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  1. Burns might be good but how is it that on game day, the QB has ALL day to throw? So far it's looked that way. It's the same with this team. No damn pass rush.
  2. So um. Is this taking into account the yards from the INTs? lol
  3. You know...this team needs so much. The defense can't rush the passer for whatever reason, really pisses me off because a lot of them are actually not bad, it's just not there, could be scheme or something like that. But we clearly don't have a QB, if we get Trevor, we can then build around him and get those trenches fixed.
  4. Judging by these two past games, I didn't realize he was a WR. He's been taking direct snaps like an RB. Might as well line him up there.
  5. I don't have to root for them to lose, they find a way to do it by themselves. Rooting to lose is a losers mentality. Ain't bout all that noise. Hope for a win but it's clear we aren't competing this year.
  6. I swear to god if they don't.... Please, please please please please learn from the Cam incident. Don't pull a Rivera. Your job isn't in jeopardy Rhule...
  7. Yeah, this is the first year I have not participated in a league. Free or pay league. Not even the free leagues were enticing. I got too much on my plate to worry about making sure my roster is correct.
  8. What I need to know is, what type of sauce are you including with these nuggets?
  9. If we go down that road, he has to win at LEAST 6 games his first year.
  10. Been gone for a while, come back, these threads still exist. Huddle be consistent.
  11. From that list...Donald Glover, Micheal B. Jordan (Yeah I know he was Killmonger but he fits the bill oddly enough.), Aldis Hodge. Who knows, maybe they will go with a total unknown person.
  12. The man was amazing. As an actor, as a person, as a human being. He had cancer for a while and never did he stop doing what he loved. Rest in peace, King.
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