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  1. OR Where TF do you think we'll get these millions of dollars he's owed?
  2. If we think we can beat the Rams with someone else, then sure. If not, then hell no.
  3. Should I start with basic arithmetic or something else?
  4. He probably won't actually. They love him in Houston. If he did, though, then he's a good possibility.
  5. Based on how he's performed this preseason, firstly. Based on having CMC as a bailout option, which no other team has, secondly. Not only those, but we could use his help on special teams too.
  6. Joe Webb would be a quality QB in our system.
  7. ...but we all know he isn't doing anything like that because he's an American hero and American heroes don't do that kind of thing.
  8. I withheld that one because I knew it would quickly change the direction of the thread, but I think this is a legit possibility at this point. I said in another thread that the last preseason game is meaningless. But for Allen and Heinicke, it could mean a whole lot. In truth, I think we're more likely to roll with what we have in either Allen or Heinicke (I agree that Grier isn't going anywhere) or either someone like Webb if he is indeed cut. But Kaep would be an excellent option to bring in and start getting him familiar with things, just in case.
  9. It sure sounds like a lot of you have no faith in Allen, Grier, or Heinicke. I can't say I agree with that sentiment, but: What is your alternative plan? Could we get Joe Webb back if Houston cuts him? Would Garrett Gilbert be an upgrade over Allen and Heinicke if the Browns let him go? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  10. Didn't our D look better last year once he started calling plays? Listen, I've even championed the Stoic Ron meme here lots of times in the past, but it could always be worse. There's only one Belichick in the league, tbqh. That is like the only guy that takes guys and makes them play at 150% of their ability. I can't list more than 4-5 guys that I think MIGHT be better coaches than Ron. Maybe some of it is homerism or w/e but he's had to deal with sub-par talent aside from Cam and Luke and another 5-6 guys during his tenure. We don't bring in amazing free agents. We don't always draft the best. But he's made lemonade when he's had to, some of the time.
  11. I'm not going to look too hard into it but on the surface, teams are exploiting our defense on places that Luke and our starting DBs will normally be. I'm not worried about that. We're also not pinning our ears back with any special blitzes much, but when we do they are pretty successful. On offense, when guys like CMC, Greg, DJ, and Samuel are out there 99% of the time, we'll look 99% better. The Cam injury deflated everyone last night. That is the bottom line. Everyone was ready to pack it up and head home. Well, maybe not Antwione Williams and a couple other guys, but meh. And those guys might not even make the team so, again, meh.
  12. We'll be fine, lol. We aren't even showing our true defense right now. I saw Obada with his hand in the dirt a lot. Obada will end up being more of an Edge than a DL5T.
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