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  1. Fair points EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion and just because someones opinion differs from yours about the current state of the team doesn't make them any less of a fan. (This was the point I was trying to make in that post) Onto the first point of your argument. The thing with Cam is you really have to look at his situation and the state of the NFL at the time of his release. It's not like he was let go in the initial FA releasings and was on the FA market as soon as FA started. He was let go well into the 2nd even 3rd wave of FA and most teams do not wait that long to address the most important position in football unless they hold a high draft pick and plan on selecting one. Teddy Bridgewater started only 3 games more than Cam last year and I'd say his injury was 100% more gruesome/worse/career threatening than ANY of the injuries Cam has suffered to this point in his career and we signed him to a $63 million contract. Sure, you could argue his injury was years ago but is 5 games really that much to say Teddy's knee is completely healed and worth mortgaging $63 million on? Wouldn't it have made more sense to see what our former MVP could do? That kind of logic just destroys that narrative of "We aren't sure if Cam will be able to recover from his injuries" when they hand $63 million to a guy like Ted, someone who has never been able to pass for more than 14 Tds in a single season... Hurney also should have been let go or at least moved into a different role. The only reason the "Fire Hurney" crowd stopped their witch hunt was because he really couldn't have screwed up this draft like he screwed other drafts in years passed. Literally every pick was a defensive player. There should have at least been SOME interviews and he should have possibly taken on more of a "consultant" role than full time active GM that just doesn't make sense to me. Rhule is probably not as big of a deal because he was such a hot commodity. However, it feels VERY much like Chip Kelly 2.0 and also there really hasn't been very many successful college head coaches that have been able to make that transition. He also has very little NFL experience behind him in the coordinator roles. At the very least it will be interesting to see what happens. I just can't buy-in to the fact that Tepper has any sense that he knows what he's doing or went into this with an actual plan, rather just throwing sh*t at the wall to see if it sticks. He seems to have the personality of the latter IMO.
  2. At managing Hedge Funds. I can probably think of a few huddlers I'd rather have run the team and I'm sure they'd make better decisions than he does but that's just me
  3. So if you weren't a fan or happy with the current ownership/regime you'd jump ship and find a new team? Doesn't sound like a true fan to me. You dont have to blindly follow a team and act like a Franchise cant make a wrong decision. You dont have to talk yourself into thinking that every decision they make is a good one. Doesn't make you any less of a fan to use your brain and your own judgements. Blindly following a team like you suggest is just a sheep mentality but hey to each their own. Thus far, Tepper has been a terrible owner in my opinion. He retained Marty Hurney as GM after cleaning house (terrible decision) didnt even bother to look for a replacement like he said he was going to. Fired Rivera midseason. Hired a HC with Zero NFL experience. Gave up on the franchise QB WAY to soon only to replace him with garbage. And he's meddlesome in football operations with zero football background. Red flag after red flag. He has no clue what hes doing. After all of that am I still a fan of this team? Of course I am. I just cant wait until most of the core coaches/players are replaced/fired. Because this group is not winning a Championship anytime soon especially under Teppers "Guidance"
  4. He'd probably be a better fit in New England
  5. When he was with us he was painted as a "villian" because he had what it takes to dethrone the NFL golden boys. Unfortunately he came up just short. Now he gets thrust into the role of a "hero" to save the Patriots season!
  6. Not only do they cry about how we arent "true" fans we're apparently racists now as well! Hahahaha. Gotta love the amount of drool in this forum we could fill up an ocean with it!
  7. What in the hell are you even talking about dude? LOL. Because I dont like teddy "I can hardly throw 14 tds in a single season" Bridgewater that makes me a racist by your standards? D.U.M.B.A.S.S
  8. And you seem like a straight up dumbass so I guess we're even!!! And I guarantee I have more college degrees than you do!!! Haha again!
  9. I have nothing against Bridgewater personally I just don't care for him as the starting Qb of the 2020 Panthers. That should be Cam Newton. So, am I unhappy with the decision? Yes of course. Does that make me not a Panthers fan? Nope. Does that make me a racist? (LOL!!!!!!) Nope. Sure doesn't. I think you need to unwad your panties and chill out a bit calling people racists and such. No need for that. I'm here for football. You can shove your politics and political correctness BS straight up your ass for all I care.
  10. More of a Panthers fan than you'll ever be bud. Just because I don't slob on the Tepper/Rhule knob like you and a few others does not make me any less of a fan. And yes I will be yelling fug Bridgewater/Rhule in every game and throughout the entire season. You gonna stop me? I don't think so BTW you joined this website in 2019. I've been here for a FULL decade longer than you. I don't think you have any right to determine who is a "real" fan of this team and who is not.
  11. Funny how a fanbase can be so arrogant considering the franchise has been mostly irrelevant since its inception. This franchise and fanbase did not deserve to draft a Qb like Cam. At least hes with a legitimate organization, probably the best in the NFL. He deserves it after how his career was mismanaged here and especially with how he was treated by the fanbase/organization during his departure. Go get them superbowls Cam and earn your spot in Canton. Not even a trash organization like the Carolina Panthers was going to stop you.
  12. Didnt know murder victims could come back to life and blame someone for murdering them that's quite the theory And I said some people because not everyone blames others for their *own* problems Obviously if someone is raped chances are they didnt do anything to deserve to be raped. (Using this as an example. Not the point I was trying to make or the conversation I'm trying to have but ya know, huddle gonna huddle) Murder is a little different. Definitely depends on the circumstance and *why* were they murdered. The victim definitely could have deserved it or did something dumb to place themselves in harm's way that cost them their life. Does that clarify things enough for you?
  13. Anyone who blames others for their problems. I literally said it
  14. Sounds like a good way to have people take advantage of you and use you as a door mat. Sometimes people are their own worst enemy and need to stop blaming others for their problems
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