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  1. How do y'all know that guy's name is fashion, with a lower case f no less? Is he like a musician or something?
  2. He didn't used to be on my list. But after the broom, I think he's probably #4. I don't understand why people have to go classless like that.
  3. Dang. I hope he's okay. Last I heard from him he was pursuing an acting career, I think.
  4. It isn't simply "speeding" though. I agree with him that it was swept under the rug. He shouldn't have a driver's license anymore, and he should have had harsher punishment. I get tired of jackasses on the road causing traffic and/or accidents that cause traffic because they are morons that think the rules of the road don't apply to them.
  5. probably that 5th string OL guy who already found himself there once, getting knocked tf out by some smaller guy
  6. I know I'm late to the party, but this. So much this. Being prepared for things like feeding yourself isn't hard at all. I would go one step further and say that, WITH TECHNOLOGY and ancient artifacts known as books, us non-boomers can also actually teach ourselves things like wild edibles, and other survival skills, and not be the prototypical right wing, gun nut, paranoid people that "survivalists" also get associated with. Survivalism is what you make it. It isn't hard at all tbqh, and anything you do that makes it hard is just feeding some kind of fantasy you have about some post-apocalyptic scenario in which you're the hero. I'd rather be surrounded by like minded, progressive people that were interested in maintaining something like a co-op garden situation or something like that, than the Rambo wanna-bes.
  7. If Gronk was still playing, he'd be second behind Talib. The Bosa brothers are tied for second currently.
  8. Bronn

    To Fix Or Buy New

    This too. Our Odyssey has a catalytic convertor (the hardest one to get to out of multiple ones, it is on the back side of the engine block) that is pretty much full of buildup I think. It threw a code over a year ago, and a random guy at an O'Reilly Auto parking lot read and cleared it for me with his personal OBD reader when he heard me asking the O'Reilly people to read the code for me. I bought some Cataclean and ran it through the gas tank, and the code hasn't come back. lol To replace that catalytic convertor, a shop would charge over $1,000.
  9. Bronn

    To Fix Or Buy New

    yep, sure does our other, weekend driver is an older 2005 Honda Odyssey, which has it too I've never disabled it as it hasn't been too much of a nuisance on either vehicle, but I did run into some issues when I did a Seafoam treatment on the Odyssey once. IIRC you're supposed to disable it before you run Seafoam through it, and I didn't. It can cause vapor to get trapped in two of the cylinders and lead to bigger issues like vapor lock, etc. Thankfully, I didn't have that problem, but I think cleaning it like that led to some leaky seals, etc, which has caused it to burn oil quicker. :-/ I like Chevy best out of US makers. Honda out of foreign. Both are relatively easy to work on, and pretty reliable if you take care of them.
  10. Good luck, bud. Hoping it all goes well for you.
  11. Bronn

    To Fix Or Buy New

    yeah dude The whole auto industry, from dealerships to mechanical shops, to insurance is all a racket. We don't buy new, but I've gotten almost new things over the years that have absolute garbage flaws that aren't user-end flaws. Our daily driver now is a '16 Chevy Equinox. It only has like 39,000 miles on it, and it just started stalling out one day for no apparent reason. It turns out that Chevy, in these 'noxes especially, has had a known oil consumption/excessive use problem for years. Yet they still continue to put the same engines in these vehicles every year. I diagnosed the stalling issue online, it seemed like it was the VVT solenoids (Variable Valve Timing) which are located on top of the engine block. I made sure I could find them and access them, and went and bought two new ones for just over $100. I got them switched out no problem in like 10 mins and everything runs fine now. I guarantee you your average shop or dealer would charge in excess of $500 for that repair, lol. The kicker is that we've now discovered we'll have to change our oil more frequently than originally thought/recommended by Chevy. We were going for 7,500 mile intervals because we run full synthetic, but it looks like we're back down to around 5,000 or even less now because of this oil issue that is found in 99% of these vehicles. I'm pretty pissed about it, but capitalism. At least I feel comfortable enough to work on my own vehicles, I guess. But there are tons of people out there who go to the shop or even dealer for work that are getting robbed.
  12. Bronn

    To Fix Or Buy New

    It sounds like an actuator to me. I bought and replaced one in one of our older Honda Odysseys. Is it dual zone climate control? IE. Can the driver and passenger set different temps/AC settings? If so (or maybe even if not) you should be able to access the actuator from underneath the dash without having to remove too many (or any) body/trim panel pieces. IIRC you're a skinnier dude, and I'm not that skinny. The actuator for our Odyssey was less than $100, and I was able to get my big butt up under there enough to reach it. You could probably even rig up the busted one to hold in the open position so that you get only AC, lol. I did that while waiting on our part to ship. What happens is the cheap plastic gears chew through their teeth over the years and strip out, meaning it can't grab the door to open or close it. If it were me, and I was in that much debt already, I'd look into getting my hands dirty to fix it myself, if possible.
  13. y'all can keep that swamp It is bad enough here in central NC already, with the rain the past few days. I think the humidity is 100% but somehow not raining currently. I haven't made the 4+ hour trip in a long time, and I'll be glad for it to be elsewhere.
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