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  1. I think one thing commonly missed in all of the hand-wringing over college coaches in the pros is to remember that this is going to be a rebuild. It will be difficult to attract top flight free agents (as well as retaining players coming up on contract years that are looking to maximize their income or win now). As a result, we're going to need teachers. Having college coaches that have to get a ton of information crammed between their players' ears in a limited amount of time might end up being a good thing for these young men being brought in to fill out the roster.
  2. Shaq is the Luke replacement. We should be giving him the shot before ST d00dz
  3. Bernie gonna win with or without em tho :o
  4. ooooh, this dude? I'll definitely have to check out his Luke vid. I'm usually not a fan of YT analysts outside of a select few, but I enjoyed hearing his takes and appreciated the knowledge he has.
  5. Derrick Brown in the 1st and Creed Humphrey/Tyler Biadasz/Nick Harris in the 2nd? Then Fotu and Kindley in 3rd and 4th? Maybe get lucky and have somebody sign Vernon Butler for big bucks so that we can get a 3rd rd compensatory pick and scoop up Nick Coe as well? Lawwwwd
  6. If Cam is healthy, you start him and see how the season goes. If he looks good, try to negotiate an extension that's fair to both sides. If he looks uneasy, see if starts to all come together as the season progresses. I don't think a team is going to be willing to risk the capital that we're going to demand in order to trade away the best QB in the team's history. I'm starting to realize that last year was the last hurrah for the old core, that we went all in to try and get a title before the window closed and the wheels fell off the wagon. I would love to see Cam stay, but only if he is healthy and the system revolves around the skillsets of him and his teammates rather than a system that makes the OC feel like they're smarter than everybody else. I would love to see Cam be allowed to use his legs again and go with uptempo when he wants to. Whether it's to allow him to truck a defender or keep a play alive so that a target can open up downfield, let the man be who he is.
  7. He clearly stated that he can't play the game the way he was taught to play it. We all remember the way he looked being carted off of the field after that one concussion. We all remember losing Michael Oher in the preseason to a concussion and then watching our OTs get spun around the entire season after the Super Bowl run. Let's not try and devalue the risk to Luke's health and imply that he's quitting because of one person. That's an insult to the competitor he was. The same could be said of Cam.
  8. Are you sure about that? Because the man was balling out. He was everywhere and anywhere. I've never understood how Luke gets excused for "being out of position" as WLB his freshman year, but Shaq isn't good because he can play LB, S, & Nickel and isn't TD. It's never made any sense. If we were truly looking at things from a meritocracy stance, there is no reason that any Panthers fan shouldn't be high on him. All the man has done is come thru regardless of where the coaches have put him.
  9. He's played almost every position on the defense at this point. He is super solid.
  10. Do I trust him to contribute to it in some capacity? Absolutely. Do I trust him to lead it? No. This is a transitional phase for the team right now and it'll go thru similar restructuring that the business side underwent when Tepper got here. The guts are going to be ripped out and replaced with the parts that Tepper believes best aligns with his vision and that has been done with the new coaching hires. The roster churn will be an ongoing process as the new coaching staff is able to bring in guys that fit what they're ultimately trying to do. Hurney being present doesn't concern me nearly as much knowing that others are being brought in to takeover some of his responsibilities. I still question the college scouting praise... but maybe Hurney is malleable enough to understand and execute what he is capable of in his new role.
  11. So... BPA for the next two drafts with attention to the trenches on both sides?
  12. @jamos14 ty for the forewarning
  13. I really, really want a center in the second round. Preferably Creed Humphrey out of Oklahoma if he's still there or Nick Harris out of Washington. Go scoop Solomon Kindley (UGA Guard) in the 3rd and we get the option of replacing Paradis and/or signing vet OL depth. Lot of stop gaps out there in FA for LG if we go that latter route.
  14. Do you have any policies yet, or are you still just hoping to gaslight and escape?
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