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  1. Pretty good deal for Falcons, he would have likely gotten more had he hit the open market
  2. DJ had problems with press so not too much of a surprise whereas Curtis is the opposite. I am somewhat surprised Curtis didnt do so much from the slot though.
  3. Did the Athletic hire Joe Person? If the answer is yes, then I totally question their judgement.
  4. Unless we contain obtains SAT's or actual IQ tests, this is the best we got. Ace claimed that people who said Luke was more cerebral only said it because he was white and that is the stereotype. Then, the only measurable out our disposal to support or battle that claim, actually was kinda embarrassing for Wagner and especially for Ace. The worst part about this, is that Luke is being undervalued for being the superior athlete as well.
  5. Yea it's not the end all be all, but it is something. Ace was claiming people suggested Luke was only smarter because he was white, based on stereotypes (and funny at the same time, less athletic which is not true at all). If anything, people should be ashamed that assuming Luke is less athletic based on stereotypes when his combine numbers put him with the top DBs that year. I brought some measurables to the table and he has since disappeared. The wonderlic is a type of IQ test but it doesnt mean someone is smart or not, but I am sure you know all that. It measures aptitude, problem-solving and general intelligence. While I know nothing about Wagner other than he his a hell of a football player, I do know based on listening to Luke talk about the game, he studies the hell out of film and can assess plays quickly. I also know he is continuously praised for his play diagnosis like no player in the history of the game. I do kinda question , based on his concussions, his general intelligence to continue playing though. So based on that, a strong score of 34 pretty much backs up will people assume about him.
  6. Hey guys, come join me and set these monkeys straight. I was on our rival board and they made a falcons topic so lets go make sure they get the information they need. Who's with me?
  7. One had a 34 wonderlic score, the other an 8. The same with the higher wonderlic also had better measurable at the combine.
  8. He earned that contract, the entire defense was bad last year pretty unfair to point one or two guys out. Hopefully he comes back hungry this season.
  9. 2005 was amazing. He had the triple crown with about three games under 30 yards and no TDs. But for the most part, he was a one man show.
  10. Not saying this is him, and certainly not saying it isn't but the timing, left shoulder and resemblance is uncanny. Either way, kinda funny. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByiAkN2BORZ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Eh damn, wouldnt embed.
  11. It's comparable. I would say our front 7 is better but their secondary was way better.
  12. Maybe Gaulden is or isn't, neither of us know for sure at this point. We drafted him in the 3rd round so they must think relatively highly of him, especially if he can cover slot receivers too. I wouldnt panic yet but the uncertainty is there. We shall see.
  13. We lost 7 in a row this year we’ll obviously lose 4 in a row next year
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