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  1. I mean, our WR corps isn't great and is, at best, 'promising.' Easily the worst in the division. DJ Moore might not even be the best soph wideout in the division and Ridley is obviously not the best wideout on Atlanta... Olsen and CMC would spice things up quite a bit but if we're talking purely wideouts, not sure how you can argue with this. Virtually every team in the NFC except for bottom feeders like Zona, the Slurs, and SF has a former 1k receiver if not two.
  2. pretty sure any article anywhere you read is warped by the writer's political view... anyway he should be applauded for being one of the rare sports reporters who doesn't write boring puff pieces about how great x player/coach/whoever is or why someone has potential blah blah blah which is what bill voth has turned into as a member of the team media now. yawn. pretty interesting piece imo. though as someone not in the carolina's it really has no effect on me.
  3. oh no, he was loaned some whacky ostentatious outfit by some designers to go to a charity event so that us poors can go to the met for free!!! can't wait for will grier to start and get us the super bowl!!!
  4. Marquis Haynes couldn't even get dressed most of last season against UDFA Bryan Cox Jr and the dude who just learned how to play football in Efe Obada. Both of whom, by the way, helped contribute to our abysmal pass rush. Christian Miller will join a long line of day three tweener busts from Hurney such as Haynes, Eric Norwood, and Hilee Taylor. The guy was injury-prone and rotational with Alabama. Wouldn't count too much on him being a contributor. Reeks of Hurney picking a guy who was falling since he had a nice pedigree like Dan Connor, Duke Robinson, Dwayne Jarrett, Jimmy Clausen, etc before him. Brian Burns will be a stud though like every other Hurney first rounder. Only thing he does well.
  5. Joins a long line of successful tweeners that Hurney has taken on day three, such as Hilee Taylor, Eric Norwood, and Marquis Haynes.
  6. i... don't think i ever said we're not in good shape or that we are worse than them. i said to not underestimate rivals on the road. and i don't know what basis you have to say we'd win if stew were playing in ATL. furthermore, players are just as likely to get hurt early in the season as they are later in the year. i mean drew brees got hurt in the first month which allowed us to face luke mccown, who almost beat us... in charlotte... imagine what would have happened if they had brees. who, btw, people continuously say is "done" and yet he still plays well every year. basically you are reinforcing my original point of people underestimating the saints and falcons on the road.
  7. you appear to be seriously understimating our divisional rivals on the road. i mean... this year we lost to atlanta. and were losing to new orleans with 45 seconds left in the game. the toughest stretch of the season is by far the first 6 weeks with three division games (two on the road against the better teams), denver, and minnesota. think 10-6 is the floor but i'm probably predicting 12-4.
  8. i mean, g-man said the pick last year was between shaq and dj humphries... i don't think he is making a conscious decision to go back and forth. a neat tidbit but not a philosophy or basis for a prediction imo. i think g-man goes best value available (no one actually picks BPA). which he did with shaq, who wasn't a need...
  9. Corners: Tillman is probably retiring. Same with Finnegan. I doubt Norman stays past 2016. Benwikere appears to be good. McClain I don't think provides much potential. Need to find some corners to bring in. Gettleman hasn't appeared to have had any issues with rebuilding the secondary each year so not a huge worry imo. Wouldn't mind drafting someone though... OTs: We need at least new one OT. I figure that will wind up being Williams replacing Remmers. But would be nice to find a franchise LT and then Oher is pushed to RT to compete with Williams. DLine: Dwan Edwards is aging. Jared Allen is done. Alexander is done. We might not even be able to afford both KK and Star. CJ is getting expensive and coming off his least effective season. Addison is situational and I dunno about Love being a starter. Need to go after DLmen. Thankfully this draft class is hella deep and the FA pool is solid as well.
  10. update: jones and voth both rt'd. am now being forced to explain cubism to panther fans on twitter.
  11. so far i've only had j jones and joe human respond kalil, harper, olsen, gano, riverboat, voth, gannt, and the panthers official twitter have yet to notice it
  12. honestly we should begin a campaign to have these, or at least out of luck, hung in the hall of fame how do we do this
  13. lol @ the homers voting no dumping mike smith was enough to improve them, regardless of the roster
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