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  1. Bronn

    Dear tepper

    Gotta hit the capital T to be taken srs bud.
  2. It is awesome that you were able to pull yourself out of a bad situation. I'm only arguing that it is likely harder for others to do so. If you were on your own, not living with parents or getting help from outsiders, etc. then you were probably on the lower end of the spectrum. But, there are a lot of people who have had to deal with less, and haven't been able to climb out of it.
  3. They are different sure. But I think they're different extremes for each of us. I care more if someone is whipping in and out of traffic doing 15 mph over endangering others than I do if someone is smoking a doobie on their couch and dozing off.
  4. I'll take it a step further, and this is actually a conservative thing in me, but I think alcohol is a huge problem in this country. It is a commercialized destroyer of many things.
  5. For the record, I don't think I consider myself far left, lol. Might not have been directed at me but meh. I just want people to be good people. I want people to be good people to themselves and to each other. I want people to love one another, and not be the greedy, self-serving being that most of us have become.
  6. This part. I'm okay with case-by-case analysis. 100% on board. But, who's going to do it?
  7. That's good, because I wouldn't either. However, most of the people touting the whole "people on welfare should be drug tested" would not like for that to be a thing.
  8. You just described America's middle and lower class. Poverty is less than that. Heck, the income limits for things like SNAP are unattainable if you have even an entry level job. People working even minimum wage should also be able to feed themselves and any children, but they can't because they don't qualify for SNAP or other assistance. We all want what you described. But I think you're doing a bit of clinging to the whole "breaking the law" thing because most people driving a car break the law (speed limit) daily. This is what Kev's talking about with decriminalization. I won't get into the whole driving under the influence of weed argument, but you're 100% within your rights and likely did a good thing by letting those guys go. Good for you. But, I don't really think that's a good example of the bigger picture in this discussion.
  9. Bronn

    You're the GM

    I think IIRC dead money would be $3.7 Mil for two years post June 1. Chump change in today's league, especially considering what we'll eat for Matt Kalil. A settlement/retirement would be great, but I'm not 100% on how all that could impact the cap.
  10. If public assistance should be conditional, so should all public systems. Anyone that operates a motor vehicle should have to blow in a breathalyzer and pass a built in urinalysis machine before they are allowed to turn the key. How do you think that would go over?
  11. Bronn

    You're the GM

    Olsen is DONE. He'll be a post June 1st cut (saves us $3.4 Mil) or an injury settlement. He already proved that his foot didn't heal enough once, and I don't think he can prove that it ever will. It is time to stop paying old, oft injured guys out of nostalgia. I say that with a lot of love for Greg. But, it is time to move on.
  12. This is very vague. Do you have examples you can share without it being too personal or second hand?
  13. I'm not really asking for your personal history. I'm asking for a general definition of what "poor" is to you. Sorry about that. You still didn't respond as to what capacity they are "your" employees. Do you personally pay them, or do you work for a bigger company that directly does? Just curious in order to try and gauge your perspective. Like Kev said. If they aren't high on the job, why does it matter what they do on their own time?
  14. How do you know they do this? Are you projecting or do you have first hand evidence or knowledge? Are you considering all the circumstances that led them down this path?
  15. Care to elaborate and quantify? You also didn't answer the inquiry about your "employees." You just responded with more hyperbole. You're not offending or hurting me at all. You're honestly not making yourself look any better.