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  1. "redskin" is a slur and "indian" is a very inappropriate thing to call indigenous people, so neither of those are in the same category as chiefs or braves, which are titles and ranks lol so it's always telling when the F150s try to conflate them to paint descriptions of white hell
  2. that's one of my primary concerns about biden winning - they'll pivot hard to the right of center right. that's nazi territory
  3. harbingers has been mad at the elderly since his dad dumped his mom for a twenty-year-old mail order bride
  4. mike adams forced to retire from UNCW today lmaoooooo
  5. white ppl pieing that post is like white ppl posting candace owens videos even though 99% of black ppl think she's a fuging retard
  6. touchdown jesus was ahead of its time in burning down
  7. you just desperately want to maintain the status quo, because for you the status quo is your corrupt union boss father funding your entire existence. labor reforms spell the end of your luxury fishing trips and slush money kicked into special projects daddy paid you to do to stay out of his hair. your opinion on this can't be trusted because you have a personal stake in a center-right politician who claims nothing will fundamentally change.
  8. that's fuging scary man, i'd be losing my mind. hope she's ok
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