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  1. Neither you or I know the answer to that. So don't act like you know.
  2. Yet Joe Flacco coming off neck surgery get's signed....ffs.
  3. I never wanted Butler, I gave that man a shot for 3 years. Dude was a bust. Unfortunately.
  4. So ya'll would risk having him cut and being picked up by another team? Instead of offering a 4th? Okay. I get it. lol
  5. If they haven't "gladly" move on from him, I don't see why a 4th wouldn't motivate them to actually do it.
  6. On record. I think this draft will go down as the catalyst for future success. From top to bottom every pick was essential and had a sense of premeditation. It makes me think that Rhule himself had a lot more to say than old Ron ron used to.
  7. https://wfnz.radio.com/blogs/the-mac-attack/matt-rhule-talks-nfl-draft
  8. This whole draft was amazing but I think the icing on the cake was him getting that big NT from Baylor deep in this draft. That kid is going to break out and play at a high level. You'll see.
  9. So I just got done eating my chicken tacos, I feel my tummy rumbling. I know it's time, I go to the bathroom, take my phone with me, open up the huddle... That was the most satisfying dump I've had in a while. Your theory isn't as far fetched as some think.
  10. I wouldn't be mad if we moved on from him but getting a draft pick in return. 3rd would be nice. He's on the wrong side of 30 and has been injured and is coming back from injury. Don't see why they aren't giving him the Cam treatment.
  11. Subjectively looking at the Roster, there are improvements that have been made. At QB, I'm talking about Allen vs Teddy. Not involving cam since he's an anomaly for anyone. The Defensive line got substantially better, despite what others around here are saying, we got young and nasty in the front. You will see that. The offense is the one that is a little hard to gauge since we've not seen this unit take a snap together ever. Chemistry will be an issue. Also the playbook, not sure if everyone will be up to speed. I can say we are definitely a 5-11 team but with the current moves, this team will look at a 2-4 game difference in the positive.
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