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  1. So many people have been bashing him this season because he isn't a true #1. It isn't his fault that we are having to use him there but it sure seems like he is coming around now. He is on pace now for 75 catches, 1k yards and 5 TDs. If before the season started you asked the forums here if this was acceptable for Funchess we all mostly would have been happy with that. He made a big boy catch in the end zone that a lot of WRs can't make and even on the interception he had Norman beat and Cam just underthrew the ball. There was a lot to dislike with our team yesterday but Funchess was a bright spot.
  2. I will predict the same thing I predicted against the Giants: A Carolina Panthers victory without major injury. I don't care about the score because this isn't college.
  3. Varking

    True Misery

    Try having the Panthers be 13-1 in games you attend (including 3-0 in the Playoffs) and the only loss being against the Saints and the world's two nicest old lady Saints fans are sitting near you just telling you when the Saints were going to score and how sorry they were about it after knowing I wasn't going to go home happy. They offered me fuggin sympathy hot dogs in the 3rd quarter. Never felt more weird at a sporting event in my life.
  4. Obviously Gano is a hero this week as I pointed out last week that our special teams unit might be our best unit this season. Palardy punted three times this week. He drilled two of the three inside the 20 and averaged over 50 yards on each punt. Gano was 7/7 on all of his kicks today including extra points and nailing a game winning walk off 63 yard field goal. When you look at NET, Average Return, Fair Catches and see how much Palardy is killing it he has been a top 5 Punter this season. Gano is one of five kickers left to have made every attempt. Gano at 63 yards has the longest field goal made this season by 7 yards. 5 of his 7 FG were from 40+. Our special teams has been the best its possibly ever been through five weeks.
  5. Hard to predict what we or they will be come weeks 14+. Injuries could play a big role in how those games turn out.
  6. Varking


    See what I mean about not contributing? Its almost like you just post because you feel like you have to hit some sort of post quota each day. Sometimes you have responses that are really thought out and it makes it enjoyable to read. Say what you want about Ridley, he and Julio have about the same yards per catch around 17, but Ryan is more accurate going to Ridley and Ridley has 12 of his 15 catches resulting in first downs. Crazy.
  7. The problem with stats is they tell the truth but WE leave out the context. Those are great individual stats but how were the people playing against them? (Wentz, Ryan, Stafford, Luck, and Cousins) Mariota outplayed Wentz. He had a better competion %, more total yards and more TDs. Truth is, these two basically played to a wash. Ryan went against Dalton who basically made each other a wash. Whoever got the ball last with about 2-3 minutes was going to win this game. Ryan had an elite game and Dalton still balled out too. Stafford was good but Zeke had an other worldly game. Stafford had about 50 more passing yards than Dak but Dallas killed them running. Luck vs Watson. When you factor in rushing by them as well 1 td and 60 yards is what separated them. But Luck also fumbled twice in this game and the Colts could do nothing running the ball. Cousins? Poor dude played against Goff. Nuff said. Stats are cool but I don't think people just post stats anymore and say X is better than Y. For the most part on this forum people do try to give analysis with their stat posts.
  8. Kelvin Benjamin 2018-19 Regular Season 4 games, 7 catches on 21 targets for 92 yards and 1 touchdown. Kelvin Banjamin 2018 Preaseason vs the Panthers 4 catches for 58 yards and 1 td. His head was never in the right place. Maybe it just takes one concussion to bring him focus.
  9. Greg needs to rest while we win. I don't want a Fournette situation.
  10. Varking


    1) Everyone gets drafts wrong. I am sure there are other players in the draft you wanted that aren't panning out. I am sure if you look back at the past five drafts you probably preferred other players over who we took as a team. I know I did. But I also recognize that those players I wanted might not be who they became had they been with us since the draft. We all have hits and we all have misses. So to the point of Hurney getting paid millions to make these choices doesn't really hold water. We don't know who gave him what information or if he listened to Cam or Ron or Norv on if these players fall in the draft would you prefer DJ or Calvin? We don't know. Starting with I got a lot of crap... makes it sound like you are super bitter and just post to point out how right you are on a single draft pick. Comments like this also don't really add to the discussion. 2) Ridley absolutely SHOULD be getting better production his rookie year than DJ. Most people believed he was the better route runner with a lower ceiling than Moore. Moore has higher upside but was much more raw. He will take some time to come along and that is ok. The Falcons picked a hell of a player in the draft especially at that slot value but at the same time, they picked a guy not contributing to wins. They should have picked defense the first 3-4 rounds. That is how poor their defense is. 3) Both of you are just going in circles taking shots and making this a way longer thread than it needed to be. Ridley isn't here. He isn't coming here. Even if he was here we wouldn't be using him the same. Julio literally gets triple teams. After one big game here people would be doubling Ridley and shut him down and we are back to the same spot we are in now.
  11. Might be able to snag Fowler for cheap. The league for the most part knows Clowney is out of position. Lawrence would be a dream but he is going to cost more than probably any of them.
  12. 2 sacks, 4 QB hits, 4 tackles for loss, and a fumble recovery for a TD today.... #allhype
  13. Varking

    Falcons gonna Falcons

    And that Super Bowl loss to the Pats.
  14. Varking

    Bucs CRUSHED 48-10 Pie!

    It was just his aura of being out there that sank them today. Also, my post was sarcastic.