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  1. I'm not sure how anyone can view this as a win. It was confirmed that there was a substantial Russian effort to help Trump win the election via illegal methods, and after doing so rather than punish them for interference Trump has rewarded them. An AG that already stated that they believed it was impossible for Trump to have obstructed justice when firing Comey before being brought on just reiterated the same thing. Are we celebrating because there was no proof that Trump knowingly conspired despite proof of election meddling in his favor? Mad indictments have come down, folks very close to Trump are going to prison. The only thing worth celebrating is that we get another two years of puppet theater where we are all the puppets, because hey, at least we might be entertained?
  2. Icege

    My three round mock.

    Burns and Deiter? Yes pls
  3. Icege

    Would You Rather...?

    Ugh... this is a legitimately tough question. On paper, the OL is more ready to go this season. However, DWill is on a one year deal and we're likely going to only want to have to pay for one veteran OT. Moton will likely be that guy, and he has only two more seasons left on his rookie deal. Turner is a rock, and Paradis we have for the next 3 years. If Paradis checks out, then we've got ourselves our high dollar value sunk into LT, C, and RG which is fine to me. Get a veteran on a team-friendly deal and a rookie to shore everything up for the long term (oh... and of course find a back-up swing lineman). DL we're looking at Addison and Irvin being free agents next season (Addison might have one more... can't recall). Haynes is an unknown commodity. Cox Jr has continued to flash and develop, so at the very least we've got a rotational depth piece there. Obada has developed as well, but how much have they and how much longer do they need? Over at DT there is question marks surrounding how Poe and Short will perform after a disappointing showing last season. Butler is a bust. Kyle Love is likely gone in free agency. So on the DL, our starters with the exception of Short I believe are not signed thru 2020 - 2021. Then there is just a bunch of question marks. Having to type all of that out, I started to think DL just because there needs to be SOMETHING there. But then... with the OL as close to completion as it is, getting it completely set up and making it so that next year only one OT will be the question mark (unless we take a guy that starts at LG and then kicks out to OT their sophomore year (HI MAX SCHARPING HOW ARE YOU DOING IN THE THIRD ROUND?)). Ok, ok... I think I've figured it out. OL. My reasoning being that it would be the most impactful and I think that the DL is a multi-year rebuild that one player is not going to change. Oh wait, I'm dumb as poo. You said first round pick. Derp. For some reason I thought it was a "You get one move to upgrade... A or B" Well ignore everything I just said. PASS RUSH PLS!
  4. Icege

    Cam + Mescal

    Brian Burns in the 1st, Max Scharping in the 3rd pls Totally on board with Jawaan Taylor or Christian Wilkins as well.
  5. FanSpeak just had Quinnen Williams go #1 in the mock I'm running. It doesn't matter.
  6. https://www.thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine Another good one I rotate between First Pick, FanSpeak, and DraftNetwork.
  7. It's the same incident from months ago. This is just the footage being used by the company for marketing purposes.
  8. The Panthers in me is cheering The MMA in me is cringing at how sloppy the armbar is
  9. Icege

    Montez Sweat has heart issue.

    but but but pick 9 is higher than 16?
  10. Icege

    2019 Challenge

    A lot of folks are spending a lot of time saying they dont care, yet are some of the first to jump into threads to share their opinion on this. Just take the challenge and win bragging rights or a hot plate of crow. Why are some of yall so insecure that you're reduced to personal attacks and gaslighting?
  11. Icege

    Hurn 2.0

    Listen, I know this nasty bitch has roaches... but we had some good times and it sounds like they learned a cpl of new hoe tricks. Maybe if ion tell nobody... ... is the best way that I can explain how Hurn 2.0 is making me feel currently.
  12. Icege

    Mayo to the 49ers

    Damn, really liked Mayo. Happy for him tho, and the loss is easy to absorb with Carter & Smith looking solid.
  13. On their draft profiles, Reid was listed as a FS and Berry a SS. Berry also ran a 4.47 to Reid's 4.53. Rivera has talked about the importance of the safeties in our defense being interchangeable. LEMME DREAM!
  14. Hurney 2.0 is looking migh-ty fine right about now. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how he builds depth, as that was something that he really seemed to struggle with towards the end, but a series of shitty drafts will do that. I mean... one of the most questionable moves at this point was sticking with a rookie kicker that he didnt draft or keeping Gano. That's friggin amazing.