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  1. At least have the common decency to go Vince McMahon...
  2. Tickets will still be $70 for the last row, upper deck, in the corner. Pass.
  3. Dressing. Stuffing is for Yankees. I don’t care what the memes say... stuffing =\= dressing. There is most definitely a difference.
  4. Um... the OP is an open question to the board... no? So, yeah, Bill Ayers. They sure did ask me.
  5. Why are we talking about what Obama & the Clinton’s did...?
  6. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”... and it would appear you have it.
  7. Carolina needs a healthy Cam. If Cam keeps up this vegan crap, he’s never going to make it back to 100%.
  8. Stephen A Smith is intelligent. He is an ass, but he’s a really smart guy. Eric Reid is not intelligent. He is a typical angry SJW, backing a losing horse and he just got schooled by Stephen A, and even worse by Atlanta.
  9. Let’s face it... he had a bad game. If we were in the business of bailing on QB’s every time they look like poo, we would have bailed on Cam around 18 or so times the last 3 seasons.
  10. All this fuss for a washed-up team cancer playing the SJW’s like a fiddle. At some point he’ll make enough money to go away.
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