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  1. Start Moore!! Start jimmy!! Start carr!!! Boy those were the times.
  2. Im tellin you i have gotten more into boxing the last couple months and it's been one of the best decisions i have made. Im not letting this poo stress me out anymore. At least until Rivera is gone.
  3. So this makes the THIRD time the coaching staff had cam on the field when he was still hurt and now he is reinjured AGAIN......FIRE EVERYBODY NOW.
  4. He never recovered from the injury in pre season. God i hate this freakin staff.
  5. Wouldnt work, he would be playing 20 yards off the receiver here.
  6. Even with the new motion cam still throws with more velocity on his passes than Matt Ryan so its defintely possible for him to still be successful. He just has to work his way threw the kinks, i been saying all along throwing in practice is a whole lot different than throwing in actual games. He just needs time to adjust.
  7. Agreed...i like a burrow and it would be the perfect scenario for us to grab him, a new staff and tons of cap space. It would be a quick rebuild. That is to say i still also like the idea of cam turning it around and leading us back to greatness.
  8. Everybody knows im one of the biggest cam supporters so i look at like this he turns it around and we make a push for the playoffs everything ls fine but if we continue to see a performance like the other for the next 14 games then seriously consider moving on and of course that means Rivera and his goons are out the door as well. Losses mean we are picking high in the draft and we may have a shot at getting new QB sooner than later. I really like the kid at LSU and he wont be the number one overall prospect so it helps are chances. If cam is truley broken down and its not just mental it wouldnt be fair to ask the new staff to try and fix him first thing in the door. I think they would deserve a clean slate, it would be different if cam took a year off and came back but wear and tear another 16 games is not a good look. Also not having to pay cam 150 million dollars helps us great cap wise to make a rebuild a whole lot faster than later. I want this team competing again as soon as possible. Losing sucks period. Far as Rivera, i would a fired him a long time ago. Regardless of succes going forward i do not care to have him here any longer.
  9. Im not gonna say he is done but i am also not gonna denounce the possibility of it approaching. I will also say i was not opposed to the idea of allowing cam to rest up the entire year and comeback next year. But of course we all knew that wasn't gonna happen because jobs were on the line and pressure to win was to great. Ever since the off season startered i havent been able to shake the feeling that cam has just been rushed back to soon. They saw he could still throw football and just ran with it without much concern. They even put him on full display first practice of camp to energize the fanbase, calm nerves and suck us into this merage that everything was okay. I dont think there has been much concern for cams well being, but i do think everybody else has been concerned about theirs. Cam is gonna suck it up and go out there and do what he can because he knows everything is riding on him and people will get fired if he cant deliver whether its winning or him not being healthy enough to take the field. He feels that pressure and is not gonna make excuses because there is no alternative. I feel bad for his state of mind right now and i dont want him to go out on a narrative similar to his performance last game. I dont want to see it all end like that for Cam.
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