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  1. It involves coughs too. When you cough, and have the virus, you still project it outward. Also you can sneeze in spite of it not being a symptom. You'd still be spreading it and making it semi airborne.
  2. While I love you and your wife's idea and hustle. I believe for the current pandemic homemade masks like this won't help much if at all. You see when people sneeze they project all that sneeze at such a fast rate that it will still go through the mask. I believe only N95 masks will stop the sneeze from going out and any foreign sneezes from coming in.
  3. If i have to choose between the two. Lamp hands down. He's just better in every facet than Jeudy.
  4. I'm the opposite. This is a deep draft in areas of improvement. Getting more draft capital is not a bad thing especially with a reshaping team and a new Regime.
  5. If this is true....that means they will not go QB before us. That's a huge shake up.
  6. I thought about it, I also thought about using Mia Khalifas gap as an example but I digress.
  7. lol I laughed so hard reading the part "The gap between the two is tiny." Like what? When did Tyrod play in a SB and become an MVP? Oh wait, because he didn't the gap must be tiny. That's like saying the gap between NY and London is tiny. xD
  8. Despite of the recent exchanges on the roster. I'm excited to see what this new chapter brings. Honestly tired of the mediocrity, although we might have to suffer a couple of seasons more of it but at least there's hope that things will change and turn around in a some years to come.
  9. I'd do that trade in a heartbeat. A first and third for 2021 and a third this year is great for a team that has a lot of holes.
  10. Shaq and him in the middle. No one will be able to run on them. Just an absolute beast. I am hoping that they do pick him. Although I wouldn't be mad at Brown. I just don't want Herbert.
  11. I"m on the Simmons wagon. He would help this defense more than brown in my opinion. Just because of his versatility and range. Not a knock on Brown but I believe Simmons would be a better choice.
  12. At this point, I wouldn't be mad a Hurney. Tepper is the one that is letting this poo happen and continuing to happen.
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