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  1. But if you had to pick a time, preseason is where its at. Or practice. But not during the regular season. If they only played good football at all times there would be no need for coaching or development.
  2. I am not even a fan of Gano's. I brought literal facts to this thread. The guy said Gano would miss that same kick. I brought up his 63 yarder that won us a game. He DID miss a kick that night but because of a penalty we got bailed out. That is a fact. I hope he keeps performing well. That is a fact. I would like to have him as trade bait or take over for Gano. That is a fact. Show me where I wasn't objective. If Gano was out there I would give his stats, too. I am not like most people here it seems where I feel the need to prop up or dog people based on preseason stats.
  3. Missed the game tonight, was it a 63 yarder as time expires? While you are being completely objective don't forget the kid tonight missed a field goal, too. He got bailed out by a penalty. Hope he keeps performing well and makes it so the Panthers have a chance to trade him for draft capital or takes over as our starter.
  4. Why are we overreacting to preseason? Blake Bortles also had an awesome preseason once.
  5. Need to see Grier with the 1s for a few series like Allen got. But right now it just looks like we have multiple mediocre backup qbs. Not going to be the guy who overreacts to preseason games.
  6. I literally just shared facts. I didn’t state my opinion or anything. Way to jump, man.
  7. Slye was 5 of 8 today kicking and was wide right on all the misses. Not great.
  8. I see Clowney is trending on Twitter and its rumored he is being traded. Does he fill the backup RB slot here?
  9. I don't have a dog in this fight. I can only pull up stats on Slye from 2017: 15 of 22 for a rate of 68% 5 of 6 from 20-29 6 of 8 from 30 to 39 2 of 5 from 40-49. 2 of 3 from 50+ with a career long of 50 for both his makes. He was perfect on extra points that year and was the only year he was perfect on extra points. From another site I got these for his career which also matches the above statline from Fox. NEVER attempted a field in 4 years of 1-19 yards. 29 of 30 from 20-29 26 of 32 from 30-39 20 of 31 from 40-49 2 of 11 from 50+. https://www.footballdb.com/college-football/players/joey-slye-slye0002 He also missed an extra point late every year except his senior year where he only played 10 games compared to 13 or 14 every other season.
  10. Looks like 40 on the first and over 50 on the second. Could use better angles on both to tell for sure though.
  11. Just wanted to say I appreciate all that you do following the Panthers!
  12. I love Cam cheering him on afterwards. Hell of a throw by Grier, too.
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