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  1. I'm just getting off work after a long long day. First thing I see is the title. I'm not gonna lie I might have peed a little. Then it hit me. Heh.
  2. I guess I'm the only one that had a mini heart attack reading the title?
  3. I thought that by not releasing him at a certain date those 5 mill would essentially be wasted either way?
  4. There's drama brewing in the huddle over the back up QB position.
  5. I wouldn't go as far as saying he's tested. Experience maybe but tested would mean he seen it all. The saints had nothing to play for that game and all their starters we're riding the bench. Allen saw a vanilla defense. He basically played a pre season game. I wouldn't be so sure he'd be starting if there was a must win game.
  6. Y'all know Cam. He loves giving people nicknames. What nickname do you think he'll give the rookie QB? My guess is Honest Abe.
  7. I'm working so yeah. (Shrugs)
  8. You of all people are going to say whether or not actual panther fans deserve something?
  9. I thin one thing we can all agree on is that even though they are rivals west never wish injury upon them. I honestly hope for JPP to have a speedy recovery. God bless him.
  10. Sometimes I feel like this fan base doesn't deserve Cam Newton. I like Grier a lot but come on. Given the circumstances in his statement Grier as a back up plan to Cam wouldn't be the greatest thing in the world but I think he'd probably be okay.
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