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  1. yes the leftist justice system indeed orchestrated the release of a guilty black man to hurt donald trump
  2. PhillyB

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    i see the n-word slinging wannabe conservative rapper and the local proud boys member are back to crow about this if there was ever any doubt what kind of dregs compose this administration's constituency base
  3. perhaps if you'd taken more "soft" science classes you wouldn't make such debilitatingly stupid statements as "he's completely devoid of information in hard science" or your gem in the other thread where you claimed if everyone went vegan the world would be in trouble because humans would go crazy with the extra food supply. lmao did you learn that in physics?
  4. PhillyB

    Watch this...

    in twenty-five years of being religious and five or so agnostic/atheist the most important thing i've learned is you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into. chen guy here is exhibit A.
  5. facts don't care about your feelings
  6. this is very true. paleo peoples hunted and gathered, but it was about 90% gathering. archaeologists call the model "primary forest efficiency" to describe the primacy of vegetable and fruit gathering en route to usually unsuccessful forages. if you knocked down a mastodon, yay, meat for days! but literally just days. can't eat the whole mastodon, and apex predators you can't kill show up too, and also taking down a mastodon with a dumb spear or an atlatl usually costs a few lives. "paleo" is an effective supercool marketing term and has no bearing on the dietary reality of paleolithic people.
  7. bad take. he has a degree in sociology and unless you've heard him eloquate on social sciences you're just reaching. he could probably talk circles around you
  8. this is actually good practice for developing discipline and focus. i do it occasionally and there are a lot of mental benefits to not being concerned about chasing ass.
  9. PhillyB

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    aaand this thread jumps the shark
  10. PhillyB

    Sleeper for Democrat Nominee - Pete Buttigieg

    they better go with Pete!
  11. like i'm actually definitely going to london now
  12. lol libs offended by a symbol lol how can a symbol be offensive lol watch me poo in my own mouth just to make you barf
  13. ah, an utterly useless comment... a still brooklyn classic
  14. also lol @ anyone who looks at cam newton's physique and tongue clucks their useless, uninformed opinion that vegans can't possibly get enough calories to sustain muscle mass lmao