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  1. i like the profile pic. i started a thread with some pictures of her in the LL forum.

  2. dude, i have to ask, WHO IS THAT GIRL IN YOUR SIG?!

  3. it's the backside of the wallstreet bull in NYC

  4. BOOBs! your profile is great... your avatar is great... your album great... i've had that on my mind for a while. go panthers!

  5. what law school do you go to?

  6. man, i love all of your hayden pictures!

  7. haha... for that link. i hate missing games and that really bailed me out. so, if you don't believe in god (which is fine by me) replace God and insert your preference.

  8. CM86

    is your handle camel because you went to campbell? thank your for your service.

  9. damn son, sweet profile picture. (reyshawn terry siting in the background) GO HEELS!

  10. How do you like UNC Law? You're a 2L? Well, g'luck with your exams man.

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