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  1. fjblair


    What a load. Look around. Are NFL analysts and journalists casual fans and haters?
  2. fjblair


    Humpty Dumpty is grossly incompetent and was never GM material. He will be fired again and then he can go back to what he knows-scouting. The only people that believe this was a good move for the Giants are the DG apologists on this board.
  3. He is not GM material. He was in over his head here and in over his head in NY. He's nothing more than a scout with an ego to match his waist size.
  4. Watson looks overwhelmed ie choking. Watt and Clowney yet to show up.
  5. fjblair

    Observations on Heinicke

    It doesn't matter. They just want to bitch.
  6. fjblair

    Observations on Heinicke

    So much brilliant insight from the huddle. Breathtaking analysis. I would include the football genius quotes, but they are everywhere!
  7. Good thing Ron is calling the defense these days.
  8. You obviously don't know what you are talking about and aren't old enough to know anything about life in the 70's. GTFO.
  9. fjblair

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    Just another reminder of Gettlemans incompetence.
  10. What? You don't seem at all familiar with how pro sports work.
  11. fjblair

    Cam Arm Is Done

    Really? So are you telling us that some of the ones that said Luck was done would not have given up on Cam, too? Deep thoughts.
  12. Gettleman was fired because he sucks, so no, he was not right.
  13. Which by default settles the argument of who is a better runner. You would think it would be blindingly apparent to a company that covers, reprts and broadcasts sports for a living.
  14. This is one of the biggest "statement" games in the history of the franchise! Just fantastic!