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  1. I understand. Ive been on that thing more than I care to admit. IRL I just don't see the value of OT at 16. G? maybe. S/CB/DT could all be better at 16.
  2. Not seeing the Tackle value at 16. Rounds 2-7 sure. 1st is gonna be D
  3. Is this like a reddit challenge I missed out on? How do they keep finding his car? Is Shia Lebouf behind this?
  4. Who cares what we need on the field when we have Hurn-Dawg Millionaire and Stoic Ron driving this clown car?
  5. L-TownCat

    Which do you prefer??

    My non-expert opinion Gary Sweat Ferrell
  6. If your first option to hiding squatch feet is to shove them naked into a boat shoe, I got some concerns. In the land of red clay and humidity, a good pair of socks coupled with either boots or well laced tennis shoes will keep you and your feet happy happy happy.
  7. Year #13 of the Hurney experiment... One day we may have enough data to determine his worth. ...one day
  8. L-TownCat

    Donald Penn anybody?

    Sign them all. Stack em deep between Defenses and my franchise. old broke young dumb smart fast slow just dont let them touch my QB.
  9. L-TownCat

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    its stating the obvious but, the best and surest way to get Brees off his game is right up the gut. He has to check down or leave the pocket. He and Brady can be rattled with contact up the middle. its a good sign teams may be able to get to Brees this year.
  10. L-TownCat

    Hurn 2.0

    Hurney is trash.
  11. L-TownCat

    Post FA mock

    Really good work OP. Thanks. now... Just keep in mind what happens when Hurney drafts small-ish “fast” edge rushers. The history is not kind.
  12. L-TownCat

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    On this team give me Pace. He was able to get out in front of guys like Faulk. Him blocking for Cam and CMC makes my shorts tight.
  13. L-TownCat

    Browns the new super team

    1)It would be sweet to see Baker hand the Brownies a Super Sundae. or 2)After the longest bout of constipation ever recorded, Cleveland can finally take the Browns to the Super Bowl.
  14. Yeah we learnt that lesson when we had bum Hurney as our GM for 10 years. That guy sucked.