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  1. They just need to rework lifeline. -Keep her fast revive. Make it slightly slower than Gibby. Because if the animation would be as fast as Gibby in his dome, it would make Gibby's ability to revive fast kind of moot. -Instead of the shield being half there when she's reviving, let that shield be like half a dome and not be able to be crossed. Also let that shield stay up at least 2 seconds to people can get into cover or run away. -Let lifeline be able to toss her drone a certain distance. Also let her drone revive downed allies. Make that animation a bit slower if necessary and give the drone a health bar. I would say 50 HP. -Let life have a passive, regen based healing. Depending on her armor, regen HP over time. As slightly slower than Octanes passive. But similar process. White armor 25 HP Blue armor 50 HP Purple Armor 75 HP Gold Armor 100 HP -Since she's a medic, she should be able to heal herself a bit faster than everyone else. These are some changes that I think would help her out more. In high levels of play, I rarely see a lifeline. I used to main her in the beginning, I haven't touched her since Crypto was introduced and the beginning of the 3rd season.
  2. It's crazy, Kobe was only 4 years older than I am now. I remember when I was in HS, he stepped onto the scene as an 18 yo kid. I saw all his struggles, when he missed his shots, in his first couple of seasons he tried to hit the game winners but came up short. Then the progression of him skills, the way he handled the ball. His clutchness finally came in. I'll never forget all those amazing memories of him winning those titles. Seeing him progression through the years. I'm so sad that his daughter was with him. I hope they didn't suffer and I hope his wife and family get through this tough time. I'm still in shock man.
  3. The community was like, yeaaaah. Revenant!! Devs:the new legend is Forge. lol
  4. If they would have had the #5 pick then they could have had so many teams trying to trade up there for a QB. They'd be ahead of the Chargers and Dolphins who both need QB's. The Dolphins have 3 first round draft picks this year. That would have been such a good haul, potentially grabbing those picks had they won more games. They'd have to leapfrog several teams. Unfortunately at #7 both the chargers and the Dolphins don't need to move up. The only scenario i'd see is if they pick the QB's they need and the Dolphins pull the trigger on a OT to protect their QB, the Panthers would get the 18th and 26th, plus a lower round pick to move up to #7 if the draft board falls to where no OT was taken prior to the Panthers pick. The thing is, that if the Panthers decide to stay with Cam, they need to protect his blind side and if the best OT is on the board, I don't think they would give up that pick for 2 first rounders. I wouldn't. Especially when it's the best tackle of the draft. I don't know. IF they stay at the pick and Brown is available or Thomas...Take Thomas.
  5. I wholeheartedly disagree with everything said. If Rhule decides to keep Cam, you'll want to protect him. Getting the #1 T in the class would be a better choice. You have to protect his blindside. JJ does not help a below average offensive line.
  6. Anyone that would be in the trenches. Anyone else would be a stupid pick. Especially with the possibility of top linemen falling to us at 7 Because of QB needy teams taking a chance at QB's before us.
  7. Honestly I am so tired of this topic.
  8. Sorry man, I don't go through more than 2 pages worth of stuff and even then I might not pick up every thread. Mods: If this was already covered, lock it up please.
  9. Can anyone confirm this? I don't know if anyone posted this. Youtubes algorithm threw this on my timeline.... :O
  10. Year 2 or 3 I understand, But this year? Nah man. Unless he somehow changes his coaching style and drafts well and by some miracle the Giants, Cowboys, Eagles are all dysfunctional this year. I think his ceiling is 7-9. Anything more than 7 wins would be a success with him.
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