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  1. I was going to type out something similar but decided it wasn't worth it. Pie for you for taking the time. People really believe that Franchise QBs grow on trees and that every Qb is a natural born leader and that just isnt true. Being a Qb on the field is only half the battle, these people fail to realize this.
  2. Wow. W.O.W. wow. This message board continues to amaze me every day. We make the Saints Report look like Einstein's with posts like this. Just wow.
  3. I dont care to argue. Have an issue with what was written or reported? Take it up with the person who published the article that's literally what it says, front page of NFL.com
  4. I dont care to argue. Have an issue with what was written or reported? Take it up with the person who published the article that's literally what it says, front page of NFL.com And just because they are "looking into" or at the very least having discussions about bringing Cam in does not mean hes going to sign or even go in for a visit. They are just looking into him which is what you would expect from one of the most logical landing places for Cam. That simple. Nothing to be right or wrong about here.
  5. Kyle Allen threw for more yards and Tds than Teddy ever did in his 2 seasons as a starter. Teddy was barely hitting the 3k passing mark, I mean in his 2nd season he only threw for 2900 yards lol. And he has never thrown over 14 TDs in a single season. We know what Teddy is. We've seen it. Expecting someone to transform into something they have not done or shown they can do on a consistent basis isnt exactly a recipie for success. Even in his 5 starts with the Saints last year it was more of the same that he did in Minnesota. Not saying it's a bad thing but Teddy is definitely a game manager style Qb who likely will never be a great/consistent deep thrower and likely isnt going to be a Qb that can put the team on his back and carry them across the finish line when they need him too
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108101/article/lynn-chargers-looking-at-everybody-including-cam Lynn confirms they will be looking into Cam at some point if they haven't already
  7. Because it's the truth? Opinion? What??????? When Cam played at least 14 games we made the playoffs 50% of the time. (4/8 seasons) That's the same rate as Brees (7/14) and Ryan (6/12). You people exaggerate and try to cherry pick stats to prove a narrative that isnt true. Ron did not waste Keuchlys career. Would it have been nice to win a SB? Absolutely but we didn't and that does not mean Rivera was not a successful coach when he was here because he was. And I hate to break it to you man but the New England Patriots are the EXCEPTION. Not the NORM. Dan Marino must be a worse Qb than Nick Foles with that logic right? The NFC South was the most competitive division in football never having a repeat winner for over 10 years. Rivera and the Panthers were the first to do it, 3 times in a row. Not Sean Payton/Drew Brees. Not Matt Ryan and the Falcons. But Ron freaking Rivera. He wasn't perfect but these last 10 years could have been A LOT worse. I'd wager Rivera will end up being a more successful coach than Rhule will end up being here when all is said and done
  8. It makes me cringe hearing people say this. "Technically" we didnt have a winning record but we made the playoffs and won the division 3 years in a row. The first NFC South team to do it. That is impressive in and of itself and people like you take away from that impressive feat because it wasn't as perfect as you would have liked it to be
  9. My best friend is a Vikings fan I have watched PLENTY of Teddy Bridgewater. Even went to a Vikings vs Chiefs game at TCF stadium in 2015. I have nothing against TB but having a guy like Teddy who has LARGELY been a game manager playing in a run first offense for most of his career to sign a $63 million dollar deal to replace our Franchise Qb who this new regime decided to give up on is the problem. Cam deserved every opportunity to return to form and he was robbed of that. That is the problem. It did not matter who the QB was coming to replace him, short of Tom Brady, because there is no real upgrade over a healthy Cam Newton who's team FINALLY decided to surround him with some playmakers on offense. Teddy has been decent throughout his career he absolutely deserved an opportunity to prove he can still play Qb in the NFL and I'm glad he got his shot. However unlike Teddy Cam doesn't need 3-4 years to come back from his injuries. He took his time off, his shoulder has had plenty of rest as well as his foot he looks ready to roll. We have seen so many times throughout our Franchise's young history of back up Qbs coming off the bench and playing admirably. Look no further than the 4 game stretch Kyle Allen put together just last year when Cam went down after week 3. Nick Foles won the Eagles a SB coming off the bench. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Matt Moore are all guys who have made livings coming off the bench and stringing together a few REALLY decent games. It does not mean they are Franchise Qb material. TB is a huge gamble in that regard and is a clear downgrade at the Qb position than what we had. And that's the problem. He did not deserve a 3 year $63 million dollar deal. And he did not deserve to replace Cam Newton
  10. They just signed Robby Anderson. I know we got worse at the Qb position but surrounding TB with 3 potential #1 WRs just isnt feasible. DJ/Samuel/Anderson is a solid core and already a better core on paper than Cam ever had. Adding Jeudy is overkill. Not enough targets to go around. Not to mention look at the state of our defense. No way offense is the first pick unless its QB/OL
  11. This is exactly the type of response I'd expect out of someone who has never played a down of football or been apart of a locker room. Thanks for proving my point
  12. Sounds like you've never played football at any level before so I wouldnt expect you to understand the commitment you make not only for your team but your teammates. I played through injuries just as a lot of guys do it's not uncommon football just isnt for the weak or faint of heart
  13. Teddy also had 3 full years to heal before he got his 5 game audition Cam hasn't had any real time off up until this last year and that's the difference
  14. Its just funny to me that Cam got so much crap for being injured but we sign a guy like Teddy who had a more severe injury than either of the two injuries Newton suffered and we expect him to hold up just fine no questions asked. I get the injury happened a few years ago but hes still yet to prove he can play an entire season, which he has not done since that injury. I just find it incredibly odd.
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