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  1. no one will trade for that contract unless he comes out and throws tom brady numbers for the last four games of the season, and that ain't happening
  2. yeah this loss kinda just destroyed all chances at grabbing a spot from the cardinals so knowing you're on the verge of being a top five pick you may as well see what PJ has, give some snaps to bubble guys, and go into the offseason with a fuller knowledge of who you've got on your roster.
  3. that's exactly what it is. makes me wonder if things are coming apart at the seams for a couple of these guys, whether it's teddy or joe brady
  4. i've been emotionally disassociated since halfway through 2018
  5. meh, i loved the idea of being a game out of the wildcard
  6. yeah that was bad, but i mean at some point you've got to have the personnel to throw the ball and clinch a game even if it's a risky call to take it off the ground. we are finding out we absolutely do not possess the personnel to make that happen.
  7. nah i like teddy. the damning thing is he's so likable you want to like him even though he sucks
  8. game of inches. a marginally better quarterback or kicker makes the difference in this one
  9. bad clock management awful throw star receiver injured forced to kick a field goal worst possible outcome of that play lmao
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