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  1. Cam was top 5-8 last year prior to injury. The last 2 or 3 starts though, he was bottom 5. Thats what people remember the most.
  2. I'd say Golden Tate is more similar to Smitty than Baldwin, but I dont think your comparison it is some egregious claim either
  3. Assuming no team who liked Little wouldn't have traded up ahead of us or no team in between wouldn't have drafted Little is also a hypothetical. Regardless, whether you agree with them or not, our FO had a first round grade on Little and may have even reached further to draft him at 16 if Burns wasn't there (thankfully that wasn't the case). So in their(FO) eyes, trading #47 and #77 for a top 20 guy is a no-brainer. Again, I am not saying you have to agree with that placed value, but you can see why to them the trade was justified. Of course I would have preferred to get him at 47 while keeping 77 to get another need, but it is hard to argue with their thinking either, knowing they valued Little that highly. They essentially got two guys they considered at #16 and that is a win.
  4. So crazy for us to be in a position where people are clamoring for Boston considering how most people felt about him during his time here.
  5. Considering we went from top 6 in sacks every year down to 27 last year, maybe some of those experiments should be scratched.
  6. 26 pressures allowed on over 950+ pass attempts is pretty amazing especially playing in the sec
  7. well, no way we can't live up to these expectations, right?
  8. You know what they say about guys with big cars.......? Well would say size doesnt matter
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