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  1. He's already made it tough to build a complete roster with some of the contracts he's given to bad players.
  2. He has to improve on his vision, seeing the open guy on the field. Many times I've seen open receivers that he either doesn't see or knows that he can't make the throw accurately enough since they are further than 15 yards. Which brings me to my next point. He also needs to improve on his long ball. They are just about always underthrown. Deep crossing routes he has to stop throwing them behind the receiver as well. His decision making during crucial situations is also sketchy from time to time. Right now the only things he's good at is short to medium passes and scrambling. That is mostly ok and we can get by with that, but the bad thing about that is when you face a good defense, they know how to counter that. Until he works on these things, he's going to continue looking below to above average and continue swinging back and forth between them.
  3. A major problem is that everyone is in this "you're either with me or against me" mentality. It's not just this board, it's society in general. You can't even have middle ground opinions anymore without being crucified for it. We also lean towards one extreme or the other. Something that is normal or average is blown out of proportion to align it with that person's agenda.
  4. First off, no you didn't. Especially during the latter part of Cam's career here. You harbored bigots and racists and also fueled their arguments. Second, Cam was this franchise's first #1 overall franchise QB and he delivered from day 1 breaking records, carrying this team despite everything and everyone against him. Got us to a Super Bow and had won MVP. Tell me WTF Teddy has done for this team to gain my trust in him and excuse his bad days. Yeah he wasn't THE problem today, but he was A problem. Like I said you have no logic what-so-ever.
  5. You have zero capability of any logical argument.
  6. I was poo'd here after we drafted him and voiced my concerns.
  7. I couldn't even tell that Shaq was activated today.
  8. I mean you've already told on yourself throughout Cam's career and now this season. If you're gonna hype up Teddy even on his average or mediocre days, you gotta take it when he doesn't have a good day.
  9. He's like I said before. A below average to above average QB. We can win games with him and maybe even go deep with a complete team around him. However Hurney is still GM and will make it hard to do so. Also, average QBs don't win many SBs if any even with a complete team around them. Especially when then QB doesn't have a long ball game and constantly underthrows deep balls or throws behind the receiver on deep crossing routes.
  10. Don't understand not activating Hamilton. We only have 3 DTs now.
  11. it can happen through clothing or somewhere on the body or really anything that touched Larsen, but then was cleaned off or disposed.
  12. Tyler doesn't have to contact Davidson to get it. One of our other guys that contacted Davidson could have transferred it to Larsen.
  13. Can someone tell me what crimes Tyler Larsen has committed to not get any shot at all?
  14. Not unless its underthrown, like I said. Learn to read. This thread is about DOMINATE QB PLAY.
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