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  1. I leave work at 4 today and then I am gonna watch some saturday porn. After hammer time is over I will snag this on Amazon.
  2. Varking

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Yeah I was thinking .. who was that owner that talked about the inmates running the prison? I'm sure that dude probably texted and emailed stuff that would get them in trouble.
  3. Varking

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    The difficulty in proving that there is collusion is anything is through the roof so imagine the type of evidence they must have somehow gotten for the NFL to have to settle.
  4. I can't read it due to my ad blocker but this might be it: https://www.givemesport.com/509188-steve-smith-rips-into-carolina-panthers-back-stabbers
  5. Varking

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    So much whooosh in this thread. I read it and thought it was pretty clear this is just a fun thread.
  6. Varking

    Would you draft this guy?

    Buffalo seems willing to take anything we throw at them.
  7. Varking

    We should let Daryl Williams walk

    The OP was. No need for every single thought we have to be its own thread when somebody else already made a thread about the same topic. Especially when it is on the first page. Even more so when it was made hours before this one.
  8. Varking

    Would you draft this guy?

    If he drops to the 4th you have to really entertain the idea of it considering how bad our dlineman were getting after the QB. 5th round? Take a home run swing and hope being around guys like TD, and Luke, and Greg and so on will keep him level. Also know that this happened while he was in HS and has not had a single incident since then.
  9. Varking

    We should let Daryl Williams walk

    I send this to the mods to have it merged with the other thread here already.
  10. Quote

    Don’t think so. Don’t recall too many politically/racially charged posts from Chuck. 

    Since the thread was locked and I just saw this now: He was just banned this past time for racist remarks. 

  11. Varking

    Is Eric Reid Gone?

    The OP is Chucks new new new account. Look at how he types and the type of stuff he is bringing up vs Chuck before he was banned again. And he shows up shortly after Chuck was banned.
  12. Varking

    Antonio brown

    My picture is a still picture of my Caucasian face with fake glasses, a chubby guy beard, and a Carolina Panthers hat on backwards. Do only black people take selfies?
  13. Varking

    Projected top QBs in 2019 draft

    Glennon has like 35 TDs to 20 INT in his career. He might be the only one.
  14. Varking

    Projected top QBs in 2019 draft

    Looking forward to the 2020 class.
  15. Varking

    Antonio brown

    Where did I "act black"?