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  1. "Clear". Debatable. Stop watching it in slow motion, and come back please. Intent is the debate.
  2. What about targeting? Shazier clearly led with the crown.
  3. No it wasn't. Josh stood around, watching his guys tackle, and OBJ helmet-to-helmeted him. A. Brown was a moving target falling down, and Burfict clipped him on the head. Whether intentional or not is the debate, but at full speed, I think it was more chance than intention.
  4. Swan

    Pulling for the Bengals until......

    If I recall, the flag wasn't thrown until Brown was noticeably hurt. Definitely late
  5. Swan

    Pulling for the Bengals until......

    I agree. I thought it was clean, just chance that Brown's head dipped into Burfict's shoulder. Not sure about the Pacman call either, looked like Porter was trying to stir up some sh*t.
  6. Should've been targeting if not helmet to helmet.
  7. Why are people talking about Seattle? Haven't even beat the Vikings yet; even the media is overlooking Minnesota. Stop with that bs until they actually win pls.