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  1. Wanderlai

    Playoff hunt

    Saints look like a Juggernaut. Only teams that can take them down look like the Rams or KC. They’ll get home field so no chance of weather screwing them over.
  2. Wanderlai

    Playoff hunt

    Not looking good. 2 guaranteed L’s to the Saints. Atlanta has owned us. Seattle is going to be tough. Should beat Browns and Bucs but I also thought we’d win today. It’ll come down to the last game and a win and you’re in scenario against the Saints so we better pray they can sit their starters.
  3. I don’t think he’ll be stubborn like Jerry but he also won’t be a knee jerk reaction owner either.
  4. Wanderlai

    Worst DC in team history?

    Bad signings and aging vets are showing up.
  5. I’m sure they have tried but when it becomes game time Cam does what he does. The throwing is not going to change now. Jake used to air mail a bunch of passes to. I’m ride or die Cam so hopefully we gets more strikes than goose killers
  6. Well easy answer is footwork and throwing mechanics. Sometimes things get away from him because of that.
  7. No he would become a DC then maybe go on to be a head coach again. He isn’t going anywhere guys.
  8. Wanderlai


    QB gets all the glory and all the blame no matter what. We would 100% suck without him but he has also come up short on game winning chances this year. More than one thing can be true.
  9. Wanderlai

    Is the Curse still alive

    9-7 is what it’ll be.
  10. The 2 pt play should have worked. Missed a wide open guy or Cam could have ran left for the score. But yeah should not have come to that.
  11. He.....ain’t.....going......anywhere. Better learn to Love him
  12. Good news is the Panthers have 3 legit weapons in McCafe, Curtis, and DJ. Sad part is the D is on a big time decline
  13. He is not wrong. The Saints will flat out destroy this defense. Then the way we have been playing we will miss the playoffs.