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  1. Mr Mojo Risin

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    Defense has been terrible this year. We haven't gotten many sacks and while sacks isn't the be all end all of a good defense we also aren't getting consistent pressure like we would in years passed. I haven't looked or seen any of the numbers but I imagine we are in the bottom half of the league in both categories, and being that we run a soft zone defense STILL, we HAVE to have people getting to the quarter back.
  2. Mr Mojo Risin

    There’s only so much one man can do

    I'm sure there are PLENTY more examples, but uh I remember a game from some what recent memory where Rodgers was 8 yards from the end zone needed to throw a TD to WIN THE GAME and he threw an interception to Thomas Davis and lost the game. Believe it or not...these guys are human and make mistakes and so is Cam it is unfortunate we lost but let's not act like what happened yesterday was only because of Cam. We have a better 1st half and we aren't relying on a game winning drive to win the game. It should have NEVER been that close to begin with.
  3. Mr Mojo Risin

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    Let's remember it was a work zone at 2 A.M. I'm not too sure down south but I know up North we don't have too many highway workers working on the highways at 2 in the morning.
  4. Did I compare him to Vick? No. I said if anything HE IS MORE LIKE VICK than he is LIKE CAM NEWTON. Michael Vick 6-0 210 lbs Deshaun Watson 6-2 220 lbs Cam Newton 6-5 245 lbs
  5. Watson is closer to Vick than he is Cam Newton. We will never see another Cam Newton, just like we will never see another Steve Smith.
  6. Mr Mojo Risin

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

  7. Mr Mojo Risin

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    Not a good game for the defense/depth players. Thought the starting O-line played pretty damn well. Afraid it won't be getting much better in the 2nd half.
  8. Mr Mojo Risin

    Cam and Kelvin talk... Caption this photo

    Why wasn't there a thread made about the video of this exchange? Can I just not see it?
  9. Mr Mojo Risin

    Camp parking question

    What time is practice?
  10. Mr Mojo Risin

    Cam is ready for training camp

    Looks like the Patriots are already in mid season form
  11. I think a lot of other positions we are going to have some good competition as well. Each year it's gotten better and better under Gman.
  12. Don't sleep on Bersin. He's a lot more proven than some of these other guys, plus if he has another good offseason developmentally do you cut him because someone else runs faster? I think he has a good a shot to make it as the rest of them. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  13. Mr Mojo Risin

    Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Aaron Donald is only 6' tall. Height for a DT isn't extremely important as long as he's got strength and quickness.
  14. NFC west and AFC west what a shitty fuging schedule
  15. Mr Mojo Risin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread