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  1. Mike Brown (rightfully) has been dragged, though he is an owner he has operated as GM. Something to consider as well is the prevalence of social media and the greater freedoms being presented to players (as well as greater education of the general public thanks to the Internet not allowing many stories to go unheard) gives them a much more powerful megaphone than prior. Not attempting to debate the quality of GM as that isn't going to change at this point once folks have made their minds up. We dont need to slander him though if his record speaks for itself. If anything, that shows a lack of faith in the data presented and an urge to appeal to emotion to redirect.
  2. JNo, DeAngelo, and Beason entrenched in Charlotte? JNo chased $15M/yr, DeAngelo is a Steeler as far as he is concerned (and fans for that matter), and Beason lives in Miami. All of those individuals were individuals that were paid by Hurney (or in Norman's case, waiting to be paid). The alternate history provided by the Mendela effect does not give any credence to the claims of Gettleman being an egomaniac.
  3. Beason, JNo, Deangelo, Smitty... all players that had issues with him, were high profile cuts made by him, and by all accounts did not take kindly to the process. Meanwhile, Michael Oher and Kenjon Barner have both spoken very highly of Gettleman. The accusations of ego have come from players that felt slighted by him. That really doesn't give much credit to the narrative.
  4. I continually hear people reference Gettleman's ego and mention things like he let his early success go to his head. Does anybody that is promoting that narrative have anything to back it up with?
  5. This is so incredibly misleading that I'm dumbfounded as to how somebody could actually believe it. If you're open to being challenged as to why that is the furthest thing from the truth, I'd be happy to address it. Otherwise, I'll just continue reading. This is one of those issues unfortunately where most people have made their decisions, regardless of whether or not they are well-informed.
  6. Icege

    Pro Life

    Do you have an answer yet?
  7. Icege

    Pro Life

    Wondering how many of these folks proclaiming that fathers are equally responsible for the creation of children would be willing to give 50% of a business that they own and did all of the work to get it up and running to another person that was at the bar with them getting drunk when they thought of the idea together.
  8. Icege

    Pro Life

    What half of the 40 week gestation period they're attempting to legislate is the man responsible for?
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/03/03/researchers-have-found-strong-evidence-that-racism-helps-the-gop-win/
  10. Filled the spots opened up by Searcy and Battle with 2 TEs. Looks likes we are carrying 4 TEs in preparation for Olsen to walk next season or have recurring issues with the foot (a big issue for big dudes like him)
  11. Bad list for shock value purposes is bad list for shock value purposes.
  12. Don't forget being "force fed" despite Rivera blocking him from 1k rush/1k rcv yds, having to "overcome his positional value", or whatever other nonsense some posters will put in a desperate attempt to bait with. I'm not mad at them, though some of us keep receipts too.
  13. Care to explain how this response rebuts the tweet that was posted? Because if anything, you unwittingly strengthened it and I'm sure that wasn't your intention.
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