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  1. If we trade him I dont think we get anything close to what we think he is worth.
  2. I doubt Marty had any idea Luke was retiring when he signed Shaq. He just likes paying to much for the wrong positions.
  3. If someone opens up a really good offer in a trade then I think they move him and go full rebuild. Question is what the heck is his trade value? Who needs a potential elite QB that has assets to trade?
  4. Nope he will screw everything up. Overpay and underdraft is what he does best. He hit on a few elite guys and has made a career off it.
  5. Hitting on every single draft pick. We have Marty so that’s a nope
  6. All I can think of is what could have been. Piss poor ownership and coaching squandered elite talent. Now we start over :(
  7. Oh man.....this hurts a good bit.
  8. What would it even take to tempt the Bengals to do a swap? 7 and 2-3 future 1sts??? maybe a better chance to trade with NY and get Tua.
  9. I went to the park and it was 21-0 Texans.....walk back in and I’m like wtf has happened???
  10. Pretty much a bye gets you to go bye-bye
  11. Hmmm....this game looking very familiar to the Titans/Ravens game.
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