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  1. "I'd have taken the shot" == "Oh fug yea, ruin his career. That poo makes me moist af"
  2. This is Ron's greatest betrayal. When he was first signed, I won't forget this, he stated that he was going to plan based on the talent he had rather than trying to force square pegs into round holes to fit his system. The lies he told. :(
  3. I get that, but over 70 passing attempts over two games and none 20+ down the middle? I think another big reason is the secret is out. We used to laugh at the contain Cam and double Olsen game plan, but now the gameplan is pressure Cam while taking away CMC. They don't have to contain him because this staff took his legs from him for whatever reason. Let the man take the fug off instead of waiting to get killed.
  4. DJax and Tre Boston have been incredibly disappointing. Boston is what he is, but DJax is better than what he was in wk 2.
  5. Undisputed killed this narrative. He's throwing off of his back foot even when pressure isn't getting there again. They took away Cam's ability to run out of a false hope that the league would protect him the same as it does Brady, Brees, Manning, etc. Now, Cam is punch drunk behind the line.
  6. This looks painfully similar to last week's. Was a shot taken deep down the middle of the field at all in either game? I find it hard to believe that two games in a row the defenses never left deep center uncovered
  7. Hurney left this team in a post-lockout, salary cap hell in which we had to completely unfug his fugery. He comes back to a team better and more successful than his entire tenure with a balanced checkbook waiting for him and we are going to pretend that he did his job when we went 7-9 after a solid start and are now 0-2 with less than a 15% shot at making the playoffs? This isn't the 2013 team that went 1-3 to start before winning 10 straight. Cam is not ok. We are forcing a RT to play LT. The staff is still incapable of managing the clock yet bases the entire gameplan for Sundays on clock control. A LOT is going wrong with this team and Hurney is part of the reason as well. This team came into the season knowing that QB was a question mark and the OL was not good enough. The answer? A 3rd rd comp pick on a local kid that has looked terribad, a reach on a LT that they tried to trade up into the first for that was regularly killed by talent evaluators, a 6th round swing lineman, and a center coming off of a rough leg break. Need WRs that can get separation? Go bring in the league leader in separation but only use him for ST. Those in charge have not done their jobs.
  8. Vernon Butler is literally the only bust KB put out a solid rookie season, hurt his knee and then went down the Deangelo Williams mental drain. Shaq? Solid. Star? Solid. CMC? Elite. Gettleman has sixteen picks from 2013 - 2015. From those picks, we got Star (2013 1st), KK (2013 2nd), AJ (2013 5th), Turner (2014 3rd), Shaq (2015 1st), and DWill (2015 3rd). That's not even counting guys that contributed like Boston, Bene, Funchess, and Mayo. Meanwhile, Marty gets TWENTY FIVE DRAFT PICKS from 2009 - 2011 and we end up walking away with only Captain Munnerlyn (2009 7th), Greg Hardy (2010 6th), and Cam Newton (2011 1st). His first picks in 2009 & 2010? Everette Brown and Jimmy Clausen. Hurney 2.0 has shown that he has improved, but not enough to retain through this poo storm we are dealing with now.
  9. So... the best NT we've had this decade (Star) as well as the heir to TD (Shaq) who has been one of the lone bright spots on the team? Along with a 1st rd WR (KB) that had a solid rookie season before losing his body to injury and his mind to grief and a 5th rd NB (Bene) that was asked to cover one of the most athletic WRs in the league after a bad leg break less than 10 months prior? But tell us again how Armanti Edwards, Byron Bell, Nate Chandler, Sione Fua, and Charles Godfrey stocked the cupboards.
  10. THUGS Props to my mans tho that pulled ole girl outta the melee for being the only real one at the scene
  11. Yo @thefuzz get out of my browser, I was literally looking at some numbers earlier related to this 2011 - 2012: Rivera / Chud / McDermott / Murphy / Hurney / JR (6-10) 2012 - 2013: Rivera / Chud / McDermott / Murphy / Hurney / JR (7-9) 2013 - 2014: Rivera / Shula / McDermott / Rodgers / Gettleman / JR (12-4) 2014 - 2015: Rivera / Shula / McDermott / Rodgers / Gettleman / JR (7-8-1) 2015 - 2016: Rivera / Shula / McDermott / DeHaven / Gettleman / JR (15-1) 2016 - 2017: Rivera / Shula / McDermott / DeHaven / Gettleman / JR (6-10) 2017 - 2018: Rivera / Shula / Wilkes / MCGaughey / Gettleman/Hurney / JR (11-5) 2018 - 2019: Rivera / Turner / Washington / Blac 7-9kburn / Hurney / Tepper (7-9) 2019 - 2020: Rivera / Turner / Washington / Blackburn / Hurney / Tepper (0-2) Cam Newton/Ron Rivera/Marty Hurney 20-28-0 w/o 2017-2018 31-33-0 w/ 2017-2018 Cam Newton/Ron Rivera/David Gettleman 40-23-1 w/o 2017-2018 51-28-1 w/ 2017-2018
  12. It's painful how there are so many things that can be done to help our situation, yet the staff loves to be conservative. The DWill/Moton switch seems the most obvious. 2 TE sets with Ian Thomas getting snaps (omg did sanjay just possess me? ). More leveraging CMC + Samuel's position versatility. More Armahgeddon on the field if we're gonna be traditional. Attacking weak points that the defense reveals rather than sticking with a pre-determined gameplan with no room for deviation. SOMETHING. I would have thought that due to being so raw, the Panthers would have kicked Little inside to LG while Moton mans the LT, OR if Little showed promise stick Moton right next to him on the inside to help the rookie out. Turner and Williams have shown time and time again that they can work well together. Friggin Hurney man... Max Scharping & Michael Deiter were there for the taking had we not traded up, and Deiter is one of the few players looking good in Miami. :( Could've been Moton/Deiter/Paradis/Turner/Williams with Scharping/Van Roten/Larsen/Greene/Daley backing up (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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