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  1. i don't think the last two teams were very frustrated
  2. niiiice. i don't see any way we win more than one of our first eight games, so hopefully that number keeps rising
  3. After three years of busting ass and getting my first feature film signed by Sony and placed in Walmarts nationwide, I've embarked on a second one. It's a feature action/drama set during a search for Nazi war criminals in 1950s South America. I penned the final line of the script atop Machu Picchu in 2018 and immediately jumped into preproduction. This one was going to require some next-level production value, but without the initial backing of a major studio I'd have to leverage my own sweat equity to get started. I needed big-league visual splash, and the opening scene features a B17 bomber crashed in a farm in eastern France during WWII, so consequently I spent most of 2019 and the early part of 2020 sleeping in a barn in rural North Carolina and building a full-scale crashed B17F and period French farmstead. Set photo - 1:1 scale B17F, in progress Set photo - French farmhouse circa 1944, in progress The challenges and personal workload to create these were staggering, but the film's explosive opening scene now features millions of dollars of built-in production value for about $40,000 and a year of my life. But production was slated for summer 2021 and now all we had to do was pull on a star actor to kick this thing into overdrive! After months of negotiations with actors like Ewan McGregor and Timothy Olyphant, we finally settled on a bankable A-list talent to headline the film. Everything got finalized last week. I can't post who it is as I am under NDA and his attorney (and mine) would nail me to the wall. He's arguably the hottest actor in Hollywood currently and will blow the doors off the thing. We will blow off the roof ourselves with top-grade production crew and value that rivals studio projects for a tiny fraction of the overhead. We're going to make Point Man look like a YouTube video. Point Man was driven by donations, this one will be driven by private partial equity investors. If you have money and want to turn it into buckets of money, you should invest in this film. Its bankable talent, superior production value, marketable themes, and rock-bottom overhead make it an absolute slam dunk. We project a 29MM gross on a budget less than a tenth of that. I am by far the hardest working person you know or have never met and I will be a millionaire. You can too if you invest in this film. Post questions here/mock me for turning the carolina huddle into a pitch deck
  4. i should add i am not campaigning for biden, couldn't give less of a poo about a blue wave outside of a means to an end, and will not shame a leftist whose conscience leads them in a different direction
  5. brand new defense, brand new scheme, marginal DEs, bad LBers behind him, rotation at NT, low sample size, rookie, no preseason derp
  6. i know i'll catch a heaping amount of poo for this, and i accept that i am in fact betraying my principles insofar as they relate to which of my beliefs biden and the dem establishment represent, and further i recognize that i am in fact going to vote for a white supremacist. i've had an enormous number of conversations with a range of black people, hispanic people, gay people, basically everyone who isn't a CIS white guy about this and ultimately they have swayed me. they are all people whose intellect and motives are unimpeachable in my opinion and most of whom have politics at or to the left of mine. in essence they have collectively convinced me that "sticking to my principles" is in fact a privilege and that even a minor improvement in leadership matters more to a vulnerable person than my assumed integrity. trump gives executive power to the half of the country that would commute kyle rittenhouse's sentence and biden gives power to a bunch of ineffectual milquetoasts who would not, and though this example may not be entirely representative of the situation it's a lens into the sharp divide between varying levels of evil. i will vote for biden and hope shifting demographic trends sufficiently burns off the octogenarian trump crowd and replaces them with enough rabid zoomers to quickly marginalize the white supremacist wing and finally force populist mandates into legislation. this is where my conscience has led me
  7. yeah, a third rounder to dump his contract would be a godsend
  8. they were gods in 2004 if you were a fringe scene kid who pretended to be too cool to listen to them but also just found out your crush was dating your enemy
  9. UMMMMMM that's the killers. but i am very white
  10. rookie on an awful (and new) defense. i wouldn't sweat it
  11. i would be happy with any of those guys, but trading down from lawrence to get someone we like better would land us a king's ransom.
  12. IR reggie too just in case he accidentally wins us a game
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