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  1. Love you Verge but I would be pretty upset if this is how things turned out
  2. Someone is lying I just don't know who is. Person is reporting Burns asked for 30 a year and was offered 5 mill 27 mill. Early this year it was reported that the Panthers offered the Crosby contract ~23.5 mill a year That being said, the Panthers have been DRAGGED this entire year for not trading burns and then "not trying to sign him". If they offered him 5 years 27 mill a year that is a very fair deal and we can stop saying they "didn't do anything to sign him"
  3. I loved Jameson Williams as a prospect but he is getting vastly overrated in these scenarios, he is not worthy of a first round selection at this point on his own, I could see the Lions getting a third rounder for him at best
  4. sorry spamming this thread today but in this simulator tenn is trading that first like hot cakes
  5. Yes it is absolutely brutal we traded away the first overall pick. I legitimately think about it at least once a day, but I still think we can get a good player at 33 and 65 and that also doesn't include a trade down scenario and maybe get three good players
  6. dude holy poo brock bowers at 33 lmaoooo
  7. This would never ever happen but I thought it was a fun scenario, got away not trading our first round pick next year too
  8. your first five picks would be an insane haul
  9. UNC is too inconsistent to win the title this year. They will have a clunker in the tourney against someone. Before you come berate me this is coming from a UNC fan
  10. He's been playing out of position since his rookie year
  11. Luvu and Burns should be priorities. Chinn is a damn good player we have playing out of position. JJ Jansen is a must sign Otherwise unless the rest of them unless they are playing for below market value contracts they can get out.
  12. unless Canales plans on having a power run game this offensive line will struggle. Bozeman regressed hard last year Corbett is coming off major knee injuries in back to back years BC at best was a mediocre guard Ickey, as of right now, has zero confidence and is playing terribly. Moton is the only one who doesn't need to be upgraded at this point Now obviously you can't replace 4/5 starters in one offseason but we desperately need to get quality depth in FA and draft young players at G and/or C
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