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  1. KintnerBoy

    Daryl Williams vs Charles Johnson

    Looks like CJ may have thrown him off there at the end but, regardless, great hustle for both of them.
  2. KintnerBoy

    Long Story short....

    I was blaming my computer at first until the whole site went down. Had to apologize to my pc for all the terrible things I called it.
  3. Be sure and hold on to this gem. At the end of the season it'll be fun to compare it to the real outcome.
  4. Young ppl in love be act'n so silly.
  5. KintnerBoy

    Harbaugh vs Cowherd

    So this is the stuff I miss by not having cable or satellite TV? I'll be sticking with antennae for a little longer.
  6. This doesn't surprise me nor do I think it's a big deal. I don't eat fast food so that's probably why I'm indifferent to this.
  7. Instead they should be fighting to remove any and all Cowboy or Steeler flags from our area.
  8. KintnerBoy

    Amazing Announcement

    ​Oh my.
  9. KintnerBoy

    Kelvin returns to practice

    But can he play LT?