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  1. I think we'd go Pitts but I would go Sewell FWIW I think there is like a 0.1% chance Pitts is there at 8
  2. I think the problem with trading with Miami was (at the time) the Panthers were trying to conserve as many assets as possible for a Deshaun trade.
  3. Honestly we couldn't have convinced the Jets to just take Teddy with all those picks
  4. this is probably not true. this smells exactly like Cam last year. Cat is out of the bag we don't want him. we will end up cutting him
  5. I mean Nick fuging Foles and his terrible contract netted a fourth rounder. QBs are just expensive Here's my take on this thing: if it works out, we get a price controlled franchise QB who is 23 for two years. If it doesn't work out we probably nab a top five pick next year and get a QB then. Worst case scenario is a repeat of this year which to be honest is totally possible but I'm exhausted.
  6. lmao jake fromm absolutely sucks
  7. oh Denver definitely could, this is assuming no more trades. I'm not convinced Den is sold on any of these QBs being better than Lock. Ben Allbright is super well connected in the league and esp with the Broncos and he keeps advocating for Lock (which makes me think thats the organization saying it)
  8. 1- Lawrence 2- Wilson 3- Lance 4- Pitts 5- Chase 6- D. Smith? 7- Jaylen Waddle?/Sewell/Slater?/Parson? 8- Fields
  9. Sewell/Slater for sure. Panthers are slowly leaking more and more that QB won't be the pick. It's either a smokescreen or they are trying to temper fan's expectatinos
  10. I mean the argument could be made we were an actual number two CB away in 2015 from a Superbowl, Peyton didn't throw Norman's way at all and he had some lame duck balls a more skilled CB would have picked 6'd
  11. Ehhhh I could definitely see this being a smokescreen by the Panthers. Saying you really love the guaranteed number one and two overall picks doesn't tip your hand at all I still maintain Fields will drop to us and we will take him. That doesn't take us out of the Deshaun running later as Fields is an enticing piece. Further we give up 0 assets to a future deshaun trade by remaining at 8
  12. yea this guy is the one I would target in the mid rounds
  13. They aren't taking Fields I can almost guarantee it. They either traded up for Mac Jones which I have no fuging idea why they would unless secretly the Panthers loved him and were about to trade up for him OR more likely imo They traded up for Lance. It's a poorly kept secret the Falcons loved Lance.
  14. agree. I have no idea what Detroit is going to do. Fields might fall all the way to 7 and then Detroit fugs us out of nowhere
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