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  1. Translation: I am incapable of having a civilized discussion of any kind with anyone who has opposing viewpoints. I am, in fact, SO incapable of doing so, that I have to create hypothetical scenarios that never happened to help convince myself of racism. A perfect example of me doing this is only a few posts up. I am your typical low information, virtue signaling liberal.
  2. Translation: ECUPantherFan says things I disagree with.
  3. You literally have to make up a hypothetical scenario that didn’t happen to call me a racist. Lmao. What a world you live in.
  4. I put this up there with the Latrell Sprewell “just trying to feed my family” comments.
  5. How do you know it was white people that they polled? They only said it was people who identified as Native American. There is an Elizabeth Warren joke to be made here... but I won’t do it.
  6. I don’t disagree that the overwhelming number of polls and news stories support your position. I don’t know why you’re minimizing how someone “identifies”... identity politics is leftism 101, and is one of the core issues they run on.
  7. Native Americans polled about Redskins name: Most are “Proud” “Some” natives have been fighting for this name change. They definitely have the media on their side.
  8. I’m sure he’s fine with that. He’s just mad that the Redskins are changing their name. As far as I know, the kneeling and whatnot never irked him like it did me. It’s just about the Redskins name, and nothing more.
  9. I bet Tepper would want him to buy tickets.
  10. Well, the Panthers just gained a new fan. My buddy is a 36 year old, lifelong Redskins fan and he officially made the switch this week. It hurts to do it, but I don’t blame him. Cucktaculor leadership on display in that organization.
  11. Washington Non-Binary Melanins
  12. Standing during the anthem will become the new kneeling.
  13. As long as the kneelers finally admit it is about the flag, the anthem, and the country... then I’m ok with it. At least go all-in with the Marxist lunacy.
  14. Eh... rookie coach doesn’t want to lose his team in year 1. He’d probably do the Macarena at midfield if that is what the BLM Marxist twits were screaming for. Doesn’t mean he believes it. Rhule is a smart guy.
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