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  1. I feel like he's rushing back. Again. RV...
  2. Ivan The Awesome

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    "Their are whispers that new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper isn’t completely sold on Rivera, and a loss yesterday would have turned the heat up on his seat from medium to hi." The former English teacher in me is screaming internally at this whole paragraph. As far as his assessment of Rivera and Tepper. It's a very good possibility. Tepper doesn't strike me as a guy that is okay with being complacent. In Rivera's defense, he us a top ten coach. You don't have the resume he has by not knowing what you're doing. The thing with Rivera is his stubborn ways with vets and lack of urgency when his job isn't on the line. We've seen this time and time again from Rivera. Bye week hangover performances. It's something that in his first couple of seasons should have been fixed. Tendencies that should have changed, but they have not. Im not sure who would replace Rivera to be honest. At this point should he even be replaced with the current success he's had? Please I don't think there are many candidates out there that can match what Rivera has done. Also if you go ahead and blow this staff up, you'd be wasting Cam's prime years. Who knows what the new guy would do with the offense and defense for that matter.
  3. Ivan The Awesome

    Cam's new nickname for Curtis Samuel is "Cupid"

    Maybe because he falls in love every time he sees him open?
  4. Ivan The Awesome

    Shades of 2015..

    I'm not sure if anyone has made a thread about this. Probably has but yeah.. This win reminds me a lot of the 2015 season. Mainly finding ways to win. Not to lose. This game in particular, I believe we went to NY, it was that beckham/Norman fight game. The game it really reminded me of was the Colts win on Monday night? Or thursday? Where Gano won it for us too. The colts were underdogs and we kept it close but it was his fg that got us through it. Hopefully we do make it back to the big dance and win it this time. Today was a good day my friends.
  5. "He's had plenty of distance, the kick is up, IT HAS THE HEIGHT, IT HAS THE DISTANCE! IT'S GONNA MAKE IT, ITS GONNA MAKE IT (Guy in background:HE DID IIIIIIIITTTTT!!!)" "GANO LO GANO!" X 30,000 TIMES Now this literally translates to Gano won it. In spanish Gano(with an accent) means Won. So it is a play on words. Gano won it gano won it. Next part. "I ROOT FOR THE PANTHERS, TAKATAKATAKA TAKAAAAA" the takata ka part is from a song, he's just adding it to his broadcast. It's infectious to say the least. Way better than Mixon. lol.
  6. Ivan The Awesome

    Offensive Line/Pre-Contact

    It's amazing that the biggest question mark on this team turned out to be the strongest group. Even more amazing that the second biggest concern, the secondary, just became a lot stronger by one signing.
  7. Hurney could make a trade for someone but I agree, this is probably will be our last big move.
  8. Ivan The Awesome


  9. Ivan The Awesome

    Ron says we good at safety

    Nothing new here. He will not throw anyone under the bus.
  10. Ivan The Awesome

    So.... We are done with Matt Kalil, right?

    Luckily Gettleman made the contract so they could dump him next year. What a waste of money. Truiy disappointed it didn't pan out. At least they tried.
  11. Ivan The Awesome

    I see you DJ

    Cam could have gotten ten more yards easily. But I don't blame him. Seems like he's always being head hunted.
  12. Ivan The Awesome

    Van Roten is legit - Video Proof

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus.
  13. I expect pressure. Another six sacks.
  14. Execution. We lack it. The drops have to stop.