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  1. Exactly. This and the 17th game supports that. Rivera is smiling and dancing in DC.
  2. The hicks of this fanbase deserve the worst team possible
  3. I said before Newton, like Delhomme have both had their critics, but Newton has been the most dissected ever for reasons that go beyond just the football field. His character, attire, everything about the man has been analyzed. Delhomme also was treated way better by the organization. He got his own press conference after being given a contract extension the year before after having half a dozen turnovers in a playoff game. I guess Cam just needs to be white with a southern accent in order to get his due respect. Hell even Kyle Allen has gotten more respect despite being a shitty QB. People here were ready to give him 20 mill.
  4. Maybe Tepper should stop being a sensitive bitch and grow a pair?
  5. Just reiterates how much a buffoon Rivera is.
  6. Actually, back to back to back to back 100+ tackle seasons. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WhitTa00.htm
  7. Just like Munnerlyn, gets burned a lot, makes a few interceptions thrown right at him, celebrates like a clown, and is overrated on the huddle.
  8. Glad he didn't sign our offer. Our worst lineman after Paradis. Just us giving him a big offer just shows how incompetent we are.
  9. Hopefully Tepper is ready to embrace a decline in ticket sales and merch.
  10. Our worst lineman next to Paradis gets a big contract lolll
  11. He was terrible in coverage. Which is one of the main things a safety should be good at. Not to mention he gave up many TDs near the goalline by wiffing on tackles. His only option to stick around was to convert full time to OLB.
  12. Both Jake and Cam have had their criticism here. However, Cam has by far been the most dissected here for bigoted reasons. Those bigots for some reason seemed to thrive here and allowed to continue spreading their nonsense for far too long. Also, the organization treated Jake far better than they have treated Cam.
  13. Now the smearing begins. Delhomme wasn't treated like this at all. Not even a bit. He had almost half a dozen turnovers in his final playoff game, was given an extension, then even after playing like crap in his final year, was given a tear filled goodbye press conference. We all know who the better QB is yet for some reason is being thrown out like trash and people taking jabs left and right.
  14. I hope Cam wins a Super Bowl on another team while Tepper is still acting like he knows how to run a football team.
  15. Because Tepper knows nothing about football and has kept Hurney in charge.
  16. Yeah with Kuechly gone, Id like to stick with the 3-4. I love it because it confuses offenses and you can hide what you're doing, but whatever. Panthers have gone full retard.
  17. I think it's more like Tepper forcing Rivera to make some changes. Rivera comes up with the 3-4 thing and Tepper approved it. Either way, this organization is a joke. I will be putting more energy into the Hurricanes.
  18. fug it. Trade him. CMC deserves better. Tepper can go fug himself.
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