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  1. I've got a theory that the coronavirus, or a precursor to it, was already in the US and worldwide way longer than reported, and that it didn't just suddenly start appearing in China. I've been, and known of others who have been, experiencing some sort of mystery respiratory illness with flu-like symptoms that comes and goes since around November of last year. It isn't the flu, based on tests, and causes mild to mid grade fever/has symptoms similar to the flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, etc. and it just lingers and never goes away. It isn't the common seasonal cold, either. Thankfully, it doesn't appear to be as deadly as everyone's making it out to be. I mean, in China at least, it appears that the mortality rate is like 3%. Admittedly, I'm no expert on it and I haven't really researched it much tbqh. But it is easy to see that the paranoia is being pushed hard by certain political factions. If I had to guess, big medicine and healthcare corporations are getting a little concerned they might be put in their place by Bernie.
  2. I've leaned hard in the DL direction for a while now, and I have to say that Kinlaw is my guy if we go there. The only other option, at this point IMHO, is one of the top OTs and you have to put in a poo ton of work on him to make sure he's your guy. Otherwise, it is FA for OL.
  3. I legit just logged in to post this: HAHA all you Cam haters can GTFO!
  4. This will be my only and last post regarding the "situation" with Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers never had a franchise quarterback until they had Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers never had an adequate offensive coordinator overseeing Cam Newton's offense. The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton did not handle Cam's injuries well at all. The Carolina Panthers never invested in the offensive line to protect Cam Newton. I've been a fan of the Carolina Panthers since before they fielded their first team. I've invested a lot of time and emotion over the years, and missed out on a lot of other good things I could have been experiencing in my own life because of it. IF Cam Newton is healthy and the Carolina Panthers trade him, my time as a fan of the Carolina Panthers, and football in general will come to an end. I'll be 100% done.
  5. Bronn

    LV debate

    Warren led the wrecking on Bloomberg. Everyone got in on the action, though. She had some good answers, and you could tell she was trying to pander to minority viewers. Pete looked like the whiny tattletale mouse that he is, not the leader/unity guy that he wants to portray himself as. Biden was lost and in his own world, but he sure knows a lot about Mexico. Amy was in over her head and got wrecked by Telemundo. She looked lost/about to lose her composure all night. Bloomberg just looked like an ass on everything. Bernie won the night, easily, even though they hardly let him speak and cut him short whenever they could. Everyone else, save maybe Warren, looked like the useless, bickering, do-nothing clowns that they are/would be.
  6. Trumpers are going to Trump regardless. Even fake moderates are going to Trump and likely always have been. We have a few here. Pete shouldn’t be the nominee anyways, so it shouldn’t matter in the end. They’ve already weaponized it within the party itself, so Trump wouldn’t have to do much.
  7. I understand and agree with all this. But I still say that, unless we argue to remove the stigma of “ the gay thing” being taken in a negative connotation, it is perpetuating the acceptance of that being okay. It’s all good. I just got a little worked up over the semantics.
  8. And it is perpetuated as long as we allow people to get away with thinking this way.
  9. This right here proves you’re a spineless Trumper that’s truly afraid to stand for what you believe in.
  10. And that is fuging wrong on so many levels. You can “not mean anything by it” for a lot of things and still be a homophobe, racist, etc.
  11. “the gay thing” “minimize the negatives” I’m no mayo Pete fan at all, but this right here is a pretty damning revelation about any of your motivations. If you don’t want Trump, then maybe you and all the other Republican scum shouldn’t have got him in there, and kept him there, in the first place.
  12. You wouldn't say it to his face. You also wouldn't say it to the face of people who know him that know otherwise. Being rude to strangers who want to use him or emotionally charged at teammates doesn't make him a bad person.
  13. So when Bernie gets the nomination, you're going to vote for him, right?
  14. sounds like a pretty TLDR version of "I just want a reason to try and knock Smitty"
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