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  1. Stupidly scheduled an eight hour flight to leave a half an hour before kickoff, so I'm probably gonna be screaming at the overpriced on onboard WiFi for the next couple hours
  2. PhillyB

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    thank you for your service sir
  3. or jews stealing from nazis. how about showing both sides huh?????
  4. Addison quietly has 3.5 sacks and a FF. He is by far our best performing lineman.
  5. Is this a reflection of the problems on defense or a contributor to them?
  6. PhillyB

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    all that trouble
  7. PhillyB

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    lol he believes you're dumb, you believe he's going to burn in hell for all eternity while jesus gives you foot massages in the clouds. your worldview is far more disrespectful than his
  8. PhillyB

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    all political violence justified under religious belief
  9. PhillyB

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    so you support wanton slaughter based on a "might" yes, yes you do
  10. Selling at Cannes this week and the American film market next week - should have a public release date on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon soon! Here's Vision/Sony's booth at Cannes this week
  11. PhillyB

    Just in time for November

    eat poo proud boy
  12. PhillyB

    Just in time for November

    you're a complete piece of poo. i'd much rather have them as my neighbors than your bitch ass
  13. PhillyB

    Eric Washington needs to...

    stop dropping overmatched DEs into coverage would be a great start