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  1. Car123

    If Clock Management is This Easy

    Fake news! Tepper is the worst owner in sports!!! Another JR!!!!!!
  2. Car123

    If Clock Management is This Easy

    We beat the Bucs twice in 2017. In 2016, we lost one game against TB by going for 2 at the end and lost another by 3 but the scenario doesn't play out like he stated.
  3. Car123

    If Clock Management is This Easy

    You can't be this much of a fuging idiot. You probably meant the game Saints game in 2011 and that was before halftime.
  4. What does my post have to do with Hurney or Gettleman?
  5. Sure. Using one of Scot's tactics. Changing the topic when wrong.
  6. Some people believe we would have made the playoffs with Anderson.
  7. Gano wasn't awful in the playoffs. He missed a field goal but hit a 58 yarder. It's like players can either be amazing or awful on the huddle.
  8. Delhomme got hurt that year. Hard to recover from that.
  9. Maybe the Saints are resting their starters and playing a soft defense again.
  10. You've never in your life bashed Gettleman.
  11. Believe what you want, sir or madam.
  12. Did Smith's release make us worse initially? My Gettleman bashing is a conduit to counter Scot's idiotic messages he spews on a daily basis.
  13. How is this relevant to the topic?