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  1. Remember all the posters on here given kyle insane amount credit for winning that game and "proven" himself.....welp this is the repercussions. Saints should be motivated to stomp us in the dirt harder then ATL did. No resting staters this time. Lol.
  2. We were 5-4 coming into this game. You gotta be undefeated to get fans in the seats?? Its definitely something else.
  3. I really dont give a fug at this point. Let luke call the plays.
  4. He wouldnt know what to do with a new franchise qb either.
  5. We are down almost 30 with game over and cmc still playing........fire this whole fuging staff NOW.
  6. Haha, damn straight. We will take that fresh new innovative head coach before yall. Let Quinn keep pouring the mediocre sauce on yall a little longer.
  7. Well there not getting one next year, might as well stick with boogie.
  8. This team thinks its more important to dress 50 linebackers and only 3 fuging DBs. Ron is a clown.
  9. Agree 100 percent. They forgot what things was like before cam. Bout to find out all over again.
  10. Rivera loves ugly football. Always been the case. He is outdated as it gets.
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