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  1. Isn't that a good strategy to follow? Your Bengals are tanking and going to get the QB of their choice. We should follow that example the next year.
  2. This. Would be much happier and we have a better shot at getting a top QB next year than we do this year. Could trade Cam for a first rounder or second rounder not this upcoming draft but the year after. With Allen and Grier as our QBs again next year we are bound to win 2-4 games. We can pick in the top 5 and likely take the first or second QB off the board without having to trade the world to move up.
  3. Who are the 3-4 QBs worth picking in this draft?
  4. The only decision he really made is firing Ron which was the right call. He can still remove or move Hurney to another position before the draft.
  5. I mean why go from one banged up QB with questions about his health to another banged up QB with questions about his health?
  6. Fromm needs to return for his senior season. He hasn’t completed more than 50% of his throws in any game since they played the Gators. You aren’t going to win games in the NFL if a pocket passer is completing 45% of his throws. He’s on a run of like 5 straight games like that. It’s hard to watch.
  7. Did think this play was on him. CB messes up and Reid wasn’t supposed to be over there. He tried.
  8. That was our new head coach making that call. Awful.
  9. Y’all can be mad but why make that call in that situation? And why call a play y’all don’t practice?
  10. And hasn’t developed the talent drafted. Especially on the defensive side. His specialty.
  11. Got a link to this? I thought the most recent updates were that he is expected to make a full recovery?
  12. I don't see any way Justin Jefferson is falling to the 4th round. I like your draft as a whole.
  13. I don't disagree about Hurney returning. I don't disagree that Little will be projected to be the starting LT.He has the talent. Not sure why you are calling me an idiot and telling me Panthers fans are dumb. Who has cried?
  14. Correct. That is ONE PART of our football team. I wasn't asking for a remake to the entire roster as Sucker suggested. He keeps trying to twist and stretch what other people write or belittle them. I am not into that.
  15. The entire left side. Just because we have people there doesn't mean they are good. Little worries the hell out of me, not because of talent, but because hes battled big concussion issues really early into his career already. LG needs replacing for sure. There may even be a good chance that if you get those two positions settled the offensive line play as a whole picks up.
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