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  1. All signs point to us being a stable organization that is forward thinking so that's encouraging.
  2. The TL;DR version is: Earl has always been a strange character. It's part of what made him so great. He was Smitty esque in terms of competing. However, as we all know that can be a double edged sword. His play dropped significantly with the Ravens and yet his attitude got seemingly stranger, i.e. missing team meetings, leaving for vacation when he really shouldn't have etc. He really didn't buy into the Ravens culture. Players went out of there way to warn other players for their franchise NOT to sign him. I can't recall exactly but in the article I believe Houston was about to sign him but
  3. This article does the best job I've ever seen of explaining it all. It's on the athletic https://theathletic.com/2300975/2021/01/06/earl-thomas-iii-where-seahawks-ravens/
  4. 2 is basically what happened with Deshaun Watson Tannehill was flat out better than Darnold was in NY, to go from the worst starter in the league to above average has rarely EVER happened in NFL history
  5. really encouraging to hear about Darnold. He is basically a rookie in my mind and really needs to be coached up as if he is just starting in this league. Start with fundamentals build on those and advance as tolerated.
  6. I mean it's not hard to imagine Darnold significantly improving just by leaving the Jets. The question is flat out is he better than Justin Fields? If he isn't we made the wrong choice.
  7. Wouldn't be a bad option to look at, but some team can probably pay him more to play his natural position
  8. the rare power move of quoting your own post to say a punchline. Love it.
  9. Have to be at least 2-2 after that stretch as the Jets and Hou are not likely to be good this year, esp early in the year for the Jets. At dallas will be a tougher game than a lot on this board will give it credit for. Dallas' offense is going to be nice next year. Hopefully Sam and the gang are geling by that point because I could see a shootout happening. NOLA is obviously always tough, but even with Brees the Saints have kinda had some slow starts these past few years. We might be able to sneak one out from them before they start clicking.
  10. removing the homer glasses what he says is pretty concerning
  11. Two things: Overall this team is headed in the right direction, we seem to finally have a GM who is in tune with modern analytics, and a coach who is by all regards a great people person and values athleticism. We have moved on from Hurney switching d2 players positions and Rivera who thinks it's still 1985. This next year however all depends on Darnold and I'm still not convinced he is the one. He has all the talent in the world but his propensity for turnovers is extremely concerning. I'm not sure he is fixable. I would LOVE to be proven wrong.
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