: KB is drafted to replace Smitty (which as we see now didn't pan out, but it was looking good at first). Cotchery and Philly replace LaFell and Ginn (who chased money in ARI). Former 2nd rd pick Stephen Hill is also brought in. Brenton Bersin, the Chosen One, returns from exile in ARI. 2015: Funchess and CAP are drafted, Ted Ginn is brought back. Damiere Byrd hits the practice squad. 2016: Jack poo is signed. He does fuging nothing. This season we can point at and be like "YOU DIDN'T DO A fuging THING FOR YOUR MVP!?!?!" 2017: CMC, Samuel, and Armah 2018: DJ Moore, Ian Thomas, Jarius Moore, and Torrey Smith brought in 2011, 2017, and 2018 saw the most significant investments made into the offense. 2013 was living off of the success of the prior offenses and simply trying to maintain it much like the team did unsuccessfully in 2016. Instead, resources were invested in fixing the defense which had been the reason behind the team's record for Cam's first two seasons. The team was, however, able to successfully maintain the offense in 2012. 2014 we saw a reboot of the WR group, and then again in 2018. Now did the coaching staff knowingly, willingly, and consistently put Cam in harm's way with their play calling, scheming, and stubbornness? Fuuuuuuuuuuuck yea those pieces of poo did. Ron Rivera's infatuation with Mike Shula is enough for me to not be sad when he is eventually terminated. Shula's willingness to run Cam into brick walls and unwillingness to adjust to not make Cam sit there until a defender got to hit him in the head... and god damn don't get me started on that poo. "I would have taken the shot." The lack of fire when Cam was getting drilled. Not calling the league out. That cowardice is unforgivable to me.
  12. The offseason following the Super Bowl was awful. Almost every decision that the team made was the wrong one. KB regressing instead of impressing Funchess not providing much of a boost Oher's concussion issues that forced Mike Remmers to LT (but it did force the coaches to play DWill at RT!) Kony Ealy disappearing after SB50 the debacle that was the Josh Norman release (even though it ended up being better to not have spent the long term $$$ probably) the day 1 & 2 draft selections of Vernon Butler and Daryl Worley Then the following season the team... Signs Matt Kalil Signs Russell Shepard Signs Captain Munnerlyn Trades their 4th to move up in the 3rd to select Daeshon Hall The Hall pick, while it sucks the DE group didn't get better because of it, probably really wasn't that detrimental considering several factors. One being that ARI took Dorian Johnson in the 4th, and CAR carried him on the roster this season. The other being that in this same draft we scooped CMC, Curtis Samuel, Taylor Moton, Armahgeddon, and Butker (even though he isn't on the team, we could have saved some money on Gano). If Corn Elder ends up being the answer at nickel, Daeshon Hall would end up being the only pick that didn't pan out from that draft which is insane (could you imagine had we stuck at #98 and grabbed Eddie Jackson instead? BOIIII). It's pretty wild how a couple of seemingly small moves end up making such huge ripples later on, and even more so to see how much can be addressed with a little luck. All of those bad moves we clearly saw, but what those results overshadowed at some times was just how awesome the 2017 draft class was for the team. 2018 is showing a lot of promise with the emergence of DJ Moore, Donte Jackson, and Ian Thomas. I'm not optimistic about Gaulden and Norton, and can see Haynes going either way. If Carter Jr or Smith however emerges, then the 2018 draft will have been an above average draft for the team as well. It sucks having to gamble on the draft, but if we can have a draft that's nearly as good as last season's I think the team will take some of the veteran losses coming up much better than expected (if it's as good as the 2016 draft, we're winning the chip )
  13. Icege

    Wish list Free Agency..

    Some of yall look at the salary cap like Hurney does and it shows.
  14. Wilkins or Lawrence would be great. I'm concerned that they'll be gone as well, especially with ATL picking before us and needing a DT. They know that they liked Grady Jarrett and have Vic Beasley, they can look to put another Tiger on that DL
  15. Lot of things to notice here. One being that Cam truly no longer has to carry this offense. He has CMC, Moore, and Samuel as weapons (as well as Ian Thomas and Greg Olsen!). Taylor Moton shows a lot of promise for the OL, and if the team is able to cobble together some form of protection for Cam then we will have a top flight offense. The defense was old. Peppers and TD will be gone. Kyle Love might not be back either. Kuechly is amazing and KK is capable of bouncing back. Fortunately, we've got some guys like Bradberry, Jackson, and Thompson that can be significant contributors to the defense.