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  1. Wanderlai

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Honestly though Gene and Paul should let him play a few dates on the KISS farewell tour
  2. Wanderlai

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Fig it all....let the GoaT eat
  3. Shot our load in 2015....came up short.....now we can’t get it up again
  4. Wanderlai

    New Panthers mascot for 2019

    [email protected] thing looks like grandma lol
  5. From Panthers to whatever the fug this feline thing is....
  6. Money....if they offer enough they will come
  7. Wanderlai

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Sad to see time catch up with him. Great Panther
  8. Wanderlai

    What have Rivera and Hurney been up to?

    Never thought Tepper would be a guy to accept incompetence but it appears I was wrong.
  9. Wanderlai

    Cam speaks out on IG

    Eh....we all say as much to start a new year but it never lasts. Sounds like he is talking more off the field than on it but I wish him success
  10. Wanderlai

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    Which is puzzling. We can all tell something is not right but I’ve yet to see anyone in sports media mention it. If the medical staff is saying he is good enough to play then wtf???
  11. Wanderlai

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    Has anyone actually said Cam has an injury outside of this fan base?
  12. Yeah go full tank mode. We are in dire need of good draft position to fill way to many holes
  13. Wanderlai

    If Ron rivera isn't fired tomorrow

    He is here for at least the remainder of this disastrous season.