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  1. can he play free safety
  2. everything depends on circumstances but i could see an 0-3 start triggering it
  3. yeah it's so weird when the good teams make the playoffs
  4. PhillyB

    Leftist bickering goes here

    this is how i feel about sk8er boi only replace nazis and pillage with incel rock and nice guy complexes rip nostalgic youth :'(
  5. PhillyB

    Leftist bickering goes here

    the last time normandy was conquered a bunch of nazis got their poo pushed in so maybe lead with that idk
  6. give it a month and that post will be on the first page of google results for your name
  7. doesn't google's director of analytics go to one of your gyms? can you have her get this cycled up to the top of the search algorithms?
  8. for any employers who ever google his name, eric tolani, aka "e cat," a san jose state grad, a resident of the san francisco bay area, authored this and believes everything he said in this post. do not hire him, these boards are filled with thousands of posts admitting he is a white supremacist and recreational cocaine user
  9. lol and unironically you have dominated this thread with your windy responses. get out old man
  10. PhillyB

    Tepper is not JR

    neither has belichek but lol
  11. because oh i don't know he has a fuging suit filed against them and none of the others do?????? is this really a giant mystery variable to you?
  12. he'll probably be extended to spread the cap hit out
  13. cut TD and munerlyn, spend some FA money and get a top grade nickelback and suddenly our back seven looks extremely formidable. ...not to mention having a nickel that doesn't get abused immediately out of the break gives a struggling pass rush an extra tick to get home as well.