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  1. the legends were true. SCP lives.
  2. he is either a) injured or b) completely in the dog house with this new coaching staff or c) sucks because how he hasn't made this into the perfect opportunity to show he's a viable WR in this league is insane
  3. this is a really really good point. Bryce has the tools to be a very successful QB in this league. I can't believe I'm having to tell people to be patient
  4. This defense is better than I expected and I suspect we will at least be in every game. The offense just needs to be a semblance of an nfl offense and we can easily beat some of those teams on there.
  5. that's not the most insane trade I've seen. Higgins value is likely a first rounder plus some. Burns' value is established as two firsts and a third at minimum.
  6. I can not believe how negative people are being about Bryce. First off he has played two games as a rookie in his career. Second off, our WRs are terrible. Watch the film, hardly any seperation ever. The few times they do get it they either drop the ball or are so slow they get tackled immediately.
  7. even if he doesn't catch a single ball tonight he completely changes how defenses have to play against us because he is a legitimate deep threat. No more safety cheating down on the box if he's on that side of the field
  8. Hasn't OP been the one whose posted like 7 different threads with the general thought of "You really need to realize football isn't everything, I'm totally happy now"
  9. I mean you could easily say this was Drew Brees vibes as well lmao
  10. I really don't know how you could watch this game and come away discouraged (except for the WR corps) considering we are starting a rookie QB and have an entirely new coaching staff outside of O-line and ST. Oh wait I know why, because the internet and having access to media 24/7 has rotted people's brains and they expect results instantly
  11. is your recommendation to stop trying?
  12. something no one has mentioned outside of the two INTs is that the ball bounced the falcons way on three separate fumbles, once resulted in a TO from Sanders and two they self recovered. I think if Horn doesn't get hurt that's a one score game. We get two out of those three fumbles and it's maybe a Panthers win. Score truly looks worse than how close that game was. WR will be a focus this offseason to upgrade.
  13. hamstring injuries are so unpredictable, it's truly impossible for us to know at this point. could be anything from a few days to a few months
  14. this isn't madden yall. Burns has all the leverage here. Someone will pay him more money that Crosby. It's literally how the league works. Records contracts get broken all the time
  15. this I like Burns and want us to keep him but we were fooling ourselves if we thought we were going to get a huge discount in re-signing him lol
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