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  1. might as well inject fentanyl
  2. Peppers90 NC

    Devin White LSU

    Yea the Rams tried to put him in the middle but he played his best beside Morgan at OLB while here. Seattle has a really good mlb too tho. im not very fond about paying Shaq $9M next year, that is approaching top of the line MLB money. Then what, are we expecting to pay him half that thinking he will take it?
  3. Peppers90 NC

    Draft Kyler Murray

    So trade Cam for Jags first, then trade our 2 firsts to move up to get him?
  4. Naw Cam wasnt hurt, he just has the weakest arm in all of football, that includes futbol
  5. Maybe people saw his bad investment in the Panthersxand started questioning everything else
  6. Y’all act like Cam involuntarily plays physical and solely blame the organization
  7. This is the same guy who refuses to acknowledge Cam has an injury
  8. a few here obviously dont know more than surface information
  9. Peppers90 NC

    is tepper deliberately tanking for trevor lawrence?

    Good thing is, 2020 is an even year so we might just be bad enough
  10. Peppers90 NC

    2013 Cam vs. 2018 Cam

    My mother in law who knows nothing of football could have started this thread.
  11. Peppers90 NC

    Seven DB lock down

    They had injuries to their LBrs and was as much as a next man up thing as it was a scheme thing, but it sure as hell worked.
  12. Still riding this strange theory guy? Cam didnt complete a pass over 30 yards in the air ALL SEASON LONG. That is unheard of in modern day football. 25% of those yards were from one play where DJ Moore broke some tackles and went 80 something YAC. It is almost like you are reverse just saying Cam sucks or something weird because even the worst QBs in the league can occasionally complete a long pass. This is so strange to see a huge Cam fan deny his injury, it seems like you should be using it as a reason he threw 4 ints in the TB game.
  13. Two firsts, a second and a fourth in two consecutive drafts, thats what I got out of that, but being King, he probably assumed it was even more.
  14. Peppers90 NC

    Lance Taylor Gone

    He was a RB coach at Stanford but seemed pretty good at WR coach here but who knows