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  1. Honestly people need to stop putting blame on Shula and realize it was more Rivera's fault than anything for not holding Shula accountable. At least checking he had a contingency plan if the magic formula was figured out. People love giving Shula the blame but never spread it to the appropriate parties involved. Had Ron been more involved maybe things would have gone different. Unfortunately we live in this reality and the 2015 Panthers did not win the SB.
  2. The disrespect for Greg Olsen is unwarranted. "A tight end at 2." That's Greg Olsen man.. before his injuries he was a top 3 TE..
  3. Jesus he just doesn't know how to move on eh?
  4. I know someone said in another thread that "This is a July thread", well....this is the July thread of all July threads..
  5. Yeah and I got poo'd on for posting it. (Shrugs) I still think it's a good video.
  6. Uh...CMC has gone to the probowl and lead all RB's in scrimmage yardage. Been a top 3 RB since his rookie season. Fournette making a probowl isn't a clear indicator of how he's been playing as of late. The stats don't lie. CMC is clearly the better RB by a long shot. Attitude alone makes CMC better.
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