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  1. i've been on the smith train for a while now but i think that ride's come to an end. hogan is a better option, provides leadership, and has more upside.
  2. thank goodness we have only jesus profile picture to look out for the whites
  3. white privilege is wailing that diversity policies are anti-white lmao
  4. lol you absolutely meant to trivialize it and it's disgusting you're pretending otherwise. every black person in america would trade institutionalized discrimination and violence against them for not getting an occasional scholarship. you should be ashamed of yourself for this
  5. for all the hardships you may face in life, none of them are due to your skin color. it's so fuging simple
  6. the team isn't distracted by him and that's all that matters. your snowflake ass doesn't count
  7. CAP is serviceable. scarlett makes plays. dude had better have a jersey on gamedays... having a late game horse bowling guys over like that is going to be invaluable.
  8. all y'all pissing salt over this because it was after a loss wouldn't have given a single poo if he was saying the exact same number of words about the troops. everyone knows why you're mad and it has nothing to do with the timing.
  9. solid coaching and clock management on that last drive. from what cavernous asshole did ron pull all that?
  10. or sign whatever that dipshit special teamer on the saints that everyone thinks is special teams payton manning
  11. buy a few potted plants at lowes and put them on the roster. we won't win any games without cam
  12. pro patience on that run to set up his cuts. dude needs to have a jersey on gamedays
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