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  1. So do you spend more time posting useless poo here or posting about the failures in your love life in bodybuilding forums with other “brahs?” Also, did you ever get those headphones back from that kid you described as an “urban youth?”
  2. You're calling them "so called fans" because they like one player that happens to not be a Panther anymore. You can be a fan of Cam Newton, and even what the Patriots or any other team/player is doing, and still 100% be a hardcore Panthers fan. I mean, I appreciated the hell out of what that safety for the Raiders was doing this weekend. He was all over the field, and letting guys know it after plays. But that still doesn't mean I don't like it or get a good laugh out of it when CMC spiked the ball at his feet intentionally. It is called being a fan of passion and competitiveness. You can also be that as well as a Panthers fan. You (and a whole hell of a lot of others) need to stop gatekeeping Panthers fandom by your own standards, and let people appreciate the team, and football as a sport, how the hell they want to. There could be a very strong argument made that blind allegiance to anything Panthers related makes you less of a fan than actually being passionate enough in your own resolve to have an opinion contrary to what the organization does. It draws parallels to our own society.
  3. Only thing this thread is missing is a "YOOOOOOOOO" at the beginning of every one of @CaliPanthers posts.
  4. BTW if you think what you saw in week one resembles anything about how the Pats plan to use Cam, you don't know football or the Pats. Even a lot of the "experts" are already questioning Bill's usage of Cam. But wait and see... The Pats got what they wanted. Most are assuming they will feature a rushing QB, a short passing game, and reliance on their defense to control the game. What will actually happen, though, is that they are going to start opening it up a bit on offense while teams start trying to key on QB1's options. The plan is already working perfectly, and everyone is taking the bait.
  5. (sarcastic voice) How is this Panthers related? I thought all Cam threads belonged in the general football forum now? So which is it? I also see that people are still gatekeeping fandom by how well you burn bridges with former players (specifically one player lately.) I'm so glad Cam won and looked good/strong doing it. It pisses most here off, and the haters are gonna hate. I love it. You can't throw shade at the sun. I'm also glad the Panthers looked better than I expected. You can have both feelings, you know. People wanted to treat Peppers like absolute ass when he left. They when he came back they were suddenly fans again. People treat the greatest talent the Panthers ever had and GOAT WR Smitty like some sort of trash because WE CUT HIM, a couple decades old locker room incidents, and they don't like him on a personal level, and he went on to play for someone else (and beat our asses the chance he got.) Y'all realize that the players (current AND FORMER) make up the identity of the Carolina Panthers, right? It is outright hilarious that you've got people here that haven't been fans since day one questioning and casting stones at people who still like Cam Newton.
  6. See... The first post is pretty good tbqh. Your response is somewhat antagonistic. Maybe he/she is using the free time they do have coming here for football discussion/takes to get their mind off the things they are posting. I know you don't really want to keep discussing it here, so feel free to respond in a PM.
  7. Some of us can't do anything but what we're doing here. You're projecting that you're doing more (working a lot, stressed, etc.) than any of us. Maybe we're here expressing these things because it is our only outlet/platform to do so? "Regular people" includes people with families, jobs, from all backgrounds, races, etc. It is exhausting sometimes, I agree. But it is still something that has to be done. Every little bit helps.
  8. This poster is a perfect example of a "fan" that should be banned to the NFL forum. Look at his posts in the gameday thread, and most of his posting history to be honest. Baselessly hyper-critical of the Panthers, nothing of substance, and a history of subtle racism/doubting pandemic seriousness, etc.
  9. 4th and 1 and you can expect a handful of plays. A high majority of them involve a handoff up the middle. It is just statistically a higher probability. We could have had Teddy take it. We could have ran a PA fake. But both of those aren't guaranteed either, and involve their own risks. I'll give them a pass because it is week 1 and everyone's new and learning. But if we're still making these kinds of mistakes midseason, it'll be more concerning.
  10. Yeah but don't you see the logic in the "take it to the Tinderbox" group saying that exact thing, and then expecting to just have an entire subforum deleted because the threads went there? Just as you're fed up with it permeating your world, so are we. We want to change it. We don't want to simply delete the fight. I feel like you've got the best of intentions, honestly. But just because you don't want to fight for it doesn't mean that others shouldn't be able to.
  11. I've watched every down of Panthers football ever played, and I knew exactly what play was coming at the time too. Especially so since they'd already ran the exact play earlier in the game. It isn't rocket science. Brady/Rhule 100% dropped the ball there.
  12. bro I thought you were done posting about it? haha But yes, you should have a peek at my block list. And I do report posts. The entire problem I am talking about is that we shouldn't have to block all these people. They just shouldn't be allowed to continue posting trash that we have to report.
  13. I understand your perspective, but just understand mine that it is because of years of "compromising ideals" that we are where we are today, both on the Huddle and in the US. I've been on this site for a long ass time. Longer than most people, honestly. It's definitely got better on the misogyny front among others, but we have a long way to go when it comes to compromising with and accepting the viewpoints of posters with known/demonstrated negative beliefs.
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