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  1. Only place I knew of in the area was Local 616 + The Alley. Cool to see that there are more Panthers' fans in Charleston getting organized!
  2. Omg... this poor dude... it was already a tough hill for him to climb being a 7th rounder when he was drafted... Hope Miami helps take care of him :(
  3. Toronto population (2017): 2.93M Charlotte population (2017): 859,035 You are literally proving the small market point for them.
  4. If he can be had for a 5th and the team believes that he can develop into a contributing member of the back 7 I am all for it!
  5. Hurney does not have a great history when it comes to 2nd rounders. Moton was not drafted by Hurney.
  6. Icege

    Trump 2020

    Is this a rhetorical request or are you sincerely open to reasoning why you should vote for a Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate, Donald Trump?
  7. I do not understand the argument to let Kemba walk over the team not being able to build around him. If the team has shown an inability to build, why would it have the ability to rebuild?
  8. Tyreek Hill is getting folded like origami Can it be a mounted hellbow instead?
  9. Because the season ticket couldnt be purchased every year without the initial PSL purchase (which was on sale for nearly 25% of the original price)
  10. I was able to get my PSLs after the Clausen season. Sec 532, got one seat for $600. It was a steal. Unfortunately, getting married and having a child, plus several medical episodes made it so that I couldn't afford season tickets. I took a loan out after the 2015 season to try and hold on to them, but couldn't give them away during 2016. When it came time to renew, I looked at the chaos surrounding the team and just didn't trust the owner at the time. Then we got a new owner. I wish that I had kept it, but at the same time, one ticket in the upper deck for a venue 3.5hrs away (one way) along with all of the other time and money involved, it just didn't have any actual value for me. I tried to see if I could sell the PSL for $500, got nothing, and away it went. The concept of market value is an extremely fickle thing. What most folks believe is the market value is their own personal value. Once I realized my personal value was the only actual value in the end, it made moving on easier.
  11. I got the same tingling down there that i felt when we drafted Star & KK after we drafted Burns & Miller
  12. I think that a community rule that all thebigcat threads are gif approved needs to be instated.
  13. https://www.14news.com/2019/06/10/rockport-police-department-has-new-officer-former-drummer-five-finger-death-punch/
  14. The real benchmark will be when Patrick Mahomes signs his extension. Now go back to the Patriots forum that you crawled out of.
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