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  1. Fitterer was not a good GM during his time here but he's served under successful front offices before, doesn't mean he's a bad hire. I think Fittterer ultimately will be judged for mishandling the Burns situation. The draft selections are impossible to know how much Rhule and Tepper played a hand in
  2. Very interested in both edge and honestly WR again. If the guy from Arizona turns out to be a stud and worthy of a top 5 pick I would take him But edge feels like it's going to be the move in next years draft
  3. Jonathan Vilma is by far my least favorite announcer. It's not only his antiPanthers bias that I can understand, it's that he clearly doesn't watch our team outside of the game he is currently calling, he has Facebook level commentary
  4. 7-10 would be incredible I see us winning 2-3 games
  5. True dark horses Offense: TMJ, showed some promise at back end of Wilks season. Defense: DJ Johnson It would not surprise however if either of these players get cut during training camp hence the true longshot bet
  6. Fitterer completely botched the burns saga no doubt but I do think it's funny all of these leaked and supposed trade offers are coming from other teams and not the Panthers
  7. yea just imagine how differently we would be viewed if we had gotten two picks for Burns then gave Chicago our 9 that year + the two Rams firsts. We select CJ Stroud. This year with our top three pick (god knows we still would have sucked) we take MHJ
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