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  1. I bet I know who is defending Myles Garrett even though he doesnt need a white knight without even reading the thread
  2. Ayyyy gratz!!! For some reason I assumed rodeo was already a mod :o
  3. I run a variety of community forums and wouldn't mind giving the mods a hand. Unless the focus is on "Let them say whatever, so long as it isn't outright fuged up." I'm good if that's the case. I've been a moderator in places that frowned on actually keeping order and those places always end up being toxic beyond belief. But if there is a sincere desire to provide some structure, I'm down. :3
  4. Tyler Biadasz pls Let him compete with Daley to start at LG. After the season ends, designate Paradis as a post 6/1 cut to save over $8M AND allow Biadasz to take over at center where he can hold it down for the next decade :D Also: Never forget that chuckleheads screamed that we lost everything by going from #9 to #16, but ended up with Brian Burns. Meanwhile, the only other edge rusher, Rashan Gary, has had nowhere near the impact that Burns has had. Hurney is money in the 1st. It'll be fine.
  5. Maybe KK was more important than folks here gave him credit for when they were whining about his contract and sacks
  6. He was on the sideline for the SF game. Doctors advised against him traveling with the team to away games and standing/jumping on the sidelines for hours. There isn't anything more to it than that. Let's hold up on crying wolf.
  7. The other team practices too. As much as I'd like to have seen Reid cut him in half, Tannehill does have the athletic ability to make guys miss. A strip sack and a lot of solid tackles more than make up for that to me. Demanding perfection just isn't reasonable.
  8. How anybody can imply that Shaq and Reid are inconsistent is beyond me It's like you just listen for names on the broadcast rather than watching the play on the field and hold on for dear life to the one tackle that got broken while ignoring strip sacks, INTs, deflections, TFL, etc
  9. My brother knew him in college (friend of a roommate I think?) and said he is crazy smart with football strategy. That's all i got
  10. lmao at ppl getting upset at potentially picking #16 like we didn't just go thru this #9 vs #16 debate and ended up with Brian Burns
  11. upset that Cam's foot isn't responding to treatment, happy that the team is allowing him the time he needs still
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