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  1. Also, it's more crucial than ever to obey all the traffic laws. Running stop lights because you don't want to stop is foolish and dangerous. Put your car in a lower gear if you don't feel any grip on the road. Never let go of the steering wheel. GO SLOW. Leave lots of room between you and the car in front of you.
  2. That's my attitude about Seattle every year. Olsen is a great guy but he's not a Panther now so, meh.
  3. "Trust The Process" has shown positive results in Buffalo. They've made the playoffs in 2 of 3 seasons using the slogan. I suggest you get your myopic viewpoint under control.
  4. @Pantherzack179812 I see your reasoning. But I just want to point out that, of the Charlotte sales tax, 4.75% is the state's, 2% is the county+city and .5% is for public transportation. 7.25% is not all NC state revenue. https://www.avalara.com/taxrates/en/state-rates/north-carolina/cities/charlotte.html And of "property" taxes, the largest and what you are talking to are real property taxes They are levied, collected and used by the localities not the state. "There is no state property tax in North Carolina, which means tax rates are determined entirely by local governments." https://smartasset.com/taxes/north-carolina-property-tax-calculator Unless you're using the term "state" to cover all government entities which is just weird and therefore doesn't cover how a city or county alone will recoup their money.
  5. That money is Luke's. It's his guaranteed money from Hurney restructuring his contract. It's not ours to take back.
  6. In a 5 year plan one does not simply wait till the 5th year for improvement. And I agree CMC & Moore are part of that plan. But we have to realize that, in that 5th year, CMC will be in his 7th season and Moore will be in his 6th. Without catastrophic changes such as injuries and CBA changes we will be having this same Cam-type discussion over those two in 4 years.
  7. Come on man. Every single QB in existence has admitted that they covered up how bad injuries were that could be detrimental to winning. Brett Favre, Jim Kelly, Marino pressers come to mind. It's not anything new. They are competitive men with egos and superman complexes. But they didn't get away with it a 2nd time. And if Cam being Cam offends Tepper (or you obviously), that's on Tepper and you, not Cam. Certainly not semantics which is what most threads this offseason have turned into. Pages and pages of arguments over the English language. Give you points for turning this one, almost, into an argument over local colleges but it still comes down to semantics.
  8. Nope. We went to the SB in 2015 and I still wasn't a Richardson fan.
  9. McDermott went to Buffalo and his tag line has been "Trust The Process". They didn't tank. Process is not another word for tanking. It's a wide-net new catch word for changes. Ah, I'm not going anywhere. Been a fan through Collins, Seifert, 2010. I just won't be a Tepper fan any more.
  10. Maybe. If Tepper does that, he will have lost the team, his HC and the fans. Definitely this fan.
  11. Not going to happen. You don't build a winning culture by tanking. Even if we lose a lot of games we are not tanking. Tanking is done on purpose. It's not who Rhule is.
  12. Some of you (not you @t96) make it sound like Rhule tore down what was at Temple and Baylor before building the teams into winners. He didn't; it was what he walked into. Now, I'll state the obvious as a reminder that recruiting high school players is 100% different from drafting and signing FA's under a cap. He knew his players almost as well as he knows his own children. Panther players are strangers to him and I understand his lack of interest in getting into the personnel side (although I think he will to some degree). Building a winning team culture with strangers, which is what needs to happen, is new to Rhule but tanking is not in his DNA. Neither is tearing things apart. I look at the 2020 season as the year for reshuffling, not rebuilding. What comes beyond 2020 will be positive building years if done right. If Tepper's 5 year plan works out. If Hurney doesn't screw it up.
  13. There are certain phrases that no one but a fan would know what it means. And they should be passed from older fans to the younger ones like an oral tribal history. Look up "It was not a goal" for the Buffalo Sabres. Every Sabres fan, young and old, knows exactly what that refers to.
  14. He was the only coach we had that actually lost his locker room, his team. He never had the pulse of the players. We started out with all the gusto of a new franchise, a 2nd chance for many veterans, but he couldn't hold the team together once that wore off.
  15. JR's big mistake, besides showing pie charts, was to stay with Hurney and let Beane go. Buffalo went into rebuild mode and traded a lot of quality players for draft picks his and McDermott's 1st year (Sammy Watkins comes to mind) but kept the team's veteran leaders. Had a hell of a draft. Made the playoffs that year after a 17 year playoff drought. Had another couple hell of a drafts. And made the playoffs again in their 3rd year of rebuild, Josh Allen's 2nd year. They smartly went young with quality draft picks and without cutting veteran leadership. Rebuilds can be done without tanking or losing records. But I don't think Hurney can get it done.
  16. St Louis Battlehawks. They're the only team of the 8 from a city that does not already have an NFL team. And the only city, IIRC, that has lost 2 NFL teams over the years, Cardinals and Rams. They're the outliers. Landry Jones is gonna' make a big difference next week for Dallas. Glad St Louis played them this week.
  17. I like the idea that plays are reviewed in the booth but you want to show it just once a game so the tv audience can see how it works. Did FOX or ABC show them? I had the games on but not paying close attention. The problem is that the networks do not employ all the cameras that would be needed in most NFL games. They go cheap. The game of the week, Sunday, Monday night have the cameras. I don't think even Thursday night has all the cameras. And sh!t happens like bad weather. Our home TB game had ONE camera after the delay. I will tell you to my dying day that CMC might not have had a td but he did make the 1st down which would have given us 4 more chances for a td. No goal line or sideline or skycam camera to review. But I sat 11 rows up from that goal line and saw it as clear as day. What I do really like is that there are speakers in the WR and RB helmets too. Just a quick loose huddle to let the lineman know the formation. That would help Cam especially now that Olsen won't be in the huddle to help. And 3 defense men with speakers is cool too.
  18. I think every time Smitty mentions his faults and background and continuing counseling it is a confirmation that there is improvement on his part and that alone can contribute to his healing. However, these public conversations are most often with adults, not children. He recognizes that, though reaching traumatized children is the best and first solution, there are adults with trauma that has put them in the same place he was and that, besides hearing from people they respect, repetition and reinforcement is one of the best ways to reach them and empower them to seek help.
  19. The great part is that they are providing charters for the drive to Charlotte. And it's a wonderful thing to do besides donating the equipment and scoreboard. I lived a few miles south of Camden, at the edge of Richland County, for 15 years. Went to Camden often. It's a small, quiet town and this will be a big boost for them.
  20. No way Prescott is worth that much let alone more. Past his 2016 rookie year (which gave us Romo as the best NFL commentator ever, thanks Dak!) he has struggled. No playoffs. His record is 29-25 since then. The other QBs in his draft class have fared far better than him, Goff and Wentz. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2019/12/27/what-have-the-cowboys-really-learned-about-dak-prescott-in-2019/
  21. And he still may do that. Not with a title that attaches Coughlin to his staff. Yes, of course they are different jobs. There still remain many basics common to both. Like clock management! Who woulda' thought!
  22. Yeah, wish lists and all of that. Being a former HC probably wasn't as high on his requirements list as talent and vision. Comparison to RR? Rhule has been a HC. RR was never a HC before coming to the Panthers. Rhule knows the job and its demands even if it was in college. You're okay with Chip Kelly haunting you for 2 years? Cool!
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