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  1. New Arcade Fire, Badbadnotgood Late Night Tales, Dan Auerbach, Broken Social Scene
  2. great article, thanks for the link. i rarely go to espn so i would have never stumbled upon that.
  3. So I finally have gone to a Denver board and found this guy's thread: First bolded statement, that we have a big imbalance in run vs pass. Quite the opposite, we are THE MOST BALANCED TEAM IN THE NFL in regards to run vs pass. He went by where we ranked in the NFL in terms of run attempts vs pass attempts so 1 and 27 but thats an idiotic way to look at it. Next bold is guy thinks we lead the league in defensive TDs. We had all of four during the regular season with no ST scores. Yes our defense gave us great field position, but like unlike so many other teams, we put the ball in the end zone and were the most effective red zone team in the league. That is where we struggled last year. Next, here is where just looking at stats gets you in trouble. Really, we are not as good of a rushing team as Minn, KC or Pitt just because our YPC is slightly lower? Our rushed tend to pick up 1st downs as we run a lot of short yardage plays where we only go for what we need. Looking at stats, we closely resemble the Chiefs? Well, all you have to do is watch one of any of the games the two teams played this year and that statement is obviously false. Just because numbers we were similar, doesn't mean we are similar teams and I know for a fact they didnt throw 35 TDs this year.
  4. Good research. kind of reminds me of why Seattle's defense lead the league in fewest ppg allowed by facing the likes of Clausen twice, Weeden and a bunch of other bums. So there was no surprise when they faced a good offense, we put up 24 points in the first half.
  5. have you gone to denver forums as well to tell them they have little shot to win? or are you actually thinking denver will win so you come here to argue? you aren't here to talk football in general despite your claim to being a fan of football with no team. i find that hard to believe as i doubt those guys rarely go teams message boards. since you claim to be objective, can you say anything that Panther fans should be optimistic about or are you here to try to curb our enthusiasm?
  6. doubtful. we certainly have more bandwagon fans than they do. was 60% just a number you came up with? and the fact you say that about Manning would leave me to believe you might be one of those newer fans.
  7. Facebook is the one place where you are guaranteed to see worse comments than team's message boards
  8. I just went to their board, most seem reasonable and understand Cam is doing more with less and exceeded team expectations while the Seahawks somewhat underperformed. I am sure they expected better than 10-6. It is just another case of where this place likes to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I also read the article in reference, now that was as dumb as it gets but that is not a good representation of their fan base I do not believe. It does seem petty so many people are worrying about an individual award while the playoffs are starting up, kinda reminds me of the Saints. For the record, no fan base knows as much about any other team as they know about their own, and that certainly includes us.
  9. Not to mention the 2 or 3 monsoons we played in this year heavily affected pass yardage and completion percentage.
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