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    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    This is an example of a situation that has no real details, but enough for some people to make rather bold analyses.
  2. Since I used to coach OL back in the day (High school) II learned to watch the OL, not the ball. While I am not sure about schemes, etc, I can tell you that Larsen was not real good--Van Roten was hit or miss--basically average at the easiest position on the OL to play. I like Van Roten's motor, frankly, so I expect him to be better this season. He needs a good player on each side of him. I would not enter the season with Larsen at C. Personally, I would move Moton to LT, but I saw no indication that the Panthers think he can play LT last year. Another option--what if Williams is a question mark and they are going to cut Kalil? How much cap do you want to spend on Tackles who are not producing? He has said he would test the market anyway. We will know more in mid March.
  3. He is. Anyone who denies character is important has never been in a locker room for a full season.
  4. Cigar is a metaphor for the Panthers playing the first NFL game in Cuba. The city? where rush hour happens. What does Cam do when he does not pass or hand off? Think it through,, folks. So close to the equinox too.
  5. Childish Gambino will be the halftime show with ZZ Top.
  6. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Some might say we have 2.
  7. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Good call.
  8. I am not seeing the Larsen love. He is a backup, in my opinion. Correct about the OL being better than we have had--
  9. Right. The reason we can't really gauge things: Does Williams return? If so, where is the evidence we like Moton at LT? So we have a LT with a small sample of work and a RT with a bad knee---not exactly an ironclad arrangement. Maybe it would be smarter to leave Moton at RT and sign or draft a LT. Who knows? I think Moton can play LT---but do the Panthers? DE changes if we go 3-4, so we can't even count on what that need will be. DT changes if we go 3-4. a NT would be in the cards either way, I guess. So your phrasing is right--pass rusher.
  10. Did not read the entire thread, but Person (who knows much more that the bottom half of 38% of the Huddle), aligned the move to Adams leaving. Are we looking at Reid at SS now? With Gaulden and Searcy (I know, save it for later) at FS, I hope we move Reid to SS. He would be better there.
  11. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Why do I get the feeling that Reid is going to be a headache to re-sign?
  12. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Instead of shopping for players that did well and priced out of their contracts with current teams, we need to find players with the skill set we need who was maybe a bad fit. That does not really work with OL much, but for something like a S or a LB, the system plays a role.
  13. He has no inside info---using the salary cap to justify his logic. Gonna call him SCOOP from now on. Or Pythagoras, the cap expert.
  14. MHS831

    The evolution is in process

    Churchill was not reelected in 1945.
  15. MHS831

    We just hired Everette Brown

    I talked to Everette Brown after he was drafted--he actually played HS ball in NC--He is one of the nicest athletes I have ever met. (David Robinson and Jake Delhomme are top of that list) Happy for him.
  16. Here is some twisted logic for you--but for some of you Mom's basement dwelling middle-aged virgins, twisted logic is better than none. DE is the biggest need, but if we go 3-4, are we better at DE/OLB than we are now? Regardless, let's assume we stay 4-3. The top DEs are probably gone (Bosa, Gary, Ferrell) and there are 3 QBs reached for (Murray, Haskins, and maybe Lock or Jones will attract some interest to go first half of round 1). There will be 2 DTs taken before we pick (Oliver, Williams). Perhaps the best LT is gone as well (Williams, Bama). That is an estimated 9 picks. Josh Allen, Greedy Williams, and White (LB) are probably gone in the top 12 (PISSED THAT RR HAD TO RUN UP THE SCORE ON THE GIGGLING SAINTS) That leaves the BEST PLAYERS AVAILABLE: OT Little Miss OT Ford (Yes, please....a beast with great feet) Tex CB Baker UGA DT Wilkins Clemson DT Lawrence Cllemson S Thompson Bama DT Simmons (character issues or would be gone for sure) DE Sweat Miss St DE Polite So the smart move might be to take a T---offensive or defensive. Here is why: Not sure the fourth DE is as good as the third DT or second OT. The DT crop drops off quickly and the OT crop is shallow. If you do not draft either in day 1 or round 2, you miss out. OT if Williams walks, DT if he stays. However, do not be surprised to see Thompson S Bama as our pick. TO ME? Ford has the most upside.
  17. MHS831

    Is Edelman a HOFer?

    Does the HOF have a wing for smallish, over-achieving, former white QBs playing WR? With no Brady and BB, there is no Edelman. Correction: Former QB, not former white.
  18. MHS831

    Isaac Nauta another tight end?

    Hey, Rivera kicked the Saints ass in N'orlins. Another banner for BOA.
  19. I am still pissed at Ron for flexing his coaching muscles and pounding the Saints in week 17. Payton must have been thinking, "What an idiot." I would have made all QBs inactive and played Torrey Smith at QB.
  20. Take an OL like Ford from OK (I love his ability to play T) or Little from Ole Miss . I see Burns, Allen, and Ferguson dropping into round 2. The second round is probably where we go for DE unless a DE falls to us--and I can see that happening. Ferguson (I doubt he is a first rounder--I was not that impressed at SR bowl) Burns, FSU Polite UF (he will go late first, I am guessing) Jackson Miami and my favorite:, Omenihu Texas Zach Allen BC A lot depends on how this 3-4 / 4-3 story plays out--we may not know until free agency.
  21. Good job of ignoring Juan everyone.
  22. A report is associated with news, in my mind. This is one of a few thousand opinions.
  23. If we don't get some rushers, Safeties will be needed. About 6 of them.
  24. He should be tweeting about Detroit this year.