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  1. Queue the Rivera Defense Squad to explain to us why the awful coaches that he hires and/or promotes and the players nonchalance and lack of urgency aren't his fault. He's awesome, guyz! Swearz to goodness! He's being betrayed by everything he's responsible for!
  2. tiger7_88

    What took so damn long.

    Two words: RON FUGGIN RIVERA
  3. Good to know that, team performance or lack thereof, its all about you.
  4. In the Rivera Era (2011-18), the Panther's have used 28 draft picks on defense and only 21 on offense. We simply CANNOT continue to ignore the festering sore that is the LT position. On top of the fact that we're going to be needing another center.
  5. Mole Face gets more protection than even Brady imo.
  6. I think the late-hit on Cam sliding last week and Reid's this week were both worthy of penalty and ejection. I fully believe that Reid's blow to Roethlisberger's head was incidental and unintentional. By rule, however, I don't think that matters. I think they consider ANY blow to the head area, incidental or not, worthy of the flag and ejection. Cam's slide last game and Roethlisberger's in this one SHOULD have been adjudged equally by the officials. The one that they got wrong was on Cam, however (which is a nasty nasty habit by this league). Edit: I totally agree with you about the post-play ruckus and the puzzling lack of flags against the Steeler's players.
  7. lol... you know who the head coach is, right? The mere letters of the word "change" have him breaking out in hives, dude.
  8. Great night for the OL to poo their diapers. The official announcers can KMA.
  9. fug every POS that still thinks that Ron “BE CAREFUL PLAY IT SAFE!!!!!” is the easy POS answer.
  10. Your defense ithat you protect AT ALL COST is fuging AMAZING, RON!!! Ohmigod your defense is so awesome!
  11. Wait, I thought the Amazing Rivera Defense is supposed to stop ANYTHING since every goddam draft pick is for them.0
  12. Hahahahaha Rivera’s defense lolololol “SAVE ME CAM!” starts from Play One.
  13. Thank you, Ron. Please, god, you’ve learned your lesson. That was beautiful. Please, Ron, keep doing that?
  14. tiger7_88

    PFF's top grades vs Tampa

    I posted in the game thread that last year I thought TD had lost a step but that this year so far he is proving me wrong and beasting.
  15. Carolina got Torrey Smith in a trade on 3/9/18. Carolina drafted DJ Moore on 4/26/18. Torrey Smith had never played for Norv Turner before, so the offense and playbook were new to them both. Even considering the potential steeper “rookie learning curve”, the drastic difference between Moore’s mega-talent and results over Smith’s deteriorating talents and dropped passes are worth the more frequent rookie screw-ups BIGLY.
  16. Don’t forget that Moton was gonna be a super-sub OT/OG behind Silatolu and Kalil until they were injured. And, as someone else in another thread pointed out, Rivera is already talking up the added dynamism of Smith’s return to the lineup.
  17. I’m on my phone, so I’ll just need everyone to visualize: [Charlton Heston manic laugh.gif]
  18. tiger7_88

    Cam hit while sliding, no call

    All I’m saying is this: if you’re not given the benefit of a “slide” THEN ALL IT IS IS JUST ANOTHER RUSHING PLAY. And, in that case, you should be given the yardage at the spot you were touched down and NOT where you “started the slide”. I have no problem with him being hit on that play. I have a problem with the spot. Sorry if I was confusing.
  19. tiger7_88

    Cam hit while sliding, no call

    Well then if it was a “late slide” so that he doesn’t get the benefit of the slide “protection”, then why isn’t he awarded the full yardage that he gained rather than spotting it where he started the slide. What Cary is saying, I think, is that if the NFL is going to say “this is where he started to slide so we’re spotting it here”, then the NFL is recognizing that IT WAS A LEGAL SLIDE. Conversely, if you are going to claim “its not a legal slide, ergo any hit he takes his legal”, then the NFL is recognizing the play as a standard rush and Cam should have been given his FULL gained yardage. But as we know, because its Cam, the refs give him the worst of both situations.
  20. Also don’t forget that, through 8 games, Cam only has 4 interceptions, arguably *none* of them his fault (one bounces off CJ Anderson’s hands, two Ian Thomas ran the wrong route, and one where Cam’s arm was hit in the pocket). If fate had been just a tad kinder, he could have had zero ints through eight games.
  21. tiger7_88

    Definitely stayed in

    Money Shot, Igo!
  22. tiger7_88

    Corn Elder needs to get a look at nickel

    LOL! Is Munnerlyn injured? Then you know the answer to your question.