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  1. You should have just bumped the other thread and attached this.
  2. Two of those three have losing records.
  3. Minshew is better than Teddy. If the front office feels he is an upgrade you make the deal. The Jags are an awful organization. So many players have spoken out against them. They might bite on a second or third and then you can flip Teddy in the offseason.
  4. It was reported just before kickoff if Minshew “continued to struggle” Coach Doug was going to look to bench him. While the rest of the world enjoys Minshew its clear the Jags do not see him like we all do. You don’t get first rounders for dudes you bench. And Minshew would be an absolute upgrade over Teddy. You dangle the third and see if the take it. It’s not like the Jags have won any trades lately. If they don’t you can offer a second. Minshew with our talent at WR and RB would absolutely light it up here.
  5. If you want one in round 2 it’s possible Jamie Newman or Kyle Trask could be there. I’d also throw the Jags an offer for a third round pick and see if they are willing to move Minshew for it.
  6. He came in and immediately had a big block and then he was steady after that.
  7. Chargers 2-4 Falcons 1-6 Cardinals 4-3 after tonight. 7-13 record for the teams we beat.
  8. Once they leave here it’s time to let them go.
  9. We are in the bottom half in the NFL in scoring and one of the worst red zone teams in the NFL.
  10. Ice water in your veins doesn’t have you down 7 points to Tom Brady in the 4th and you throw an INT. Ice water in your veins doesn’t have you down one score against the Bears and you throw a game ending INT. Ice water in your veins doesn’t have you eat a sack putting you out of field goal range when you are only down 3 points. Teddy is winning me over slowly. As of right now I have him in the middle to lower middle of QBs in the NFL. When the season started I had him at the bottom or near it. He’s done things well but he absolutely does not have ice water in his veins.
  11. We were an awful defense last year, lost a stud in Bradberry and Luke and drafted seven defensive rookies. Miraculously we are in the top half of the nfl in defense though. Maybe we have so many holes because we have bad players from last year and young players drafted this year all learning to get better as a unit during a covid year without a real offseason or training camp. And again.... somehow we are still better than last year by far.
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