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  1. but a deregulated free market is what allows the travesty you just railed against to happen. you don't think the drug companies should be regulated? how else will you stop them from making obscene profits?
  2. are you suggesting the free market isn't sufficient to stop immoral corporations from acting against the public interest?
  3. no one wants cops-in-general to die. but cops getting killed by armed criminals is a much different social problem than cops killing unarmed people, which is why people are mad at cops. maybe when your unions stop reflexively backing up clear murder and officer.com doesn't look like a proud boys chatroom people will stop making bacon jokes.
  4. gosh i just can't think of anything either! truly i am at a loss. i cannot think of one single solitary way to inhibit access to guns can you guys?
  5. what do you propose we do about it?
  6. i imagined a person saying this sentence out loud and now i know exactly what you look like
  7. everyone who says things like heckin and smol deserves the chair
  8. the guy who was teaching the class is a friend of mine who was part of my cohort in my master's program. kid walked into a room full of round table discussion groups and opened up. anyone who thinks those kids dropping their presentation folders and returning fire with the glocks they packed to class is a moron and deserves to be dead, not riley howell. anyone who still opposes sensible restrictions for guns is a fuging coward.
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