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  1. Ok so how mad can we all get over women's soccer? Im betting the over.
  2. 1) Rams (Defending NFC Champs) 2) Panthers 3) Everyone else
  3. So far and Im invested. Really strange to have a season so recent tug that hard on the emotions. Pep, TD, RK, man that season could have been special.
  4. You do realize you said The Golden Calf of Bristol and Smash in the same sentence right?
  5. Vegas - 7.5 wins BR - 7-9 ESPN - 9-7 CBS - >7.5 wins I know we won one with 7 wins but I wouldn't hang my hat on it.
  6. No. We are consistently picked 4 of 4. After McCoy, we may be slated ahead of the Bucs now, but nationally we are nowhere near favorites.
  7. Not one mention of Smitty ending Fred Smoot's career is evidence in and of itself how far into irrelevance Agent 89 banished that poor fool.
  8. Oh nah, its cool. Do another one. How about a towel over the head joke on Cam? You know, something fresh.
  9. 8 posts. It took 8 posts to get to "durr , he punch da team , durr hurr"
  10. Smitty was always accused of smuggling cinder blocks in his socks. Dudes leg muscles were intense. Little bastard could jump through the roof.
  11. Don't forget 2003 season opener against Jax. Down 17-0 at the half. 4th down 17 seconds left in the 4th. Need 12 yards for a 1st down. Jake > Ricky > corner of endzone > TD > victory
  12. Legs and feet are where the technology has really knocked it out of the park. The human hand is so complicated and sensitive its damn near impossible to recreate. Im 18 years without my right hand and haven't found a prosthetic that's worth a damn yet.
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