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  1. were there indications in practice or preseason or his two games that it was less than 100%? if not i'd say an added full year of rest means it's absolutely as good as it's gonna get.
  2. this actually strikes me as something tepper might want to do to put his mark on the brand.
  3. the roster is garbage and he should be held accountable
  4. duh, why wouldn't we stick with the baby goat?
  5. the day you signed up for an account here was sadder i'll grant you
  6. lot of shook up people playing for jobs and contracts. i could see us delivering an ass whipping
  7. if cam comes back next year i wouldn't be surprised to see greg suit up one more time to try to get a ring with his buddy
  8. this'll be the saddest day in the history of the franchise if it happens
  9. please god no hometown kids as long as marty hurney is a team employee
  10. everyone itt thinks it's 2008 and we're paying james anderson
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