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  1. So allocating an entire minority subset of the US population to one centralized location, essentially paying them to leave the US for "x number of years," and then expecting them to be independent after "x number of years" doesn't sound inherently racist to you? I don't think I've seen anyone in this thread, or heard anyone in my life, arguing for Reparations because they want to be independent of the United States. They don't want to be apart from the US. The want to be a part of the US. "But no, we can't have that. Let's just give 'em their own country." JFC I can't believe the amount of garbage posting that is tolerated here.
  2. What kind of racist, irrational, nonsense garbage is this?
  3. I only drink water and Coke Zero. Occasionally I'll cave and have a cup of sweet tea or one of my kids' juices, lol. I don't drink alcohol because I am sXe, and I honestly never saw the point or liked the taste. The last sip of alcohol I had was probably 12+ years ago, and I never really drank anything much before that. My only real vices, aside from Coke Zero which is admittedly terrible from a health and environmental standpoint, are a terrible diet, good music, good books, and miscellaneous artsy/crafty/working with my hands type of projects.
  4. What about it is disgusting? The only thing you could really argue is his motivations for enlistment, and I honestly hesitated before saying anything about that because I don't know the circumstances that led him to make that decision (be it financial promises or w/e.) He's here arguing about, per his words, something he doesn't even care about. Then he interjects his wounded troop status randomly as if it is cashing in some kind of card, like we're supposed to drop our arguments against him because of it.
  5. Aww you poor troop. I don't know what country you live in but combat doesn't serve my country. Also, it is nobody's fault but your own that you signed on the bottom line to enlist, and you are not entitled to any kind of respect or special treatment because of it. lol @ "hiding behind a computer" and "piss poor message board" You're here just like the rest of us.
  6. Just in case you all don't know who you're trying to make points to already: So yeah, 128,000 deaths and counting in a span of like 4 months vs an annual rate of around 50,000 over the span of like 6 months. Pardon my skepticism of both the foundations and motivations of any arguments you make about anything and everything. We get it. You're upset they are taking away your precious "sport" and you have to misdirect attention to things that aren't relevant. Your morals are being brought to light. Just shut up already. Nobody is listening to you.
  7. lol got damn that was my first reaction to that logo lmfao
  8. That is the somewhat unsettling thing about this.
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