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  1. Montez Sweat was the main other option, I think he’s doing alright too but I think for us Burns is the man.
  2. Please get the run game going, occasionally spell CMC a few plays and keep the defense fresh.
  3. Did you really hate saying it? I bet you been chomping at the bit to be able to suggest that. Pretty fugging sad.
  4. You went to this forum that I didn’t even know existed to say that? Go do some work guy.
  5. Miami actually gave him some fits before their defense blew the doors off
  6. Are you looking to see a 3-4 alignment more against 11 personnel? Because if you are, you will be sorely disappointed against 10 personnel.
  7. And here you are, right on cue. You love this place so much you can’t get away. Your presence alone knocks it down a peg.
  8. Dude really thinks a guy that hasn’t played or practiced for 3 years gonna come in and win? He wouldn’t be ready to play before Cam is actually healthy. Come on guy.
  9. Some lower IQ people gonna be disappointed they don’t see a ton of 3-4 this game again.
  10. I think it was just one game but he played great against some good rushers.
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