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  1. no, i'm definitely going to leverage my vote
  2. I'll go vote for down ballot tickets i care about and write in bernie
  3. i haven't read the last four pages but i'm preemptively adding harbingers to my heretofore empty ignore list
  4. i mean yeah they're dipshits and it's tempting to rub their faces in their dumb ideology but their kids gotta eat
  5. no, not the churches, but pastors are people losing jobs and should be treated accordingly.
  6. his documentary either has a third act twist where he's actually working for union busters or his documentary was for a corrupt ass union that gives as much of a poo about labor as he does
  7. what the hell actual work did you do with labor unions that made you so anti-labor?
  8. boris johnson is a pro-eugenics racist and homophobe and he's spent his political career attempting to make life awful for countless vulnerable populations. the world will be a better place without him in it.
  9. i don't care about that. aside from your personal beefs with posters on these boards i've never been able to figure out why you've got such a crazed anti-bernie animus written into your ideology when you espouse anti-fascist, pro-labor sentiment in your posts when you're arguing against idiot conservatives and denouncing trump.
  10. figures dipshit new orleans is fuging everything up
  11. nyc reporting a decline in deaths today. not sure if it's statistically significant but it could be an indicator of the curve beginning to flatten
  12. honest question. what do you love about biden so much?
  13. did he say he's canadian and then trash its healthcare? what a fuging scumbag @Harbingers
  14. i'll pay you $1000 to post it or i take a permaban or is GJBC right about rich daddy giving you gobs of money? it would explain why you hate unions and why you don't care about giving your work to a hungry audience
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