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  1. Every time he touched the ball, I remember being all like "GTFO me!" because that is exactly how he ran every time. He always Kept Pounding.
  2. From my understanding, Essos IS touched by the Long Night and harsh winters experienced in Westeros. Braavos especially, IIRC. I'll have to look into it more. But I think Braavos is around the same latitude as either the Neck or the Saltpans, or somewhere that winter indeed touches. Azor Ahai and all that red priest jazz comes from the far east anyway, I think. It is the story of the Last Hero fighting a "monster." Likely, it is all drawn from similar mythos depending on the area in which the events happened. Whereas Westeros has Children of the Forest and White Walkers, etc., Essos and the other areas of Planetos have their own tales. A World of Ice and Fire goes into it a bit, but one could only assume things like the Doom of Valyria and the Long Night had far reaching impacts in their times. I think there is some thought that the Dothraki "Ghost Grass" is a sign of winter and could be connected. It is probably like global warming. If you live in Greenland and study the ice shelf, you are probably going to be more worried about it than Joe Merican who's more worried about MAGA and all that. If that makes sense.
  3. What would that be, for you? I'm kinda torn, personally. In a way, I think everyone dying would be what was fitting. In a way, you hope for your favorites to somehow win in the end. For me, that'd at least be the Hound, Bronn, and maybe Arya. I think my boi Tormund is done, unless he indeed lives and is given a castle like the Last Hearth or even Castle Black or something like that. That would be sweet. Maybe the perfect ending for me would be for there to be no more Iron Throne. No more one seat to rule from. Maybe they figure out that they can live more peacefully without someone having to be king or queen. I think they kind of touched on it with Bran talking about why the Night King targeting him because he wants to end history. He wants everyone to forget everything in the past, and for an endless night. But night/day, dark/light, life/death, fire/ice are all nonexistent without the known presence of its opposite. Because of this, I think the White Walkers/Night King survive, but maybe the realms reunite and figure out a way to keep the balance/wall up.
  4. you just shook so bad by these last two epic episodes bruh... you worried that GoT gonna take that spot in your heart... I have a feeling after episode three we'll all either be completely devastated, or completely elated.
  5. He'll be the head of House Tarly at the very least. I'm assuming what is left of their forces are already with Dany at Winterfell anyway. Little Sam can be his heir. re-touching my Azor Ahai list: Jon - most obvious from books and show The Hound - my #1 for a long time because of his character development. He goes from being basically a merc/sellsword to actually being a human being, and caring about the Stark girls, and justice in the cold, dark world that saw him marred by fire. He basically died (the Hound persona) in the Saltpans in the books (and on the show, in somewhat different circumstances, after his brother and company burned everything there ("amidst salt and smoke") Sam - it'd be fitting for the "I always wanted to be a wizard" fat nerd kid to triumph and become a hero of legend after arriving at the wall basically a coward afraid of his own shadow. He's killed a White Walker, fought for and saved the innocent (Gilly and little Sam,) had an amazing journey, and now is the last male heir to his house. Jaime - Arguably the most redemptive character arc in the series, minus maybe Theon. Without his actions, none of this would have been possible. Cersei is his Nissa Nissa. He's already "killed" the lion within himself. Jorah - I only give him an outside shot at the AA prophecy on the off chance he has to murder Dany, his obvious love, in order to save humanity.
  6. ...someone who wanted to buy themselves time by having bait? Maybe if the Night King shows up, Bran can warg into Viserion and wreck TNK's flight plan?
  7. Things I think I know going into Thursday, based on various sources: Andre Dillard or Jonah Williams are the surest bets to be the Panthers pick at 16. There is a possibility that we'll trade up to get one of them, but a very slim possibility. If they both come off the board before #16, which is only about a 20% chance, it'll mean one of the DL guys we're looking at slide. We'll fall back on whoever that is (it is between Oliver, Gary, and Wilkins, in that order,) or look to trade down. The only wild card here would be if Devin White were to fall in our lap (he won't.) Daniel Jones could, and should, be the third QB taken, and he should be off the board in the top 15. He's still up there at the top of my list, even higher than Murray. He could slide, sure, but I think there is at least two teams that covet him. Garrett Bradbury is a late first-mid second round pick. #16 is too early. Darnell Savage will be off the board in the second round. David Long, CB from Michigan, will go a lot sooner than most are predicting. Could be as early as early second round.
  8. You're saying you don't watch the show? OMG you don't know what you're missing!
  9. Also, can we get some love for Tormund's character being probably the best comedic relief character in a long time. His story about the giant's teat and him rolling in and asking "is the big woman still here?" were so great!
  10. IIRC Bran and Dany had a vision of a dragon flying over King's Landing. I think that is the Night King. My biggest questions right now are how the Golden Company, Bronn, and the Night King all come into play over the next two episodes. As I mentioned before, somehow Jon gets to King's Landing, and rumor has it he goes willingly as a prisoner. I am ready to see how the battle vs. the dead and all of this plays out.
  11. He's actually been my candidate #1 for a long time, just because of the irony. I only listed Jon as #1 because he's the most obvious choice at this point. If there is a literal Nissa Nissa, though, I am not sure who The Hound's would be unless it was Sansa or Arya. The Hound is probably my favorite character, besides Bronn and Tormund, in the books and on the show. The lines from Edd about "Samwell Tarly... Slayer of White Walkers... Lover of Ladies..." made me kind of hope Sam is the Prince who was Promised, lol, so he could add that to his list of titles. I mean, he did steal a considerable amount of books from the Citadel. I'm not sure how much more badass one can get. I think Nymeria will show up and die, too. I agree about Arya faltering at some point. I think that is prior to the shots of her running, bleeding from the head, looking panicked. I'm wondering if Jaqen shows up again. I am betting he is. Also, supposedly the girl who played the Waif hinted at a return, so maybe Arya wears her face. Or maybe Jaqen does?
  12. alright, I know I am really late to the party this week, but here goes... I got legit teary-eyed with the Theon/Sansa scene and Brienne's knighting. So good. So many feels. This episode was one of the best ones ever imho. They've pretty much tied up every reunion loose end, and got most of the redemption arcs set up/completed. The Ghost scene was lame AF. At least we got to see he's still alive, I guess. I haven't read many concrete spoilers for anything else left in the season, other than the Tyrion betrayal and trial (which I am still not 100% sure is legit.) But, moving forward, here are my thoughts: I don't think the Night King is going to be at the battle Winterfell. I could be wrong here, but I read a pretty interesting theory that maybe he's sent the bulk of his army to Winterfell to attempt to take out Bran while he flies down to Kings Landing and makes his presence known. We've seen the White Walkers on horses, but you'd think we'd have seen the Night King in those closing moments last episode if he indeed was going to be present. I think Bran can only see the past and present, and he has to know where to look. I think his future sight is more unreliable, much like Melisandre's visions in the flames. He can see pieces of a puzzle, but he has to assemble them correctly or his interpretation might be flawed. I'm still not sure what to think about the crypts. The dead there are pretty much all decayed, as has been mentioned. I'm not even sure if Ned's bones are there, as I seem to remember them never making it there. There could be a dragon down there, I suppose, but I doubt that. I think the roots of the Godswood Wierwood tree are way down in there, and I think that is important in the books, but not so much on the show. I really think maybe the dead just make their way into the crypts. Either that, or some barrier actually prevents them from doing so, although it does appear from the trailer that Arya is running from SOMETHING in a place that looks like the crypts. Only 4 episodes to go. I think Jon doesn't want the throne, so I don't think he'll be at odds with Dany about it. If I had to guess who is going to die, I'd bet on these people dying the next episode: Grey Worm Tormund Edd Beric Others I think will die later in the season: Tyrion Cersei Jaime Theon As for Azor Ahai, my candidates in order are: Jon The Hound Sam Jaime Jorah
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