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  1. Not hoping we lose but if/when we do, I can't wait to watch him squirm.
  2. Fug Ron. He made this poo sandwich and I wanna watch him eat it.
  3. Won’t play man b/c talent... lolololol No, we don’t play man b/c RR has a boner for soft zones.
  4. As already stated, this is just 1 more week closer to the end of Ron Rivera and... again... Marty (I cant believe we hired him a 2nd gawd danged time) Hurney.
  5. Ron should be unemployed. Hurney should be unemployed. The whole damn staff should be unemployed.
  6. Ryan Clark is welcome in my home anytime.
  7. He still throws off that back foot. Throws to the left he plants the left and corks it. Throws to the right he pushes off that back foot and away it goes!
  8. It was at this moment Hurney fugged up. This is how he got fired last time. Just watch and see. Retard overreaction move incoming.
  9. Grier is not an NFL QB neither is Allen. Nor are the multitudes of other JAGs that held clipboards. Not even all 32 teams have 1 QB let alone a 2nd they can trot out when the starter goes down. Season over folks. pack it in. The doldrums have arrived.
  10. This is a good question. The answer is yes. Football in general has been steadily watered down and seemingly corrupted. The Panthers have been an absolute clown show for 60% of their existence. So, thank you for helping put it in perspective that I've finally been turned off of Football.
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