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  1. Jordan has always took shots at cam and turned around and giving him huge respect. I think he just enjoys the challenge of playing against Cam. If he didnt think highly of cam he wouldn't mention him so much as most players just dont do that in regards to other players. He honestly hasnt giving me any reason to think otherwise and there is a part of me who really wants to hate his guts.
  2. Pepper making JR look like a cheap muth******
  3. Its beyond me why people still have COMPLETE confidence in Rivera. I mean yes he has done well when the defense was stacked with talent, but the philosophy has always remained the same and it always gets figured out eventually. I would love some new concepts to the fold.
  4. More like straight up fell down all those muthafugas.
  5. Lmaooooo....this is never going away now .
  6. I still want a saftey. Its been to damn long having that crutch.
  7. The known has produced 3 winning seasons out of 8 and none back to back. Unknown wouldnt hurt at this point.
  8. Exactly...5th year and no extension means they are not sold on him yet like the rest of us and to me for a drop back linebacker that doesnt do anything extremely well i would have just let him walk. I think you risk taking the chance on a replacement there compared to other positions. Shaq doest elevate us nor does he bring us down but for 10 million...i take the cap room.
  9. That really is a unfortunate accident that could have been a lot worse. I feel bad for the guy.
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