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  1. Very interesting they had Ickey that low tbh
  2. rooting super hard for him that editors note, fug man
  3. I mean the honest and easy answer is Horn The second one that comes to mind is TMJ After that I'd be interested to see Tremble's growth, Nixon and to see if Deonte Brown is going to actually contribute
  4. I can't remember if it was Ellis who first posited this theory but I really believe Tepper basically took Rhule at the end of the season and said, "Look I'm giving you one last shot, just focus on coaching, minimize the press, hand over roster control, get some veteran coaches in here, etc." I wouldn't have done that but it certainly seems legit
  5. I agree with the other poster who said that Rock Hill is basically a microcosm of what Tepper is planning. You either pay up or he will play hardball. For the record, I think this gets done and the Panthers stay in Charlotte. But I don't think it's a 100% lock. Maybe more like 70-30%.
  6. every tackle in the second round sucked last year so I'm glad we accumulated picks
  7. Love that we tried to rob Seattle prior to picking Ickey
  8. we will take him off their hands
  9. this thread has been posted many times over the years and this is the first time I can remember that it's actually garnering serious responses Usually it's just "Pie is eternal." "What's not to love about pie" etc.
  10. SOJA

    The Batman

    I agree I liked it a lot but the second half, particularly the third act felt like a let down. They really needed some better editing in that third act it was dreadfully long and drawn out. I also noticed half way through the movie I had not laughed like one time. I'm not expecting Whedon's Avengers levels of wise cracks but a one off joke here or there wouldn't hurt
  11. great signing, they are doing their best to put out a competitive team on the field
  12. I'd like him in 10 tbh
  13. I am just so, so, so happy we didn't trade away next years first or second rounder That is the biggest win. I'm nitpicking by complaining about the third rounder tbh. That being said. This pick at this point in the draft is an A+ for me. All of Corral's negatives have conceivable paths to be corrected. Whenever you have a guy who goes lower than expected or a guy like Pat Mahomes gets drafted after Mitch. It's always fun to go back and look at why they went lower than they did. Usually it's for dumb reasons. Corral's reasons aren't without merit but they are definitely things that can be improved. 1- He's lanky and needs to fill out his frame. Great his job is now to eat, sleep, workout, and play football. 2- He played in a pro style offense. Ok this isn't a problem intrinsic to him, he may flourish in a pro style offense. 3- He has off the field issues. It seems like he is candid about his problems and has tried to address them. To me that actually shows maturity. No one is perfect, it's how you pick yourself up after that defines you. Is Corral a sure thing? Hell no. Is he worth a swing at pick 94. fug yea and we got him without giving up too much. This has been an A+ draft.
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