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  1. Thats playcalling to me. We abandon the run for no reason for a lot of games while the game is close and CMC is doing work. It baffles me.
  2. And more 4th Quarter Comebacks than Aaron Rodgers.
  3. Varking

    2019 GM: Reggie McKenzie/ HC: Mike McCarthy

    I was just having a laugh about what one of his former coaches said. What are you on about?
  4. Alright but let Cam and CMC put up good numbers for the next two weeks and then they can rest. Fantasy playoffs and a 500 dollar payout is on the line here, bro.
  5. Varking

    2019 GM: Reggie McKenzie/ HC: Mike McCarthy

    Rodgers had to play QB and coach the team: https://sports.yahoo.com/former-packers-coach-winston-moss-aaron-rodgers-coach-nine-years-163519966.html
  6. Was going to write about this today. Two high profile coaches who took an L yesterday took full blame for the loss. You ask Ron about it and he says you need to ask the players... I supported him all the way until yesterday. He can coach defense but should no longer be a head coach. He is like Jack Del Rio where they are hard nosed coaches who are stuck in a bygone era and can't adapt to today's NFL.
  7. Make sure you copy and paste this to all free agent threads, all draft threads and all lineup threads.
  8. Appreciate you stepping up and getting rid of some of the senseless trolls and hate. I am usually pretty good about avoiding topics that seem like they are here just to bait but its still annoying opening the forums after every loss reading about Cam sucks, Luke is done ( who balled the hell out the past two weeks by the way ) and everyone is garbage. Cam didn't play bad this past game and the Browns have a good defense.
  9. Varking

    Cam sucks

    This is a huge issue of mine. We keep putting ourselves in odd situations. Why did we avoid pounding the rock with CMC and passing him the ball after the first half?
  10. Varking

    Cam sucks

    I would be interested in 2 first round picks... but please no Flacco. Baltimore has been better with an inaccurate running rookie.
  11. Yeah I don't understand how we go away from our best weapon. We avoided him and he still went over 100 for the day with 2 tds.
  12. Panthers coach Ron Rivera doesn't anticipate more changes to his staff after a fifth straight loss. He fired two defensive coaches and took over the play calling after last week's loss.
  13. Varking

    So, who gets fired today?

    Ron said no coaching changes going forward.
  14. Varking

    So, who gets fired today?

    Hopefully Funchess
  15. Oh my fault. I think we had a misunderstanding of what I was interpreting in the hail mary video. I was talking about the yard like from where they threw to the yard line where each ball landed. I wasn't trying to claim that I could tell if his arm and shoulder were hurting on the throw or whatever. Just that his arm allowed him to hit the same air yards as Taylor on his throw. And I think we are almost all in agreement that once we are officially eliminated from the playoff hunt Cam needs to rest.