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  1. Most people are likely ok with a QB in round 2 for us if we took BPA in round 1. The issue will be we have Cam on the roster, Kyle Allen on the roster, we just used one of our draft slots last year to take a QB in round 3 and now we are going to take another in round 2? I honestly don't care what we pick. I will follow and support the team regardless and understand that the top 2 QBs I want between this year and next year just won't be in the cards for us.
  2. Ja'Marr Chase. Absolutely ridiculous take to think that Chase would not have started for Bama. He was the best WR in the country. The only guy going into the season who was projected to be better was Jerry Juedy but guess what? He still would have started as the 2. If you want to say Eason is playing with lesser talent that is accurate but he is also throwing against defenses with lesser talent that that of the SEC.
  3. UGA when he was there was loaded with talent. I would also add that he is now also playing against worst competition.
  4. Chase is the best WR in college football. And you can disagree with the opinion parts but there are no intelligent people on this planet who will tell you Tua was not better than Eason. Eason's best year was 2019 and it was the only year he completed over 60% of his passes. He averages 7.7 per attempt which was also his best. And he was just under 3:1 TD to INT ratio. 143 rating. Tua was better than that every year except his freshman year on completion percent. but even then... Eason completed 59% of his passes to Tua's 69%. Eason averages 7.1 a pass. Tua averaged 10.9. Eason through a TD once every 20 passes. Tua averages a TD once every 8 passes. Eason through an INT once every 49 passes. Tua was at one every 62 passes. Tua's 17 rushing yards in 2019 was better than any year by Eason.
  5. You called him a midget which is an attempt to put him down. And facts are facts. you are right. Tua outplayed Eason in college. Left handedness is not a concern. Size isn't a concern in today's NFL either. Eason would have sat behind Tue in college. Hell, he might have sat behind Hurts as well.
  6. Not sure why you need to put Tua down to big up Eason. Tua was better in college on every metric you can grade them on. And if I recall correctly Eason missed more games than Tua in college.
  7. He is a solid pick for today's NFL where the LBs have to cover so much now. Obviously can't take him at 7 but anything later in the draft I wouldn't be mad at.
  8. I got this before our most recent Super Bowl run since I was a store manager at a Target here in NC and the Pepsi Vendor was going to throw it away. I am assuming this is a "life sized" cardboard stand or close to it. I am 5'9 and this is taller than I am. I listed this sucker on eBay but honestly it feels pretty dirty not giving it to somebody here who I know would appreciate it. It isn't in the best condition ever but its definitely not something so beat up you would have to hide it. I am posting this in hopes of getting some ideas for a possible give away to pass it on to somebody here or possibly Reddit. Maybe the Mods can come up with a cool event for us here and this can be a prize. Let me know if its something you guys would be interested in and some ideas for a fair give away. I work for a company that ships things so I could ship it to anywhere in the US or have somebody in NC pick it up locally.
  9. The NFL is cyclical. The moment the league drafts massive WRs to tower over 5’10 DBs, the league drafts 6’1 corners to deal with them. As the corners get bigger, the smaller WR dominates over the middle because bigger players aren’t as agile. The league moves to more speed on defense and then guys like Henry crush them on runs. The moment the league gets bigger on defense again the smaller shiftiest backs will take over again. The league will always have a place for less mobile QBs.
  10. Right. If a Tua or Burrow happened at all to still be there at 7 you would need to sprint to the podium and count your blessings they were there.
  11. Eason *might be* a Big Ben type of player. Like he could truly be. It is hard to know from the talent he had around himself this past season. I don't really buy into the "he lost his starting job to Fromm who isn't a first rounder" dialogue either. He lost his job because he got hurt and the kid who filled in took them to a big game and played well. Fromm also kept the job over Fields and I don't think Fromm is in the league of Fields at all. My issues with Eason is putting the ball in the end zone. In the two years he played full time he put up a total of 39 passing TDS. That, while I admit I have only watched about 6 games of his, looks like a stat line of a guy who put up yards when the field has a lot of space and has a hard time throwing when the field gets smaller. As for why take Tua over Burrow? Tua had one freak accident injury and the others weren't anything major. Tua performed at a high level every single year in college. Burrow is, regardless of what some want to believe, a one year wonder. In 2018 he had a year where if LSU was going to be great he was going to have to put the team on his back. And he couldn't. I still think he is going to be an above average QB in the NFL. I don't know if he will ever be a top 10 QB but if I am picking #1 overall I want a QB who is a top 10 type Qb. Guys don't typically increase their completion % by 20% and throw 44 more TDs going from their age 22 season to their age 23 season by just getting better. Everything fell into place perfectly for LSU. Almost all of their playmakers were now going to play their last season of college ball as Juniors and go to the NFL Draft. The only guy left on offense is JaMarr Chase who I think is the best WR in the country. Like there is a lot you can question about Burrow's career and wonder if this is a perfect place at the perfect time. There aren't any questions about Tua's past performances. He has been dominant every single year, for years. It won't be a 1:1 but Kyle Trask is another guy that the NFL might fall in love with and he started this year not playing. Now he had a surprisingly successful year with the Gators, will be their #1 next year and if the Gators go top 5 and he shows improvement, he might be an undrafted to first or second round guy in 1 season. I guess when it comes to me I really appreciate consistent greatness over a flash of it.
  12. Im controversial on the QBs. I think Tua is the best QB in this class but the Bengals need to play it a little safe and go with the guy who has been healthier. After them I do not truly like any of the QBs in this class. If you are picking a Herbert you are hoping he breaks the Oregon QB curse. Fromm, Love and Eason would all be guys I would take if the rest of my team didn't have glaring holes. The teams like the Saints would snag a guy like that and see if they can develop him but they would do it in the second round or third. Anybody throwing to Thomas is going to have some success.
  13. Where I think they will be drafted : Burrow Tua Herbert Fromm Love Eason I believe that Burrow, Tua and Herbert are the only three going in round one. Fromm, Love and Eason will be the best prospects of the second rounds or later QBs.
  14. You want in terms of where I rank them or the order I think they will be drafted?
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