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  1. So how many A grade top 10 pick rookie tackles dont come in and start? Do they normally ride the bench?
  2. Thats false, lets be real....speculation never ends until helmet and pads are finally put on. Rhule just said recently they were gonna win a superbowl with cam and nobody believed him. I don't how Tepper is supposed to respond, if he tells everybody what they want to hear they will think he is lying, if he gives a skeptical answer then he still looks bad. There isnt a perfect response to this. Everything gets broken down and dissected and ultimately everyone will just wait and see if he holds true to words till the season starts. Asking the same question over and over isnt gonna help anybody sleep better. This is just gonna keep going till its time to officially start making roster decisions.
  3. Cant wait ti see those threads blaming hurney when the o line cant block a paper bag next year.
  4. Olsen, you are 35 with a not so cheap contract and a nagging foot injury. You should understand why you are not being brought back. Nothing personal.
  5. Not gonna improve, drafting more DTs and LBs is more important
  6. Facts, but ready to do cartwheels when a rumor says we are getting rid of him.
  7. Trenches, trenches, trenches...either side of the ball. I would be a little disappointed if we go anywhere else and its blue chip players available.
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