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  1. I miss Denzel. He's 10 times better than. Washintongs dumbass.
  2. Cam Newton has been in the league for close to a decade. This is it folks. He's hit that ceiling. If you're too much of a blind Homer to see it. Then good for you. Cam's mechanics are not getting better, his game sense and decision making will not get any better. What you is what you get with Newton. He replied on his athleticism early on. Now that he has to stay in the pocket it's not working. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Cam is a rythmic passer. He needs to run in order to set up his passing game. You take away his legs this is the result. You're killing Cam by not letting him do his thing. You can tell on the look on his face. This brass is his kryptonite. Move on from one or the other.
  3. The narrative will be close one possession games...bah. I'm tired of that poo.
  4. You know how the actual tv feed had only two cameras for most of the game? Jesus you could tell it was single high coverage all game long. He didn't exploit that at all. I don't know if that's Norv or Cam, or both. But fug dude...I'm so done with this regime.
  5. It's the last play of the game...4-1. You have Cam god damn Jerrell Newton at QB. Why the fug DO YOU FORCE THE GADGET PLAY TO CMC?!
  6. I saw the D being able to stop the run, but they couldn't stop the pass. Then the poor tackling by Reid and Thompson...Also Jackson getting beat real bad on that TD pass. A lot of miscues. Fortunately it's a freaking 1 point game. The thing is that The D needs to tighten up a bit more. The Offense just needs to get it done man. Our offense has been freaking Slye. Which is great, goodbye Gano. But damn it Cam you need to pass that ball accurately.
  7. Well I wouldn't say they're bad at all. We've seen what they're capable of, but damn it it feels like they are forgotten sometimes or they are in the dog house and CMC has to take over. Olsen being a shadow of himself isn't helping. I just wish they would find balance. Find a way to use EVERYONE. Not just CMC.
  8. Before the weather got so bad. CMC was involved in 5 plays out of 7. When did they become so damn one dimensional? Before it was, Stop Cam and you beat us. Now Stop CMC...they beat us. Cam also missed a really good opportunity to pitching it to Moore and he doesn't make he right choice. It's absolutely frustrating.
  9. Turner. Not the Turner you're thinking either. Norv has experience but I think it's time his Son took command if it came down to Rivera being canned for a bad start.
  10. The Bucs just lost to god damn Jimmy fuging G....if we don't win by 20 points I'm gonna rage.
  11. Why are people still defending this? IT doesn't matter if we lost by 1 point or 30. The end result is an L. We've become used to moral victories around here that you can't see the whole picture? This is what Ron brings to the table, this is his ceiling.
  12. 1.Coaching. 2. Play calling. 3. Player usage. We have more weapons than CMC.
  13. Either he's the savior or he's the downfall. Newsflash you can't have it both ways. You can't say he didn't do anything to win it himself when he's had plenty of games he's won the game despite of others 'losing' or trying to lose the game. If you're going to say that then you have to count the games he "did" something to win it. I'm critical of Cam, will always be but the thing that I recognize and have for years now is that without him, this team goes no where. He gives us the best chance to win if he's 100 percent. I'm not worried about the bucs, They have a short week as well and to be honest they are worse off than us. They got beat harder than us when we were right in it. The problem with this team is shooting itself in the foot and to be honest it's all the coaching. We were out coached more than anything. all the mental mishaps and mistakes can be and should be traced back to coaching.
  14. Cam had that horrible INT. That's it. There's plenty of blame to go around but Cam doesn't deserve all the blame people put on him.
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