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  1. If someone has not made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our databases, we can query our databases until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person." "It is true that we are not going to know a whole lot about the Syrians that come forth in this process. ... That is definitely a challenge. ... We know that organizations like ISIL might like to exploit this program." Which candidate(s) said the above?
  2. Memes will surely stop the bad guys.
  3. Why do feel like we are gonna sweat this out in the 2nd half?
  4. I was a Cowboys fan from 1st grade until we got the Panthers. Then i was baptized in a tub of Cheerwine and as i came out of the water i heard that angelic melody that calls us all home. Going to Carolina in my mind. Sweet baby James with that sweet Carolina bbq sound removed the scalesfrom my eyes and i saw the light friends. The book of Karl Hankton says if you love Cheerwine and bbq and the smell of honeysuckle while stuck on I77 then you too shall see the light.
  5. If it didn't work you should drink more wild turkey.
  6. No meltdowns here. But when you want to have a big boy talk just holler. Now put your Star Wars jammies on and go take a nap. You get edgy when you are tired.
  7. Visting hours are over. Back to the tv room for you. Don't worry you will get your cookie like always.
  8. Why isnt France or Russia bombing those guys? Outside of Ireland where have they bombed? No bombings since 2001. Isis is approach 16k dead in a couple ofyears. The white christians terror groups are a 1950 college football team that dominated a region of the us. Isis is an EPL team thst is worldwide and everybody knows about them and they have tons of money and people lining up to join. They are only similar in the title you give them. After that, the motives and goals and end game are infinitely different. Isis has a dog gone magazine spelling out what they want to do and you guys cant get out of your own way with the misplaced guilt. Derp on brotha
  9. Need some screens to offset that rush. They are copying the Titans.
  10. No bombings since 2001 and 26 civilians in 98 were the most killed in a 30 year span. Not even close. IRA wasn't looking to go to other countries. Fail of an analogy.
  11. I'm not saying to fear the refugees. You are. Are you admitting that Isis would NOT try to take advantage of the influx of refugees and sneak in?
  12. before we go further we need to know are you typing from a safe space? the safe thing is a simple comparison and the response or lack thereof to a threat. real or perceived. own mortality? binge watching game of thrones again? in a safe space I hope.
  13. I thought they were simple. Since you broughtup the Klan I'm trying to show the true scope between them and Isis. It's not close. Yeah I think it's common sense that a small killer faction isn't representative of a larger group. Like the geico commercial says everybody knows that. The daily beast has a link to a non profit group calledbody count. It shows how much Isis has done in a short time. Comparing and saying they are similar isn't the same.
  14. Not blaming man but making it very challenging for the refugees. The canard part i dont think you get. Its when you trot out independent seemingly out of thin air when its not applicable. This is to discredit whats being said or score pie. Not sure. Either way the context is a canard. -nitnof- lack of edit. Lol
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