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  1. Counter argument would be that free agency has set up drafting a QB early. Probably 3rd round. Back up QB is a definite need.
  2. I'm on the Grier train. I think he'd be a fine back up. Better than what we have now.
  3. I love how he makes a big deal about the 2 inch gap but dismisses the 6 pound difference. lol
  4. Ivan The Awesome

    Patriots release DE Adrian Clayborn

    He is a younger player. Compared to Pep. (Shrugs) no I'm not saying I want him here. I'm just pointing out he's younger, relatively speaking, to Peppers.
  5. Ivan The Awesome

    Patriots release DE Adrian Clayborn

    Well the last guy that left was 37 going on 38. Clayborn is 30 going on 31. So technically.. he would fit the going younger idea.
  6. Ivan The Awesome

    Destiny 2

    I went drifter. On my hunter. My warlock and Titan may go Vanguard. I have a complaint about this game tho. They're making it grindier and grindier...i'm sick and tired of being out of materials and taking too much time to do flashpoints. Apparently bungie changed several things because the community wanted it to be a 'Grind'. poo I don't want that. I want to get my things done as fast as possible. I have other stuff to do and I don't get on this game as much as I used to. It's annoying af they are catering to these no lifers...Just my .02.
  7. Ivan The Awesome

    Apex Legends

    i loled harder than i should have. On a side note, what do people think about the "nerfs" to the peacekeeper and Wingman? Also anyone know about the battlepass? I heard its supposed to be dropping soon but I have no details about how much.
  8. Ivan The Awesome

    Bortles cut. Backup?

    Nah. Rather get another player that may actually start.
  9. Exactly. It's fuging pathetic people still talk about him to justify their egos and to say they're "right" about him being gone. I'm glad he's gone now and apparently Hurney has learned good things from Dave. Maybe this is what needed to happen in order for Hurney to see the light.
  10. Ivan The Awesome

    EDGE FA left.

    Thanks for that.
  11. Ivan The Awesome

    EDGE FA left.

    Top free agent EDGE defenders left after tags & re-signings: Justin Houston Ezekiel Ansah Markus Golden Shane Ray Clay Matthews Derrick Morgan Cameron Wake Alex Okafor Vinny Curry Dion Jordan Which guy makes sense for this defense?
  12. Ivan The Awesome

    13 million

    Wait til he drops a ball in a crucial moment..
  13. Ivan The Awesome

    Bye Bye Love

    Remind me with what money he was supposed to do that when he was cap strapped most of his tenure here. You can't sign everyone and he made the decisions to keep whomever was kept. I clearly remember having to pay Luke, Cam, Olsen, KK, Trai, etc. Norwell wasn't going to take a discount so what exactly is gettleman to blame for? You're not going to have an all star line with so many all pros and expect to keep them all. It's not how it works. About the only thing I blame Gman for now is signing Matt Kalil instead of Witworth. I tried giving him a chance and defended it for a while. Now looking at the body of work.. it was a huge mistake... Makes me wonder sometimes how much influence Ryan had on this signing. But oh well. It's over and done. Hurney dog needs to just cut him and save money. Even that is still in limbo.
  14. Ivan The Awesome

    Bye Bye Love

    The fug is wrong with trai? We got lucky to have both Norwell and Turner in the same line. You weren't going to keep both of them. I don't understand why Gettleman gets so much poo for this.