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  1. We all assume we take which of the 3 drops to us but don’t count out the Hornets to botch this up by taking a wildcard lol
  2. This franchise has drafted like crap since the Bob Bass era and even he traded Kobe for Divac lol
  3. This franchise will never learn.
  4. I just don’t see how the Hornets can afford to take a gamble on an unsure thing. Giving away future 1st rd picks is suicide if the guy is not sure fire elite. They have to know that.
  5. Why is it when we pay people they start breaking down?
  6. I think he may have done himself in by signing with the Patriots. I know he wanted to play but my goodness the deck was stacked against him. Worst receiving group in the league, very hard schedule, and following the GoaT. He should have sat out the year and waited. I bet Dallas would have signed him given the injuries. Granted that’s hindsight.
  7. He sacrificed everything for this franchise and to think what could have been if he had a better coaching staff/GM sucks. It was the right call to move on from him and sadly I think he is done. 2015 was one hell of a ride. If not for the headhunting that the league let slide he may have continued MVP caliber play. I see many outraged at the Bostic hit on Dalton today but how many damn times did we see Cam takes hit exactly like that and get no calls.
  8. This team has a good enough offense. Heaven help us on the defense though.
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