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  1. While I agree I wish we had went for it I did stop shouting at my tv. I remembered the week before vs Giants and we didn't go for a 4th & 1 at midfield. The punt, the fumble, Panthers TD as a result. A good punt and good defense pins them back and gives us the ball back with great field position. So I get it - I understand why - I just wish we had more Riverboat. Trust your offense for once.
  2. Cat Fanboy

    We got this!!

    I thought the end of the game was very exciting - was nice to see us have a chance after being down by 17. Cardiac Cats strike again!! Lots of blame to go around...my own quick take: Ron: I wish Rivera had went for it on the first drive(?) 4th and 1 at the middle of the field. (Course I said that last week and the Giants fumbled/TD!). Norv: Seems we got away from the run game too soon. I hand him credit for good halftime adjustments. Cam: Lots of bashing him already....so he isn't perfect and those last three throws weren't great..and the one interception was totally on him. Defense: Was nice to see 3 sacks but our run defense? ugh. Three turnovers is hard to overcome. On to Philly!
  3. Cat Fanboy

    Random Monday QB thoughts ~

    Cool! I have enough self awareness to know that I am becoming the "get off my lawn" dude. His skits seem pretty stupid.
  4. So I read this article from Charlotte Observer: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article219434795.html ...Is this true? No field goal 'by rule' can be longer than 5 seconds? Why even is this a rule? I do not remember seeing the team go back on the field for kick off and any lateral stuff either so either FOX cut away or I was too delirious with happiness. So A- this rule needs to go. If the kick takes longer than 5 seconds than so be it and B - WTF FOX - do not EVER cut away from local game!! I kept waiting for Donte Jackson to get an interception. THERE it is! No wait that's Adams. THERE it is! No its Adams again! Did seem like lots of opportunities out there though. I get Giants fans tired of Eli. I am still a Funchess fan! That Moore tho....wow....and Samuel...would not be denied....#Promotions Already been talked about but running it with 15 seconds left and no time outs? Seriously? Was this Cam or Norv or Ron...and the officiating..yeah I agree we were due but still...I would have rather win clean. The BS unsportsmanlike conduct from hit on Funchess and Easy Chris McAffrey's 4th and 1 run... #NotAFan Game Ball...Gano right? Can I make a case for Samuel?? Refs? Is there any Huddler that thought the FOX pregame comedian Rob Riggle is funny? I've seen some of his work before and have thought they were all galactically stupid...someone tell me he's funny because I have no idea why FOX keeps him. More reverses please! Thanks. Tougher to be a Falcons fan or a Giants fan this season? My vote is Giants...they had lots of hope going in. Falcons...well heck I just hate we are the one team they beat this year. Go Foreskins!! This week anyway. I'll admit I like Brees though and am happy to see him break some records but I'll be happier to see the Redskins slap them around. A lot. OLINE! You guys were supposed to be our weak link this year (well one of them >cough< DB >cough<) but speaking for myself....you guys are awesome!!! We need another game ball! TD - welcome back. Very sorry for your loss. Please fix our defense...
  5. Thank you OP for post - this was in my thoughts too. On the one hand I am glad are guys showed restraint and possible more penalty's, but I didn't understand why everyone else - especially our defense - didn't see red and get some pay back. I fully expected Ryan to have his legs taken out. Now - the emotion is gone and I am glad that didn't happen...don't want anyone hurt - but some evil part in me is still hoping the Falcons get a dose of their own medicine.
  6. 31 Panthers 14 Cowboys Panthers defense gives up 2 touchdowns early. Norv's gameplan dominates and it is the Easy C & CJ show to run out the game!
  7. Cat Fanboy

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Disappointed in former players trashing on Panthers or specific people, but I find it amusing the vitriol and hate that goes back on these guys. I saw it with Peppers when he left and fans burning his jersey....the fans here go from love to hate back to love sooooo quick. I liked and still wish the best for Benjamin, Dwill, and yes, JR too. #NotMe