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  1. Robinson would have caught that int boston dropped no question.
  2. Who said bradberry even wanted to be here? Do people not understand outside of a franchise tag a team can't control to much what a free agent player does. More than that what team who is rebuilding gonna dish heavy bucks like that? Bradberry wanted to be one of the highest paid.
  3. I mean he was supercconfident because teddy was undefeated against the bears on other teams.....cut him some slack lol
  4. Actually this doesn't help us far as playoffs, keep in mind the bears are not even the best team in there division but look like a wild card team so if it comes to a tie breaker they get the edge over us. Doubt we see them if we make it. Really needed to win this today. Edit***** Update: i forgot about the new playoff seeding so poo i dont know. We still gotta shot.
  5. So much for teddy being undefeated against the bears.
  6. I disagree, you have to give a o line some credit when they are going up against insanely good opposition. Outside of playing teams as good as the bears they are legit to me.
  7. Just have to say, if teddy was a legit threat as a running qb we probably have way more succes today. That's one way you could throw a really good defense like this off.
  8. Right, dont know what the deal is with all that juking on a fuging safety at that.
  9. Im will also say i think they should explore using PJ for redzone packages kinda like saints do with hill.
  10. Imma just say teddy pre injury probably jukes fuller for that touchdown. Thats was a good call and u gotta make him miss.
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