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  1. We were a top ten defense three times in the last 9-10 years with a lot of proven talented players. Never once was it back to back seasons in the top 10. It’s not an easy ask to think we are going to be consistently top ten.
  2. Some positions matter more than others. We had Luuuuuuuuke for like 9 years and had a top 10 defense just 3 times. Luke is a HoF linebacker but in today's football defensive ends and tackles matter more.
  3. You claimed we could go 1 clip for 1 clip all day. I pointed out you would run out well before I did. What are you even doing here?
  4. We could go one clip for one clip but unfortunately you will run out of bad throws far longer than I run out of good ones. Especially if we look at Fields before he got injured. Still graded out as the best drop back passer last year over even Burrow.
  5. I dont see the Jags giving up on Minshew yet. Their offense wasn't loaded with talent and he went : 60.6% completions, 3k yards, 21 TDs and just 6 INTs. He was on par with Daniel Jones and Murray despite there being much less talent on the Jacksonville offense than ARI or NYG. We are going to be a bottom 3 team in the NFL and I can't see the Jags passing up on pairing Minshew with a LT in the next draft if he performs well again. Detroit would go QB. That leaves us taking Lawrence or Fields. Then again, I think Detroit beats us head to head and has an easier schedule than us. We might finish with the worst record in the NFL.
  6. 3. JUSTIN FIELDS – OHIO STATE Preseason Rank: 16; Week 6 Rank: 4; Week 12 Rank: 2 The season didn’t finish how they wanted, but Fields did more than impress in his first season as the man in charge in Columbus. He finished the year with an elite passing grade of 92.5 after completing 238-of-356 attempts for 3,273 yards and 41 touchdowns against just three interceptions, two of which came against Clemson in the Playoff. Fields was head and shoulders above the rest of the nation in several categories this year, and only Joe Burrow ranked ahead of him in most others. He was just behind Burrow in passing grade on a variety of important metrics (vertical lead, horizontal lead, kept clean, 10+ yards, 10-19 yards and more) but was the nation’s highest-graded passer on pure dropback pass attempts. On straight drop concepts, Fields completed 193-of-270 attempts for 2,556 yards and 33 touchdowns. His 24 big-time throws were a near-the-top figure, and his adjusted completion percentage of 78.1% is by far the highest in the country among quarterbacks who averaged at least 10.5 yards per target on straight dropback attempts. He is every bit the downfield, pure passer in the 2021 NFL Draft class, and he should be one of the heaviest favorites for the 2020 Heisman Trophy entering fall camp later this year.
  7. I would love any of the three QBs but thats why I expect Carolina to mess it up.
  8. Yeah, Lawrence, Fields, Fewell, Chase make for a very loaded top of the draft next year. I’d be happy with any of them.
  9. We were 5-11 last year. We lost a HoF MLB. We did not replace that. We lose our #1 corner and did not replace that. We lost pieces on the d-line but I think we actually improved there and that will help out the back end a little bit. I think we will have an average NFL offense and our defense will be improved this year despite the losses. However, Tampa Bay and New Orleans are the class of the division right now with Atlanta sitting in front of us a little. This season is still going to be a struggle from our divisional opponents all the way to the games we play outside the division. I think we will be an improved team from last year but I still see a team that goes 4-12 or 5-11 again due to who we will be playing. It’s exciting because despite the likelihood that we are a bottom feeder team in 2020, you can see the pieces getting built to own the division in a few years. I was pleased with every pick we made this draft but I’m trying to be realistic as well. Our schedule is brutal but I think our boys are going to show some major promise this year.
  10. Well I think the Packers had an awful draft. I believe the Steelers didn’t do well either. Philly didn’t do well either. New England didn’t seem like a good draft either. 1) Packers 2) New England 3) Philadelphia 4) Pittsburgh
  11. The only scenario where I am ok with a QB pick in round 1 this year. You take the chance on Tua and let him sit. We win 3-5 games this year and are in prime draft position next year for the LT from Oregon.
  12. You don’t need to be a Clemson fan to see that Fields and Lawrence and possibly Newman have more upset and performed BETTER than Love, Herbert, Fromm, etc.
  13. The year they ranked? Correct. Manning didn’t play all year. They went 2-14 due to missing one player. The last year they had Manning they went 10-6. First year with rookie Andrew Luck 11-5.
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