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  1. By the same logic paying your taxes is voluntary as well. No one put a gun to your head and made you open a business. you could just go into the woods somewhere and live off the land but you choose to do otherwise
  2. If you have climbed to an income level where you a paying 50% or more in taxes then congratulations you have won! Fairness is not a useful goal as fairness is subjective and everyone has their own view of what constitutes fairness. High tax incremental tax rates have shown time and again historically to help the economy regardless of your anecdotal experiences and emotions tied to fairness the reasons why have already been explained. Any tax structure that benefits those at the boot more than those at the top drives consumption and concumptions drives the economy just because you suck at math doesn’t make that untrue. Too bad you’ve worked for yourself for 21 years to still be this stupid. Imagine what someone with talent could have accomplished with your businesses
  3. the trade off being AT&T has some of the worst home routers and firewall policies, but the network rarely goes down
  4. So because he beat the odds and was successful his opinion suddenly doesn’t count?
  5. I bet the same people saying that the players should t get paid are the ones who tell everyone they can’t be fired because their company couldn’t run things without them
  6. I actually agree with Aggie that there is an argument that your family still benefitted from a society Had built in privilege and should have to also pay. However it really doesn’t matter because The reality is any formal reparations will be paid about of tax revenues . so even AA will pay reparations to AA because we will all pay. t
  7. I’m interested as well here some of your other posts are pretty ignorant on the subject as you immediately rule out people that can prove ancestry and both sides and anyone who doesn’t check AA on the census which is pretty much bullshit. You have a just cause and your under minding your own message with garbage like that. Very aryan if you with the implied pure bloodlines connotation. That aside i do I do like the notion of funding reparations through the inheritance tax. It would have to apply to all the groups that have suffered harm. Even your “receipt” doesn’t solve what portion of that 68T should go to AA versus other groups
  8. so what are the rules for who qualifies and how do you prove your a DOS? We know the records for many DOS families just aren’t there.
  9. I love the panthers. And I will happily take the tickets and drive my butt up from Atlanta.
  10. To me the entire point that you have to play it back 6-7 times in replay and site technicalities is reason enough to know the officer screwed up. If the officer was dragged with the obvious intent to kill him, where are his wounds?
  11. that has jack to do with it. I agree that it isn't wise to mouth off. I never have when I've been pulled over. But being rude and argumentative shouldn't get you killed.
  12. I find it odd that throughout this thread our staunchest small government posters are the ones advocating for compliance at all costs. i mean usually they are saying how we have to make sure we all have guns so the goverment can't take away our freedom. Yet when the government causes loss of life they trip over themselves to find excuses as to why that's ok.
  13. so basically you admit there's no evidence of there being a voter fraud issue but your are fine passing news laws and spending money until you find it? please provide proof of there being real fraud and that it has impacted elections. Not shoulda, coulda, woulda, and maybes. Even under set the current system that you claim is easy to cheat we have more than enough Morons out there that we should have seen a hell of a lot more convictions of this is really an issue. Can we try to fix issues that we know for certain exist before we start on the make believe ones?
  14. Really dude. So theif and bully is capital offense now. I know your trolling but damn
  15. don't jump quite that far. It confirms there was a struggle in the car. Nothing else. It doesn't explain why said struggle continued and eventually resulted in Browns death. Back the the the topic at hand it would be nice if we can get clear facts. Similar to the body can discussion more cameras in jails would help but proove what happened but no one is going pay for cameras on every square inch.
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