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  1. He just needs to stop talking. Go correct your mistakes and move on to next game.
  2. So what if he does? They won't win. He will have the same success as chud, wilks, and McDermott. Him and his conservative mentality wont last long with no game changing QB and great talent on defense. He wont last long.
  3. NO....you didnt answer my question correctly. Detroit still had 3 timeouts and over a minute and only needed a field goal. Kicker already hit a long one today, defense hadnt stopped them from getting to midfield all game....you said the 2pts would have won the game.....what makes you think we were gonna hold them off in that situation??
  4. Why wasnt cmc lined up on the line if scrimmage? I wasnt expecting that quick out play that nobody can defend him on.
  5. Turn your fuging head bradberry and play the ball!!!
  6. Ron Rivera doesn't deserve fuging commercials, the most overrated coach i have ever seen.
  7. Yeah definitely should have took Ridley....
  8. Cot damn clark. Im starting to get tired of him having to pick himself up off the ground.
  9. Jesus christ i dont ever want to here anybody say shaq is a legit linebacker in the league ever again. What the hell was that?
  10. Terrible tackling, best corner has no ball skills, derensive head coach has no awareness to challenge bad calls, defenders look lost and out of place. I hope this offense can get good enough to the point where they can carry this team on the regular.
  11. Its not rivera style to hire from outside over his buddy coaching staff.