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  1. Only way I trade him is for Deshaun Or if Shittsburgh offered us their first rounder I would consider it
  2. You figure it the fug out because it's your job and you have a top three QB in the NFL
  3. Both of which we have to rebuild anyway currently without a top three QB in the NFL.
  4. Both Miami and the Jets can outbid us. The Jets will certainly try but Deshaun has a no trade clause and the Jets have become the worst franchise in the league, absolute dumpster fire. Miami truly might be sold on Tua and really might not want to move on from their assets. Deshaun almost certainly would ok a trade to Carolina...
  5. I was going to reply to your reply but then you made a whole thread Dude the Seahawks got RIPPED for the Adams trade. Also your notably leaving out that this same Houston Texans team traded one of the three best WRs in football for a second rounder and a hurt RB
  6. I mean don't get me wrong I'd rather have Watson, Wilson or Fields
  7. Headline in a few months Breaking: Former Panthers DT KK Short has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Buffalo Bills
  8. I'd be fine with that. The key in that scenario would be hitting on a lot of late round picks + finding a viable LT option for Watson + signing smart FA bargain bins But you do it for Watson. Are you hearing anything from your friend about our interest level?
  9. Here would be my ideal power ranking of the options 1: Teddy, 8th this year, future first, and CMC for Watson 2: Trade up to 2nd overall with #8, future first, and second this year. Draft Wilson 3: Trade a second rounder for Stafford
  10. I actually don't hate the Stafford idea as much as I originally thought. He's 32. He likely has 3-4 more good years left in him before his game tanks. I wouldn't give up anything more than a second for Stafford though. But if they took our second I'd draft a LT in round 1 and go all in a CB number one in free agency. Sign Stafford to a three year extension. Boom. There's your three year window to win. If it all blows up you haven't given up any future picks, have a LT for the future and CB is always a need in the NFL.
  11. Imagine being so bad at your job you were fired not once, but twice and rehired a third time
  12. I'm liking it so far, recently got to England, the completionist in me just wants to find all the eagle landmarks and do all the raids, I guess I should do the actual story too lol
  13. Tepper sees himself as a "closer" and someone who "gets his guy" I have no doubt we will pursue Watson if Tepper sees fit. He would put butts in seats, sell a fug load of jerseys and we would immediately be a team that has a guy who can win a superbowl. We don't have the assets MIA has though so I have a hard time seeing this become a reality
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