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  1. It sure is looking like we are going with Ziggy and Pimple on D---heaven help us.
  2. I am guessing they did not want to sign a WR because we still have Cooper and Zylstra and I am not sure about Roberts. I do not see much dropoff between Kirkwood and Zylstra, for example, if any.
  3. Still one vacancy? I still have a chance. Sitting by phone.
  4. You are on fire today--starting some solid threads. It is amazing what an all-world QB can do for you. Oops. Wrong Ron.
  5. Me? I say get rid of Armah and sign a TE you can bring into the backfield.
  6. Yes, If you have a TE on the field, he is an eligible pass receiver. if he is a pass catching threat, it changes the defensive level of aggression. Imagine an athletic, stud TE in our offense. CB 1 on Robby, CB 2 on Moore, CB 3 on the slot, SS on CMC and maybe a LB on the TE. So, you have a speed advantage or a size advantage. OK, now, if you blitz, who do you send? Most of the time, teams resort to dropping a DE and sending a LB, or stunting the DL. So if we have a TE that can't be covered easily with a LB, you have to play a S on him, especially in the red zone. With Bridgewater's touch and accuracy, I see that as a huge advantage. And against our bad middle offensive line, one less player to block is a plus.
  7. Beat me to that point. Head of recruiting. One might imagine how tough it was to get top players to go to Baylor (reminds me of a watered-down SMU "death penalty") so he has an eye for talent--but more than that--he can find talent on the clearance rack and at yard sales. Teddy was a backup, considered a banged up bust. He was able to see the fit--I know Marty does not have that skill.
  8. I do not get this shift from OLB to MLB. Different animals. To me, that is like putting a T at C.
  9. Yeah, you can tell he is trying not to throw player under the bus. I loved his Chinn answer. Basically, "We do not rest on our laurels, and I am not looking back. Today is the day that matters, and he played well. After a loss is no time to be signing praises---Rhule acts like that old guy from college you bump into at a tractor pull, but man he is smart. A psychologist and a motivator. Next week will be interesting.
  10. We have no TEs. Manhertz is reputed to be a blocker but I saw him get owned a few plays.
  11. Chinn, with his versatility, should never leave the field. So far, the best draft pick of 2019--and I am talking the entire draft, if you consider where he was drafted.
  12. Nailed it--you gotta make plays, hold onto the ball.
  13. Defensive Needs: 1. MLB 2. S 3. CB 4. DT Give me 5 Chinns, 2 browns, and 4 Burns. I am working hard here.
  14. Not reading all the whining. However, you really cannot tell (as in the case with the last interception) who is at fault. Could be a bad route, could be a bad read by the WR. Having said that, Teddy put the 4th down pass in Moore's hands. He had the ball and was tucking it. What is his job? It was tough catch, but you have to make plays. I am sure most of you get it, but there is some dumbassery running a bit rampant on the Huddle right now--we lost. We did not make plays. Reed (LG) sucked today. If I were to blame anyone, it would be him.
  15. IF.........Teddy jukes the DB---- IF......Moore catches the pass right in his hands. IF....Boston catches the ball that hits him in the hands. We might be tied. you gotta make plays. If you don't, you lose.
  16. cooper is running scared... He should have tried to take it to the house--what was that crap?
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