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  1. Gettleman doesnt get enough heat for making byron bell and nate chandler the starting fuging tackles in 2014. That's when cam first started to really get hurt.
  2. I agree, when i analyze the current team i cant find a reason not to be excited. I want see how this young defensive line looks and if joe Brady can duplicate succces in the pros. We may finally have a consistently good offense. I have watched bridgewater game tape from last season a lot. Say what you want the dude is a good QB.
  3. Tepper said in an interview that when he first walked in the door the busy side was way more messed up than the football side.
  4. I would have b lined straight for the junk yard with it.
  5. I really hope they dont move that trash to the new practice facility
  6. People are gonna drive themselves ill trying to come up with ways to hate Tepper. For a billionaire the dude does more than enough compared to others.
  7. Wouldn't be a problem for fans if they actually had a practice facility a long time ago.
  8. Im getting tired of hearing about simmons on here already. When it comes to the position, I will trust the judgement of the guy who scouted and drafted one of the greatest LINEBACKERS ever in history 8 years ago (a guy who a lot people didnt even want at the time). And who also drafted jon Beason and Thomas davis at that. I wanted Simmons too but if hurney thought he wasn't convincing enough as a LB to take over brown who also fills a need then i trust his judgment on the pick.
  9. So basically other teams decided to stay put and draft their guy but hurney is the dumbass?
  10. Finally a coach who doesn't just want to win 10-7 games.
  11. Its definitely weird going into a season with low expectations but also relaxing in a certain way. I havent felt this way since 2011 when we didnt know what We were getting and just enjoying the ride. We know after that season the expectations went threw the roof and never came down. Stress levels on this team have been ridiculous the last 9 years. I kinda like kicking feet up and just watching what happens.
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