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  1. The amount of talent he has should be enough to fire the guy. To me he has more negatives than positives. It's been years like that but somehow he retains his job. We've Seen this year's before time and Time again. Why do people expect.any different results? As long as Ron is here, this team peaked at 2015 season.
  2. Saints ain't dropping two in a row. Especially not to TB. That said, I hope it does happen.
  3. I don't see who it wouldn't be realistic. its a QB league. Someone will pay that price. Believe me.
  4. First rounder or Player and 2nd or 3rd, Player being comparable. First rounder and second. I don't see how Chicago would even be in the conversation seeing as they have almost no draft capital since trading most of it away for #52. I'd like to see Denver give us a first, maybe even Miami, Tenn. I'd like to send him to the AFC and not see him in the NFC. But if the Skins or even the Bucs offer a first and a player, I'd be all for it. I know we'd be able to beat Cam twice a year or at least split the series if he went to the Bucs. Don't care to be honest. As long as the Panthers get some really good picks or a much needed player on the line, I'll be ecstatic.
  5. Better question is, if Cam wasn't 'his guy' what would make him want to keep Rivera and the brass? Cam is one thing but this staff? Honestly, if he's adamant about moving on from cam. I don't see why he'd keep Rivera and Co.
  6. In my opinion. If that scenario happens. I'd look at the whole body of work. That includes the handling of Newton. He didn't handle that right in my opinion. Tepper should see that, at least I think he should. It really irks me that he'd take extra precaution with CMC but when he SAW Cam Hobbling around the Rams game he didn't take the same measures there. To me that's BS and that alone should get you fired regardless of record.
  7. I'm looking at Dallas and Philly. That division itself is a poo show, the cowboys and the eagles are sporadic AF. One of them will make the playoffs by winning the division but the other will not make it. All we have to take care of is winning. That's it. Just win. It's that simple. I know that the Saints have a two game lead but they just lost to ATL. We'd be one game away if we'd beat GB. Take care of our business and see what happens. I don't expect them to run the table but if they want to make the playoffs, winning 6 more games is where you'd have to shoot for. If you can, screw it win all of them. If they lose to ATL next week, it's over. Done. Finito. At that point, put WIll Grier in and get some experience for the kid.
  8. This. I don't go in there either. It doesn't really grab my attention. To me that's a spawning ground for hatred. People can't get over themselves and their ideals and opinions.
  9. I get what you're saying but I'm not giving up hope until the very last minute.
  10. I'm not worried about the receivers. Contrary to popular belief. I'm more worried about that line...
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