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  1. I actually thought he was going to be pretty good. He has not made any progress at all since being in the NBA. He peaked in the UK loss to Carolina when he went crazy in the last minute of that game.
  2. Dumbest franchise in all of sports. They actually need an intervention. They have lost their way.
  3. Golden State needs warm bodies so maybe they’ll grab Little.
  4. Damn that’s just stupid. Cancel the workout of the guy you draft.
  5. If Little doesn’t go soon he should crawl under the table until they cut the lights off
  6. I honestly don’t think Jordan can even sell this team. It’s something like a tax write off or flea market material at this point. If they sign Kemba to a max deal he should just give him the keys to the building on his way out
  7. Yep, we don’t take a chance for a hidden gem with the French guy and go for the safe boring pick. Worst franchise in sports
  8. So we take a position player we are redundant in....great move. There better be a trade for this guy :(
  9. Vomit....ugh this is why we can’t have nice things
  10. Hoping for the French freak guy
  11. No doubt that Adam Silver is a damn alien. If he isn’t he is the next coming of the Tall Man from Phantasm
  12. We can’t make any moves because we don’t have anything anyone wants.
  13. I agree on the being stuck to late lottery picks is a dead end. That’s why I’d rather Kemba move on. We just don’t have anywhere near the foundation of assets/talent to be good enough to make a difference with him. Sign him to a max-near max deal and we are still stuck in purgatory. If you want to be satisfied with squeezing into the 8th seed and getting swept out then yeah sign him but I don’t want that. All the small market teams either hit on a franchise player through the draft or had enough assets to make a big trade. Kemba isn’t a franchise changing player and we have zero assets. Not one guy after Zion in this draft is a sure fire can’t miss player. Everyone else is a gamble. For sure we won’t get that 2nd star in the 8-12 range. There is zero history that says Charlotte can find those hidden gems.
  14. This team just can’t give up future 1sts. We will be right back in the lottery next year. Can’t give up a shot at a top pick just to move up a few spots. We can’t get up to 5-7 which is where Coby will go.
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