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  1. not a football player anymore, he a soros puppet now
  2. why should he get a pass out of this mess? and really, only the worst organizations fire coaches mid season and while we do suck as much as this thread, i hope we dont become the Browns, Buccs, Raiders, Redskins and other organizations who's owners are like 5 year old ADD kids hopped up on sugar juice with no patience ready to hit the reset button every time the video game doesnt go their way because its the easy thing to do while most of this board be like this dude
  3. they need Texas Roadhouse. A place where people from the opposite end of the spectrum come to eat crappy steaks, but man that place is always packed.
  4. Two dangerous teams out there are Vikes and Titans. They aren't on the above mentioned level, but they can hang or beat those teams on a given day.
  5. They haven’t seen one make it look this easy week in and week out. He is dominating fools like never done before.
  6. But didn’t the organization already run him to the ground or something like that? i care much less about the running, I just hope his shoulder can be alright.
  7. weird thread. but creating make believe controversy is pretty common around here and the web in general.
  8. Trying to figure out why he is so livid. The Saints cried about making it reviewable, now it is and for an obvious PI, the call was corrected. Are they so entitled they think it should only work in their favor? Are they so entitled they think no team should be able to have a call reversed against them? Pretty pathetic collection of "adults" crying about a game.
  9. Having Julio certainly opens things up for Ridley where Moore doesn't have that benefit. Other than that, Moore is a beast with the ball and is a terror once he catches it. I don't see Ridley breaking tackles or carrying guys with him. I definitely don't see Ridley succeeding at this level if he were here instead.
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