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  1. Exactly...5th year and no extension means they are not sold on him yet like the rest of us and to me for a drop back linebacker that doesnt do anything extremely well i would have just let him walk. I think you risk taking the chance on a replacement there compared to other positions. Shaq doest elevate us nor does he bring us down but for 10 million...i take the cap room.
  2. That really is a unfortunate accident that could have been a lot worse. I feel bad for the guy.
  3. Lmaooooo...there goes your starting saftey.
  4. The guy is already 24 years old, and by the time IF ANY he is a legit starter.......he will be hitting close to 30. He aint the future of a damn thing.
  5. He is trying to justify his decision in case this was ultimately a bad one down the road.
  6. He is trying to take some heat off Eric Reid. What a great teammate.
  7. Agreed.....and If we are being real, CMC was Richardson pick, i know Scot and other people like to use that analogy whenever Hurney has done something good in the past so we at least gotta keep it consistent.
  8. That basically happened at the end of gettlemans first year with the team. So technically it didnt take long for people to start disliking him. Lol
  9. This pick alone to me will make or break this draft, mainly cuz we have needed a OT for so long and Little is truly boom or bust to me and keeping Cam clean is more important now then its ever been. Im not worried about Burns as much.
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