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  1. Oh, come now. You know good and well we'd go 7-9 and pick 12-18.
  2. ok, you're right, if he's made it to the secondary its over folks.
  3. Mick is such a nice guy in person, he really is. Talked to him at length on more than one occasion. Now, his “style” is atrocious. Easily the worst in the league. If there is a worse play by play guy in any other market God have mercy on them. He acts like the team bangs his wife on the weekends and he has to be excited about it.
  4. No qualifiers No asterisk No ifs, ands, or buts The greatest WR I have ever laid my two eyeballs on.
  5. I really like the Curtis Martin and Marshall Faulk comps. I didn’t realize they were all the same size. Faulk was a nightmare. Every single fan alive in January of 04 was terrified of Faulk. Not so much Bruce, Holt and co. Faulk. He damn near beat us too.
  6. Every draft class is overhyped. That’s the point. Sell the story that these 5-7 kids will fix your franchise. Buy tickets and jerseys sheeple! This is the year! Believe!!!
  7. The recency bias is strong in this thread. In his 9 years in the NFL, all with the Panthers, Minter made 790 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 15 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, 15 interceptions, a franchise-record 421 return yards, and 4 defensive touchdowns, including a franchise-record-tying 2 in 2003 Minter retired with team records for game starts (141) and consecutive starts (94), as well as for fumble recoveries and interceptions resulting in touchdowns. He was a fiery leader, a thumper on the back end, and with the ball, he was gonna score. What more can you ask for?
  8. Looks like Maryland's football uni's.
  9. You’re putting words where there were none. Jake took us to our first SB. Add to that the way and how he did was remarkable. It’s who he was, what he did, how he did it, and what it meant to us. Moose is on the fringe. Hoover is a cult classic. CJ was productive but never clicked with the fans. As far as Cam goes, I think QBs that get us to the Bowl will get their names in the ring.
  10. You really don't see a difference between Jake Delhomme and that list? Thats a shame. Jake was a moment. Something you just had to experience. Yes, both good Jake and bad Jake. The QB always gets both too much credit and too much blame. His entrance to the Hall doesn't cheapen it or lower the bar.
  11. Jake made the pro bowl. Won the skills comp. Took us to our first SB. Was the guy throwing to Smitty during his 05 triple crown season and Moose’s league leading TDs year in 04. Made the playoffs 3 times, 1 SB, 2 NFCCGs. There is your criteria.
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