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  1. ECUPantherFan

    If you wanna MAGA ya gotta break a few heads amirite?

    Lol that’s not why... there’s no one on this board worth trying to educate.
  2. ECUPantherFan

    If you wanna MAGA ya gotta break a few heads amirite?

    This thread is awwwwfully quiet. Embarrassing day for the alphabet crowd. ”When America is so great, you have to pay 2 Nigerian dudes to oppress you.”
  3. ECUPantherFan

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Well it seems to me that it’s either put a roof on BofA or everyone will enjoy driving to Carowinds to watch the Panthers play in a dome...
  4. ECUPantherFan

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Ummmmm.... You sure? Lol
  5. ECUPantherFan

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    I like Tom Brady. I think he’s the GOAT, and he seems like a genuinely good dude. I hate everything else about the Patriots, their coaching staff, and their ownership. I am torn though because I feel like I owe the Rams so much for putting down the Saints... Basically, a Super Bowl without the Panthers in it doesn’t excite me that much.
  6. Yeah Atlanta is a great city if you want to be stuck in 12 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday on your way to PF Chang’s... and New Orleans is awesome for getting pickpocketed or the clap while you check out a casino and some ruins from 14 years ago that they still haven’t cleaned up. Have at it.
  7. Meanwhile... Atlanta continues to be one of the worst places in the country.
  8. Yeah I know, smiling at you, being polite, and saying things like “my pleasure.” Very strange.
  9. I guess @4Corners must either be a fan of Sean Payton or Kelvin Benjamin based on the “poo” response... hmmm?
  10. ECUPantherFan

    Interested in Cole Beasley?

    He would be a fantastic addition. He’s got a lot of gas left in the tank and he knows how to get open.
  11. Sean Payton and Kelvin Benjamin have the same offseason workout regiment.
  12. ECUPantherFan


    Seriously when and how did Sean Payton become obese?? It is absolutely hilarious. I noticed it week 1 of this season but he looked like a Honey Baked Ham on Sunday.
  13. ECUPantherFan

    New Panthers mascot for 2019

    I think we should probably find a gender neutral, multi-racial alley cat that has never been owned, fed, or held by a cisgender Caucasian person. Should play with the forum nicely.
  14. It completely fits Reid’s character. He’s an embarrassment to this organization.
  15. Oh please god no, PLEASE don’t report me!! Seriously just worried about your welfare and checking to see you’re OK. But you’re a tough gal - I’m sure you’ll recover eventually.