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    This kills me

    As a coach if you know your d line is not performing, why do you continuously bring your safeties in the box and play your corners 10 yards off the receivers and then wonder why you keep getting roasted on 3rd and long. For being a defensive coach he sure is a fuging moron sometimes.
  2. It would continue to feed the feeling I have that Tepper cares about the business more than winning. If I’m a multi millionaire / billionaire, I’m not buying a sports franchise to make money.
  3. Eazy-E

    Newton's longevity

    Give Cam a coach with half a brain and he will be fine. He will play to at least 35 if he wants. This just screams 2016 to me again and is a major reason Ron needs to go. The season is over. Cam needs to be on IR right now so he has plenty of time to deal with his shoulder.
  4. May as well be wearing a shirt that says I’m bad at my job
  5. Eazy-E

    Funchess on playing time.....

    I think that speaks to the leadership and coaching on this team.
  6. The reporting on the spectrum center is from almost 3 years ago fwiw
  7. We started 6-2 and since then we really haven't had any significant injuries (Washington losing 2 QBs for example) or anything that would normally cause a meteoric collapse like we are witnessing. If that isn't an indictment of how awful our coaching has been then there is no convincing you.
  8. The first bomb to Perriman everyone was jogging except for D Jack
  9. Bill B came Out and said the loss against Miami and that last fluke play were his fault. Must be nice.
  10. Sorry but our first rounder this year has to be a DE unless we land Clowney or Lawrence as free agents which will never happen.
  11. Eazy-E

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    Can you send this to David Tepper. It may help get Ron Rivera fired.
  12. I mean let’s be honest, under JR this team had a history of “doing away with negative publicity and criticism”. People have lost their jobs, you can’t even speak negatively in the observer. FFS they paid to not have the pilot fly the fire Shula banner. I still haven’t seen a negative word about Ron Rivera from the local media and Richardson isn’t even the owner anymore. Please Tepper, change this scared loser culture.
  13. Eazy-E

    5-13 in the NFC South from 2016-18

    Maybe I am in the minority but besides the Steelers game all of our losses were close games. When a team consistently loses close games I put majority of the blame on the coaching. It is the coaches job to put the players in positions to succeed and if the out come is continuously the same, it is the coaches job to make the correct changes. I think all of us see the Fact that Ron refuses to make any changes. Our defense sucks and Ron was still trying to play clock killing offense and rely on a terrible defense to hold one score leads. Yeah it is the players fault that they can’t stop the offense but a competent coach should never put a lousy defense in that situation to begin with. Let alone doing it week after week like something is going to magically change. I can’t even count the number of times Ron has run out the clock before half instead of trying to score points or stalling the offense and settling for a FG instead of going for 6 to kill some extra clock. Please just fire Ron already. I think we are all ready for change.
  14. This is the second post I have made now pointing out a critical defensive play where Short looks like he is just completely half-assing it and could give two shits what is going on. We are terrible on third and long for numerous reasons but Short may be one of the biggest factors. It's like if it is third and long he just doesn't give a fug. My last example was in the Steelers game where the only two pass rushers were Luke and him and he literally tried to push two blockers for a few seconds and then just gave up and stood there while Luke was trying to bull rush 3 linemen. We all remember how that turned out. Now lets take a look at this shining example of fuging piss poor effort. http://www.nfl.com/videos/cleveland-browns/0ap3000000997265/Can-t-Miss-Play-Baker-rips-51-yard-TD-to-Landry 3rd and 17 and only half way through the second quarter. Short pushes his blocker and the blocker stumbles a bit leaving short with a wide open shot to obliterate Mayfield and KK just stops for a second like he can' believe he isn't being blocked. Rather than sprinting and trying to get a hit on the QB, he barley starts to jog and watches Baker fling a 51 yard TD bomb. Just fuging cut this fat pos already I don't care what the dead cap hit is.
  15. Ron playing potential young talent? Now that’s funny.
  16. Luckily I feel that with one draft and free agency we could fill a ton of holes. I like what we have on offense and our skill positions are all very young. Invest heavily on the D line in the draft and grab a free safety who can cover and a nickelback in free agency and i'll be happy. Just need a new coach to bring in a new culture to this team and I think we will be alright.
  17. Look where you guys are now. I'd take the two lousy seasons for a legit quick rebuild / retool. Having the guys on the roster isn't helping us win anyways and they are all perpetuating a lazy losers culture on this team that needs to gtfo.
  18. fug the dead money. We need to gut the fat. Short's effort this season has been pathetic and it rubs off on the entire team. If you don't cut him, bench his fat ass and try to trade him for what ever you can get. I am tired of the pussy ass loser mentality that follows this team and It all starts with our bitch of a head coach. The guy was an NFL linebacker where the fug did his balls go.
  19. Blitz the QB and play press man coverage with safety help over the top. Unfortunately, that type of defense is the exact opposite of what Ron likes to run.
  20. We need need a new coach and GM to come in and make a statement. fug the cap hits. Cut Matt Kalil, Kawann Short, Dontari Poe, Vernon Butler, Captain Munnerlyn, Shaq Thompson, and who ever else is just collecting a check at this point. Draft heavy defense and pray we don't have a GM who drafts like Gettleman. Spend to build around the draft on the D line and the secondary but don't "splurge". If the Saints can manipulate their cap every season like they do there is no reason we cannot do the same thing. Need a major culture change this off-season.
  21. Why, so we can still lose to the Saints? A coaching and philosophy change would solve 75% of this teams problems this season. Edit: and the Bears as well.
  22. Ron's soft ass zone hard at work.
  23. I’m going to cheer for us to win even though I want us to lose. I’m just done with Rivera and have wanted him gone since 2016. I’m to the point where I want everyone that had anything to do with Jerry Richardson gone. I’m ready to see what David Teppers Panthers are all about.
  24. Prime Steve Smith in this "new" NFL would be putting up fuging ridiculous numbers. I don't even see how there's a comparison. There are like 4 other running backs in the league right now doing similar things to McCaffrey. Smith at one point was the best WR in the NFL. I don't think anyone will say McCaffrey is the best RB in the league. I would love for that to be the case though in a season or two.
  25. Eazy-E

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    This statement alone should get Ron canned. The person running your team can't be this stupid.