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  1. Small players get hurt more often than larger players is a correlation I'm going to bet on with the first overall pick. Yall are wild man.
  2. I think to further solidify my point is to consider is Kylar Murray and how thus far his career has been hamstrung by injuries Look at this photo. Kyler's listed weight is 207, Bryce looks like he's probably 20 lbs under him. If Kyler can't stay on the field why would Bryce be able to outside of amazing luck
  3. I agree. It's the only reason why I want us to draft CJ over him. Bryce is the better QB right now but I have serious concerns about his ability to stay on the field longterm in the NFL. That's not to question his toughness either. It's just every week there will be someone bigger and better than Jalen Carter trying to murder you
  4. I mean tbf Bama's WR corps is pedestrian compared to OSU's. and I love CJ
  5. Tyler Scott- WR Cincy I'd take him in the third or fourth round, he is exactly the type of WR we have been missing for years
  6. I called us drafting CJ stroud In April of 2022 and am sticking by that prediction. I think fans/media are obsessed with Young and I can see why, he's a good player. But the NFL always sees these things a little differently than fans do. I think Young's size scares the poo out of teams. Houston will likely take him because they really don't have any other choice. Also I'm calling it now the Levis/Richardson stuff at one is a total smokescreen. Both guys are total projects. You don't take someone like that at one. You take them late round 1 or 2. Not saying neither will be a good QB but they are both at least a year away
  7. I trust Natalie but it *really* seems like the Panthers are leaking we love Young so that Houston will give us a king's ransom to move up one spot
  8. he's been hit or miss over the years. He had something about Cam a few years ago that was flat out wrong
  9. I promise you the Panthers didn't trade all the way up to 1 and not have their guy in mind. My gut says its CJ Stroud and were trying to get Houston to blink and give us a high second round pick to take Young at one but I promise you the Panthers know who they are going to draft no matter what they say or leak
  10. Breer has a checkered history with his carolina "insights" in the past and has been wrong before
  11. We are likely looking at Mecole, Chark, OBJ Trade wise probably looking into Sutton and Hopkins My gut tells me is we end up signing Mecole and a mid to low tier guy and then end up drafting someone
  12. The more I look at the two. I think that strong arguments could be made for both Young or Stroud and neither appear to be vastly better prospects. We're in such a good position and I can't emphasize enough how happy I am we traded up to 1 overall
  13. yea I will be honest with you all I have purchased silver multiple times and am secretly ashamed of this lmao
  14. I actually love the expansion. Loadouts is a fuging game changer, it truly makes the game a much more enjoyable experience. Story is not as strong as Witch Queen but gameplay is still great and Strand is fun.
  15. we have an excellent young defense and offensive line, an A+ coaching staff and 150 million in cap next year alongside with good draft capital the next few years. What more can you want?
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