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  1. Cam isn't happy. I blame all the idiots (including Panther fans) who cried when Cam Newton celebrated.
  2. https://www.charlottesgotalot.com/articles/things-to-do/101-fun-things-to-do-in-charlotte Here ya go.
  3. Winning percentage isn't everything. Lots of factors go into it such as the division they play in. Have you seen Locker's numbers? Almost Clausen-like. At least Winston is serviceable.
  4. If Bradberry starts picking off qbs on a regular basis he'll be the complete package.
  5. We are passing the ball well, just that we keep doing stupid poo on offense.
  6. Can we have a discussion instead of making puns? Do running backs deserve more money? Sort of related: I miss the days when the NFL had 10-15 great running backs in a season.
  7. This doesn't make sense. We just pretty much used our 2009 1st round pick a year early.
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