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  1. it ENRAGES me frankly that people are posting so many thoughts and analyses about the dramatic tension wrought by one of the biggest upcoming decisions in the history of the franchise on a message board dedicated posting about it can we get back to talking about FOOTBALL PLAYERS and relevant team discussion please?
  2. damn, that is a lot to go through. my divorce wasn't half as contentious and it wrecked me. if cam wanted to leave the panthers just to start over fresh in life i wouldn't blame him at all. dude has to be feeling it right now.
  3. he was miami's quality control coach it looks like
  4. this one's all a bunch of milkshakes and a couple Hispanic bartenders
  5. brees showed his age for the first time during these playoffs. their window just began its downward creak. though if they get ten years out of teddy bridgewater i'm gonna lose my goddamn mind
  6. Jackson is the exact kind of player rhule can turn into a mega fuging superstar
  7. donated again. time to ratchet this poo up
  8. i'm philly brown but did you see me making farewell posts? nope
  9. luke can't even be interesting on a commercial. he'd bomb at tv. i'm sure he knows it. he could be a GOAT football coach. I imagine he'd have to take an assistant position somewhere before taking over as a LB coach and work his way up from there. he will have plenty of options.
  10. if cam can't go and you know you're a few years from being viable i think you dump him. his best days will be behind him at that point and he'll have a nasty contract coming up.
  11. i couldn't have picked a better time to schedule filming a movie
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