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  1. Why would somebody with knowledge talk to you about a players finances? (X)
  2. Yes I believe Cam if he comes back will continue to run to a clip of 25+ yards a game to extend drives and open things up downfield.
  3. Then there is no point comparing stats at all because it’s not likely Allen continues to not throw any INTs. Just like it’s not likely he continues to fumble like no other players. I just literally compared the stats to the guy who said it was virtually the same. It wasn’t virtually the same.
  4. Or people who want to cut down on what they perceive as trash posters so they can find quality discussions easier.
  5. Remember when the mighty Rex Grossman QB1d the Bears to the Super Bowl? Like 25 QBs that year would have likely made the Bears Super Bowl Champions. Wins and Losses are an overrated stat when it comes to QBs. Just like Wins and Losses as a Starting Pitcher in Baseball. A guy could be 20-4 in baseball with a 5.1 ERA. His team happens to score 10 runs a game so he gets wins. Another guy goes 8-10 with a 1.90 ERA. One guy clearly is superior and shows you how phony of a stat wins and losses as a player are.
  6. I don’t think the thread showed they have nearly identical production... Over 16 games Allen 3628.8 total yards 65.5% completions 28 total TDs 0 INT 24 Fumbles Cam 4448 total yards 67.3% completions 38 total TDs 8 INTs 16 Fumbles 800 more yards and 10 more touchdowns is a massive difference if you spread these out over 16 games when comparing the stats shared here.
  7. Where are you reading we would get multiple first rounders?
  8. I didn’t say it was against the rules. It’s just a stupid user who contributes nothing positive to this place. He’s simply here to attempt to be an ass because he has nothing better to do with his time. I come here to avoid idiots on Reddit when talking about the Panthers. I asked the mods to fix it where if I have somebody blocked I don’t see their threads.
  9. The OP is very openly a troll yet somehow his account still isn’t banned. I block him but I still see his threads. Mods need to fix this.
  10. He has admitted in this thread he is “playing a character”. I wish the forum mods would just ban him. He’s basically just a troll.
  11. Thanks for explaining. I was in the kitchen making my kid a sandwich when it was going on.
  12. Wasn’t it from the 50? End zone is 10 yards. They line up 7 yards deeper than that, don’t they?
  13. 67 or 68 yards. This forum breaks ankles jumping on and off bandwagons so much minute to minute. Slye is fine.
  14. You made your analysis of the play before the forum crashed. So it wasn’t until the Slye extra point.
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