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  1. jackson should be back, which is huge. this is a get healthy week.
  2. i don't know if he's really built to air it out and put up tons of points in a shootout, but if the defense controls the tempo of the game and keeps giving us good field position kyle allen can capitalize, which is exactly what he needs to do. 5-2 sounds real good
  3. if we go out and step on their dicks we're gonna be in the conversation for best NFC team
  4. this is a no true scotsman fallacy you've been committing for years unchecked.
  5. all this bleating about betrayal is neoconservative bullshit and it's extremely interesting to watch liberals rage about it just because orange man did it
  6. as much as OP is the fugin worst his point at its core is a good one. if cam isn't healthy enough to play against SF you sit him. if he's healthy you play him. there is no easing back.
  7. not literally in spite of, but kyle is afforded the ability to take safe throws by his stellar defense
  8. efficiency and protecting the ball is great! franchise QBs do more than that though, they are a threat to break a game every time they touch the ball. kyle allen is very efficient, well liked, and a great guy to step in and run things. not one thing about him screams game breaker. for those invariably responded "but we don't know if he is yet!" i would say you've neutered your case to replace cam newton
  9. but the context of the argument isn't is kyle allen a good quarterback. if it was hell yeah, kyle allen is my bitch. but the context is supplanting a franchise quarterback. the standard has been set at franchise quarterback. the burden of proof for kyle allen is showing the coaches, sample size be damned, that he's a better quarterback. the same goes for huddle posters.
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