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  1. This place hasn't been moderated properly in years. No offense to the mods, its just not expected or allowed anymore. Don't know which. Kinda sad really. This was the greatest NFL fan forum on the net. Now it just kinda, "is".
  2. How has this guy managed to get Huddlers to bag on Cam? If its over its over. I will have all the sadz, but if it'll get this asshat to shut up, I'm ready.
  3. That would truly give me the sads.
  4. Help me out, Alice part Duh, We drafted a player at (8) two years ago and he's a bust because we cut a good player at the same position this year? obvious troll is obvious
  5. That’s not how it works. It’s not like dating, where you break up then start looking for a new fling. If they don’t show some improvement, apathy sets in and then slowly, football fades from the things you choose to do with your time. In essence, the connection with the team just withers and dies.
  6. Lets see... Started 6-2. Finished 7-9. Ron and Hurney retained. Washington retained as DC. QB1 has a deteriorating shoulder that can't throw 20 yds. LT is a mystery with too much money in the position to effect change. No real discernible financial plans. Holes all over the roster. And to cap it all off, who is set to turn it all around? Ron and Marty... so yeah Im pleased as fuggin punch with this current direction.
  7. Im confused here. Could you show me all the deep throws from this season? I don't recall any. Also, why bring in the little guy to chuck a Hail Mary, when we've got Cam and his laser rocket cannon arm?
  8. L-TownCat

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    Does it really matter what the cap numbers are? We all know what Hurney does under pressure, he reaches in the draft, trades future assets and spends like a valley girl with daddy's credit card. Cut him, who cares? As soon as Hurney was brought back we knew the cap would be a disaster. Just sit back and enjoy the influx of dumbassery and ineffectiveness inevitably headed our way with RonCo and Hurn-dawg. This will be nails on a chalkboard bad.
  9. L-TownCat

    You want to contend again, right?

    Gonna catch heat for this, but it aint even close to losing Smitty. That one hurt, this just feels like its time. Love TD, dont get me wrong, but we all knew.
  10. L-TownCat

    Center.......what would you do?

    Re-sign Wilks to bolster the defense from x's and o's. Spend every dollar, draft pick, UDFA signing and sexual favor to fix the O-line. (Brace Your Anus For This Next Sentence) I want a BIG BEAUTIFUL FUGGIN WALL! 6'6 of the finest USDA beef money and fame can buy, racked and stacked from Tackle to shining Tackle.
  11. In two years I hope we get that Moss kid. He seems pretty good.
  12. L-TownCat

    Could Clemson beat this years Panthers?

    Im no Clem(p)son fan by any stretch but straight up, right now, gimme Dabo.
  13. L-TownCat

    Could Clemson beat this years Panthers?

    About the first time one of our 25-30 year old D-linemen get to put a NFL hit on a 18 year old freshman you'd wish you never asked such a hypothetical. Edit: If you took all the best players from every team in CFB and put them together and graded them out for each position to assemble the best possible team of 100 hell, give them 200 players, they would still at best, be... the upcoming Draft Class.
  14. vs the alternative of watching one of the best to ever play struggle to push the ball 15 yds? yeah