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  1. Darnit! Will save it for the next one. Good catch!
  2. What a reach. We could have gotten him after the draft. Am I doing it right?
  3. 1) Wanting somebody like CMC and getting another CMC are two different things. 2) CMC can go out wide now and you can leave Jordan in the back for blocking. 3) We don't know for sure if he would have been drafted or not. There will be a lot of people claiming batches of players drafted on day 3 should have been undrafted. You get the guy you want and hope it works out.
  4. As a Gators fan... we don't really pass to the running backs all that much. We didn't have great success passing the ball in general. Franks shouldn't be starting and both times the coaching staff figured that out we put in other QBs and watched them get hurt.
  5. Your post wasn't in general. You even cut off most of the quote to reply to a specific part and it has strictly been a back and forth between just us. Nothing general about it. ROFL.
  6. That's all *I* need*ed* to kill your straw man. Low IQ tard.
  7. You are describing yourself. Low IQ tard who picked one part of a post and avoided the rest. Hilarious.
  8. You have 0 clue of what other teams have on their Big Board or where they rate players. Its hilarious to think that you, myself or any other Huddler has any clue what teams rate different players and where they would draft them. Were you also mad when we reached on CMC when he was drafted? No other team had him going that high! Right? There is just as much chance that the player you think should have been the pick will be out of the league the same time or earlier this kid is out of the league.
  9. He only had 2 games last year where he had under 4.0 yards per carry. Josh Jacobs had 5 this year. In his 3 years of playing he was never under 5.0 yards per carry for the season. For everyone bashing him saying we could have had him as an UDFA there is no way to know that for sure. And looking back at past years, most of the 5th rounders should have been UDFA signings.
  10. This draft has been an A+ for me now that I have taken my emotions out of it. None of the three are who I wanted but it works out and I trust the Carolina Panthers made good decisions this draft. Burns: A+. When you get a guy of his caliber at 16 when people assumed we would have drafted Little here and the guy fills a huge need for us, this is a homerun. Little: A. He was projected by many to us at 16th overall. To get him in the second could be a steal. This was, again, major value gained at a position of need. These two picks are chasing their QB down and protecting ours. Grier: B. People are high on this pick because he was a stud at WVU but to me, its WVU. Pat White and Geno Smith also put up numbers playing here. And its a non-starter. We needed a backup at QB that had potential and this does tick that box. When you look around the league, most of the guys at this point in the draft don't start so its fine to take a swing on a high potential QB to replace Cam, be insurance to Cam, or get as a better draft pick in the future. No problems here but I would have wanted to see a Safety at this spot. Overall our draft has been an A which is terrific.
  11. Ahhhh the old "some of us" humble brag. I say it's better to have a good group of WRs than a dominant true number 1 so they can't get locked down. You argue that a JAG group gives you slim to none odds of winning a super bowl. You shouldn't have quoted me as I didn't mention a JAG core of WRs in my post.
  12. Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Odell, Randy Moss, DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Calvin Johnson and even Antonio Brown... All different WR in recent memory who have had #1 seasons or are a top 3 WR recently and haven't won a ring. There is no promise that having a #1 WR would have been the difference the year we went to the SB. Hell, the team we played, their WR1 D.Thomas was held to 1 catch for 8 yards on 6 Targets. Julio Jones is a #1 WR and in his SB game he was only targeted 4 times. Our best year in franchise history? No true #1. The Eagles magical run to the SB? No true #1. Ertz was their top pass catcher and he didn't even break 1k. Their WRs didn't make it to 800 yards so they weren't even averaging 50 yards per game. In todays NFL its better to have a good group of WRs where the defense can't key in on one guy than it is to have a true #1 WR.
  13. https://www.ourlads.com/story/default/Quarterback-Ball-Velocity-at-NFL-Combine-2008-2017/10243/dh/
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