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  1. Bronn

    Glover Quin Released

    I'm somewhat hoping that we've groomed/planning on grooming Kai Nacua into something usable if we aren't going to sign one of the younger/more talented guys on the FA market. I think Glover Quin has kind of fallen off quite a bit. If Adams is done (and I hope he is) and nothing else works out, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Quin. But, I'm not ready to sign him tomorrow.
  2. Bronn

    Shits gettin real now

    this is what I'm talking about... "dems" in it's basic use isn't really offensive or a jab at anyone... It is a simple abbreviation... But read this post and the closing line, and tell me that this poster isn't using it in a way to try and somehow sleight someone with an opposing view. In all reality, it just makes him look dumb and like he doesn't have any other tools in his toolbox to use to get his point across.
  3. Bronn

    Shits gettin real now

    I don't know what you're referencing with the Bernie joke, but if a fascist would laugh at a joke, and you laugh at the same joke, wouldn't that mean you agree that it is funny? It really isn't as simple as a left/right thing. If you're talking about people that generally agree on issues that you perceive as left leaning issues, then I think I have already said that I believe they/we do indeed call each other out. PhillyB already said he might not agree with some people here 5% of the time. That other 95% makes us allies, though. Take for instance the subject of reparations. I am almost 100% sure I have argued about that topic with people you would claim and whom I consider are my allies. But, at the end of the day, we can tell each other that we really mean no personal offense and agree to disagree. We don't try and troll each other with baiting posts like what it appeared you posted in this thread. You might, quite literally, not have meant anything by it. But, I think you should be more receptive to how people are telling you it came across.
  4. Where/when has Eric Reid played dirty? I must've missed that. The only thing I can think of that is even remotely controversial is when he got into it with Malcolm Jenkins. We can armchair QB that he should have contained that a little better. But if you're talking about him laying out Ertz? Ertz tried to pull a cheap shot and got what he deserved for it. The play was over and the whistle blown. Ertz was trying to retaliate on behalf of Wentz and got what he got.
  5. Bronn

    Shits gettin real now

    To me, your response that drew so much blowback actually sounded more like a Trump supporter than a PSC post. I think you're making an assumption that we don't try to hold each other in check around here when, in all reality, that is exactly what we're trying to do with you here. We might not agree with each others' methods. Of course that is going to be the case wherever you go. But, overall, I think we all try to hold each other accountable. I'm sure there is an element of ignoring certain things, sure. But that is because, in the bigger picture, we know that said posts/people contribute towards rather than betray the greater good.
  6. Bronn

    Shits gettin real now

    It was all a reaction to a simple choice in rhetoric, tbqh. Neoconservatives around here and in the current political climate use terms such as "libs, liebruhl, lie-beral, Demoncrats" etc. to refer to anyone who doesn't share their regressive views. Basically, they are now relegated to meme status catchphrases that really don't do anything but make the people that use them just look bad or, at the very least, ignorant. Ultimately, to me at least, it isn't about "libs" being offensive or w/e but moreso that you used the same rhetoric those people use while sarcastically mocking/hoping to get a reaction out of those you have clearly deemed as your enemy here (GJBC, PSC, TheRed specifically I guess?). I think you got your reaction, and as a result played ignorance to whatever wrong you were accused/called out on. I don't think anyone calling you out has really done so because they don't agree with your views overall, per se, but I think people see your methods as questionable. TBQH I want people to call me out if we generally agree on things and I end up posting something questionable. I am not perfect, nor are my views. I try to remain open-minded. Like PhillyB basically said, there are plenty of times I agree with people that I consider allies here. That doesn't mean that, at the end of the day, that I don't still consider them allies. It doesn't hurt my feelings and make me want to lash out if they disagree with me or call me out on something. Everyone here needs to learn a couple things. Agreeing to disagree isn't the equivalent of taking an L. When people question your intent, it is likely because they hold you to a higher standing and think you're slipping.
  7. Bronn

    Shits gettin real now

    So, @Cat, do you not consider yourself one of the "huddle libs?" I think that "libs" and any form of it became a catch-all for anyone who isn't pretty much hard-line right a long time ago. What would you classify your own views as? Do we need to do another one of those "where do you fall on the political spectrum-graph" threads here again?
  8. I may be wrong, but this really sounds like we can indeed cut him after year one and only owe him the guaranteed $1 M in 2020. So, it is front end heavy rather than back end. Even better, in ways, than I expected. I want to see the official cap number this year but, ultimately, it is still a really good deal imho. It also means that it'll be kinder to us if he plays well and sticks for 2020 and 2021, from a cap standpoint. Speculation: 2019: Base $1,000,000, signing bonus $9,000,000 - Cap hit $10,000,000 2020: Base $5,000,000, injury guarantee/roster bonus $1,000,000 - Cap hit $6,000,000 (or only $1,000,000 if cut) 2021: Base $6,000,000, no guaranteed money - Cap hit $6,000,000 Of course, I'm not counting the extra incentives in there, so tweak the numbers a bit in one or a couple of the years. Would that sound somewhat correct? $10,000,000 does sound like a lot for this year, but I am taking into consideration that I really believe we are going to be using him more in the box and even on the outside in some of TD's roles moving forward. So he's not going to be a traditional SS in my opinion, and more of a hybrid player. Also, again, years 2 and 3 will be a bargain price when there are a few guys even this year that will jump Reid on the payscale for safeties when the dust settles (Collins, Clinton-Dix, Joyner, etc.) He'll probably still be in the top 10 overall for safety contracts this year, but the two years after he could slide to the mid teens/twenties.
  9. No. Sign Spartanburg product Adam Humphries on the FA market. He fits what we're doing way more than Bay Bay.
  10. Bronn

    Kamala Harris

    g5jamz, the weed and rap aficionado... "lie-beral" lol
  11. It is addition by subtraction with Kalil, and it actually will save us, in the long run and the short, by opening up more cap room than we would have if we kept him.
  12. Minkah Fitzpatrick got a 4 year $4.1 M average per year deal with $16.4 M in guarantees as a rookie. Derwin James got a 4 year $3.097 M average per year deal with almost $12.1 M in guarantees as a rookie. Both those guys are obviously fully guaranteed because of the rookie status. Comparable age veterans: Bradley McDougald - 3 yrs $4.5 M average per year with $5.5 guaranteed Tavon Wilson - 2 yrs $3.5 M per with $3.25 guaranteed Basically, we're now paying Reid enough guarantees for an average (or below average if you want to argue it) safety for two years, with the potential for the span of the contract to pay him double what a roll of the dice rookie would cost. Personally, in this case especially, I prefer the "know what you have" commodity. And we didn't overpay to obtain it. EDIT: I already posed a rough guestimate of what numbers could look like. But yes, we might be slightly more into him than $10M after two full seasons. But, if something happens and we have to part ways prior to the completion of the second season, he likely won't be paid anything else. I suspect at least half if not closer to two thirds of that guaranteed money are in the first year, and the rest is a camp bonus for the second year. We probably have a potential out as a post June 1 cut in 2020 if we have to, and will be out of the guaranteed money completely by then. So, in essence he might not even have to suit up in 2020 if things really go bad.
  13. idgaf if you get banned or not tbqh it is just further proof that words are wind when it comes to making "rules" around here, which I already knew also, nobody really cares last word