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  1. packers need to play a very very physical game for ...reasons
  2. statistically our D is nowhere near as bad as advertised
  3. spoken like someone who secretly wants gay antifa to run a train on him
  4. PhillyB

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    i made this exact OP in like 2009 wondering where all the good posters had gone and bemoaning what i observed as a decline of the huddle ten years later i've figured out that's just how message board communities work. like real life social groups people come and go. social events help foster community. link up with huddlers for games - i have met some cool people through here over the years, people i still meet up with for drinks and games.
  5. PhillyB

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    TCF was the absolute worst
  6. PhillyB

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    anyone seen gazi?
  7. PhillyB

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    Meh, it's about the same as it has been overall except for the 2015 year, which brought out the best in everyone. Things are just more fun when you're the best team in the league.
  8. PhillyB

    Blue Wave

    it's also constantly being repopulated by old ass people who skew heavily into the red
  9. PhillyB

    Blue Wave

    desantis and kemp were the only two huge disappointments in the election imo - beto was a moral victory and sinema is icing on the cake. 2020 is gonna be a bloodbath
  10. four quarter beatdown and everyone's optimistic again.
  11. PhillyB

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    this is the best take so far
  12. PhillyB

    I’m a Notzi

    no one cares
  13. PhillyB

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    idk i thought i'd get pooed into oblivion in that thread but other than the usual suspects the majority of regular posters seem to agree
  14. PhillyB

    Im Leaving..

    imagine being madder at swear words than nazis
  15. when i saw him rush two guys on a first-half third down i realized he's garbage as a play caller. if you do it, now's when you do it, with a week and a half to give the new coordinator reps in practice