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    Couple observations

    Maybe they’d learn a lesson if their coach, Ron “I love my washed-up, lazy vets” Rivera, held them responsible for their actions.
  2. Add that we’ve spent the majority of draft and free agent assets on defense during the Rivera Regime.
  3. In response to questions at press conferences: "Why you asking me all those questions? I'm just the head coach! Why don't you go ask all those failing players! I'm only responsible for coaching them, not all their missed opportunities!" What a goddam IDIOT (i.e. mo-Ron).
  4. Leaving the keys for the car in the hands of DUI Ron is *not* impressive. At. All.
  5. So basically stepped up and decided to do what Cam has been doing for what? 8 years now?
  6. Holy poo... you've been asleep for what? 8 years now?
  7. Please, dear lord. Would probably be the best thing in the damn world to get him away from you ingrates.
  8. tiger7_88

    Gaulden's tweet...

    It's akin to a student knowing the answer and raising his hand in class "Pick me! Pick me! Me! Me! Me!"
  9. tiger7_88

    Gaulden's tweet...

    I'm beginning to think that "Player's Coach" Ron Rivera isn't as loved by the "players" as many people think.
  10. So basically you are proudly admitting the fact that you ARE doing exactly what you are only accusing me of doing?
  11. tiger7_88

    Cam was in MVP conversation JUST last month

    Because the people who respond in such a manner are the kind of people who become turgid and erect when Cam makes mistakes.
  12. Dude, you are trying to argue with Marlboro-smokin', PBR-drankin', tried and true Alabama trailer trash.
  13. Stop fuging with my Red Breast, Single Pot Still, 12-year Aged Irish Whiskey, dude.
  14. Well, then you need to address your issues to the voices in your head and not to me.
  15. I honestly thought Jalen Hurts come-back win in the SECCG was one of the best things I've ever seen in my football-observing life and it almost brought a tear to my old, cynical eye. (P.S. You understand that Jalen is a HUGE Cam Newton fan, right?) But, then again, I don't hate players just because of the jersey that they wear... unlike YOU (obviously).
  16. Tell me how that "title" stuff worked out for you in 2010 when Cam was a QB in the SEC. I'll just wait here, cuz... (P.S. And this is a perfect example of why some "fans" hate him.)
  17. Agreed. And, I'll say again... if anyone thinks Cam of all people (even if/when he doesn't play well) is the one player on this team that REALLY REALLY NEEDS CRITICISM, I will just shake my head in disgusted disbelief for your situational awareness. Either that or you can have fun alongside the hot-takers and the racists.
  18. Yeah, those Bama QBs are BALLIN' in the NFL, bro. (P.S. We all *know* how Bama "don't let'em through the school house door, Governor Wallace!" think.)
  19. The other guys won their jobs in practice. Just like Gano over Butker! (See: Ron Rivera)