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  1. great goober thread, you can tell op used all his brain cells to create this one.
  2. This is a very complex question for the huddle most people be like
  3. I dont think the two have to be connected at this point. I think Hurney has done better than Ron and I dont have a problem with them both being here this year. My biggest criticism with Ron is playing Cam hurt so long knowing he was not healthy, especially last year. That alone could warrant being fired. Just firing people isn't the best way to get better, but I know it's easy for fans to say.
  4. Man there are some good gin drinks out there. Start with the classic negroni. Boger is trash though.
  5. Maybe. Remember last year versus Detroit he could have easily run it in but chose to throw it instead and we lost? It's fun though to play that pretend to know what would happen game though.
  6. Of course he ran more, but even at 6-1 he was dumping off to CMC at a historic pace and not taking shots down field.
  7. Old and obvious. Would be dumb AF to ask Kyle to run the same type of plays. But of course when DWill said Cam was never voted a captain he was out his mind.
  8. No, that’s what all the simpletons are suggesting
  9. Hey at least you should know they are very concerned about something.
  10. Not worth it for the Panthers to trade Cam. No team is going to give us what he’s worth to us not having any idea what type of player he’ll be. Can we please stop this trade talk?
  11. It’s pretty evident that a lot of people on here have no clue what they’re watching on sundays.
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