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  1. Lmao. You people are nuts. Had he been guilty of ANYTHING, Mueller would have charged him. It is the job of the prosecutor to prove guilt... not to prove “total exoneration.” Mueller cited “difficult issues” that prevented him from concluding Trump has committed any crimes. The most notable difficult issue is a lack of evidence. Lol... And as for the “I’m fked” quote... go ahead and read the entire paragraph and get back to me. Context is a heck of a thing. #Nothingburger I hope y’all are ready for Trump 2020!
  2. *Sigh* what’s the point..? You hear what you want to hear to further your delusion and serve your purposes. Go ahead and think what you want.
  3. I don’t. Hence my support of increased border security and a wall. But if liberals are going to force the issue and sabotage the efforts of the POTUS to secure the border, well... those doing the sabotaging need to be the ones that reap the consequences. Plain and simple.
  4. Pretty sure the vast majority of us “right wingers” wholeheartedly welcome any and all immigrants that come to the United States legally. Practice what you preach. If you want to let half of Mexico, Central & South America into the US out of the goodness residing in your bleeding little heart, then go ahead. But YOU have to to take them in, pay for them, feed them, shelter them, etc. Let them stay in your wonderful sanctuary cities. You will all be very happy together, I’m sure. The mayor of Oakland said today that she was proud to be the mayor of a sanctuary city. Great. Start with Oakland. Oh, but she doesn’t want to have to PAY for any of it, or have their hospitals overwhelmed. Lol Got it. So... she loves illegal immigrants.. just not too many.
  5. Super. Then let them contribute in the cities and states that allow illegal aliens to live and work freely. I don’t see how anything Trump has proposed here goes against that.
  6. “Voting against their own best interests” = “The government knows what is best for you and will take care of you.” This pretty much sums up the socialist thought process. It’s damn terrifying.
  7. If by “establishment” you mean “the American people”... then yeah, this is accurate.
  8. Democrats have stated over and over again that no person is illegal. They have created policies (which break federal laws) in their states and cities to allow illegal immigrants to live there and collect benefits. Pelosi & Co. should be sending buses and planes down the border to bring these future Americans home to places like San Fran, Denver, etc where they are welcome, and where they are equal. Trump is just trying to reach across the aisle and give Democrats what they want.
  9. Reid lied about it last season. No reason to suspect otherwise now.
  10. For someone who doesn’t have an opinion, you sure are spouting off opinions left and right. Uninformed opinions, as you’ve even admitted. Maybe you ought to sit the next few pages out, champ.
  11. Tin foil hat time, I see. Have at it. Ready for the “Southern District of NY is a’coming!” thread. Lol
  12. First off, Robert Mueller could easily get any one of us here into a perjury trap. Secondly, the goal was always to get rid of POTUS. So, get excited about Manafort, Stone, Cohen, and Flynn all you want. And the vague language around not being to come to a conclusion about obstruction... he had 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, 2,800 subpoenas and 500 warrants. If 19 lawyers and 40 FBI agents can’t come to a conclusion about whether or not a crime occurred over the course of TWO YEARS... let me fill you in... it didn’t happen. As smart as some of you claim to be, your pure hatred for Trump really muddies the water for you. Mueller clearly just didn’t want to give the Democrats nothing, so he left obstruction “up in the air.”
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