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  1. The Hornets have been burnt so many times. Could have got Shaq but got Zo. Could of had Howard but got Okafor. Could have had AD but got Gilcrest. Could of had Kobe but got Divac. The pain is real
  2. As compared to what other option? Never going to be good enough to win anything without elite talent. Not one top tier FA will sign here. Our draft history days we cannot find the gems that others seem to nail.
  3. This franchise is just doomed. Can’t lure any impactful FA, can’t draft worth a damn, overpay mediocre players, and refuse to tank to get a real shot at a game changer.
  4. Cleveland fans are like Lebron who??? The dawg pound is off the chain right now.
  5. Crazy how contender teams have room to sign guys but we are always left eating the same old bologna sandwich every season
  6. Waiting on video to emerge. That would be Panther luck. Trade for him and then a TMZ video comes out
  7. Don’t like them but you just have to tip your hat to them.
  8. Only thing missing for the screwup bingo win is a Denver Pick 6.
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