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  1. When you watch last years Giants game and the week 3 game, I saw a lot of growth in Ron's handle of the game. Tom had Ron's number last year and Ron kicked Tom's team in the teeth week 3. When you look at the play calling and the defense we played that not only held an NFL team to 0 points, we were also protecting our weak secondary from a strong passing attack. I still want to see him win a close game where he has to manage the clock and still play aggressive defense, but I'm sure that game will come soon enough.
  2. So Tom Brady can't win because he has no receivers and Eli can't pass the ball because he has no line. Doesn't this finally put to bed the lie that it's all up to the QB to win?
  3. I'm prepared to take Josh and Jordan out to the woodshed.
  4. That's pretty interesting, what are the particulars?