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  1. my fantasy team name is devin boringcheckers
  2. Yeah that also happened to Cam, Luke, Olsen, TD, Kalil, Double Trouble, CJ, etc. Along with every other player in the NFL who has ever gotten paid and continued to play at a high level. This is such a fuging moronic line of thinking.
  3. The Rams from last year didn't have Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters, or Ndamukong Suh. Pretty significant additions, dude. Might want to think again before you post.
  4. I don't know where people get off on saying DJ is so good. His main issue coming out of college was failing against press coverage which is why we don't use him on anything outside of screens and end arounds. They know he can't do anything yet. Wish we would drafted Ridley instead but oh well. Moore will hopefully turn into something next year once he's gotten used to all three WR spots. Samuel I imagine will get increased playtime as he does more in practice now that he's back from his heart issue. Him, Funchess, and Wright would make a solid trio. With Moore or Byrd subbing in as needed.
  5. 1. Unsportsmanlike on Funchess was bull (and on 3rd down - I couldn't even cheer the CMC TD after because this call was so cheap) 2. Unsportsmanlike on Cam was bull (at least it should be - stupid rule) 3. Peppers wasn't called for facemask 4. Gano kicked the game winner on 5th down We got a lot of huge calls go our way. That's 45 net yards and an extra down that we used to kick a game winning field goal on. Really takes the fun out of the game when refs are pulling this poo. Thankfully we tend to avoid refball games but this was just horrid.
  6. I do wish we'd try to steal from KC's playbook more often. We have speed. Throw Samuel, Moore, Byrd, CMC out there for a drive and see what happens. Do some end arounds, shovel passes, screens, deep bombs, etc with those guys. That'd be fun.
  7. Zithers

    Donte Jackson

    He left with a hammy issue. Also he's been flagged three times so far and I don't think I've agreed with a single one of the calls. Super ticky tacky stuff.
  8. Zithers

    The era of Ian Thomas

    As good as any rookie TE from the past two seasons? So if he gets major playtime, he can rival Evan Engram and OJ Howard by putting up 60/700/6? You serious?
  9. Zithers

    Matt Khalil...

    i am in genuine shock that people still spell it like "khalil" after 12 years
  10. Odd to say that our class is so bad when it's only been one year. Harrison Butker was a great pick but I can't complain about Gano. He has been a top five kicker since we brought him here outside of the '16 season. Leads NFL in touchbacks every year and is accurate. Armah will get an expanded role it looks like this year. Corn Elder is healthy and is on the bubble according to Voth but is a strong candidate as a Captain replacement should he make the team and get more coaching. Hall was hurt all last year too. CMC is obviously a beast and will be utilized better by Norv hopefully. Curtis Samuel was also hurt all last year and is lighting it up on backups in the preseason at least... Not sure how you can fault Gettleman for three guys getting hurt when they weren't injury-prone in college. Dumb thread being used to stir up anti-Gettleman garbage.
  11. i... don't think i ever said we're not in good shape or that we are worse than them. i said to not underestimate rivals on the road. and i don't know what basis you have to say we'd win if stew were playing in ATL. furthermore, players are just as likely to get hurt early in the season as they are later in the year. i mean drew brees got hurt in the first month which allowed us to face luke mccown, who almost beat us... in charlotte... imagine what would have happened if they had brees. who, btw, people continuously say is "done" and yet he still plays well every year. basically you are reinforcing my original point of people underestimating the saints and falcons on the road.
  12. you appear to be seriously understimating our divisional rivals on the road. i mean... this year we lost to atlanta. and were losing to new orleans with 45 seconds left in the game. the toughest stretch of the season is by far the first 6 weeks with three division games (two on the road against the better teams), denver, and minnesota. think 10-6 is the floor but i'm probably predicting 12-4.
  13. i mean, g-man said the pick last year was between shaq and dj humphries... i don't think he is making a conscious decision to go back and forth. a neat tidbit but not a philosophy or basis for a prediction imo. i think g-man goes best value available (no one actually picks BPA). which he did with shaq, who wasn't a need...
  14. Corners: Tillman is probably retiring. Same with Finnegan. I doubt Norman stays past 2016. Benwikere appears to be good. McClain I don't think provides much potential. Need to find some corners to bring in. Gettleman hasn't appeared to have had any issues with rebuilding the secondary each year so not a huge worry imo. Wouldn't mind drafting someone though... OTs: We need at least new one OT. I figure that will wind up being Williams replacing Remmers. But would be nice to find a franchise LT and then Oher is pushed to RT to compete with Williams. DLine: Dwan Edwards is aging. Jared Allen is done. Alexander is done. We might not even be able to afford both KK and Star. CJ is getting expensive and coming off his least effective season. Addison is situational and I dunno about Love being a starter. Need to go after DLmen. Thankfully this draft class is hella deep and the FA pool is solid as well.
  15. update: jones and voth both rt'd. am now being forced to explain cubism to panther fans on twitter.