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  1. He's an arrogant buffoon who's first big move was to blow up a Panther super bowl contender. He thinks he is God's gift to front office football, but his record reflects the fact that he is a clown. Yet he still has his posse here in the Huddle.
  2. Anybody's guess how it all shakes out but... Best- Washington Redskins won the first round. Worst- NY Giants failed in a spectacular fashion.
  3. Low hanging fruit. Most teams favorite GM not in their building is the oh-so clever GM from the Giants. He's the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. What a load. Look around. Are NFL analysts and journalists casual fans and haters?
  5. Humpty Dumpty is grossly incompetent and was never GM material. He will be fired again and then he can go back to what he knows-scouting. The only people that believe this was a good move for the Giants are the DG apologists on this board.
  6. He is not GM material. He was in over his head here and in over his head in NY. He's nothing more than a scout with an ego to match his waist size.
  7. This is one of the biggest "statement" games in the history of the franchise! Just fantastic!
  8. Where is all the DG love? When your luke warm season outlook goes to poo because you lose a 2nd year receiver who happens to be #1 by default, then you gots to question how we got here.
  9. I knew when he left State that he had issues. He has been extremely lucky with Seattle and should just shut the fug up and hope his ride continues.
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