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  1. Russell is a better scrambler Cam is the better designed run runner as Cam rarely looks to scramble.
  2. It's like he has no respect for the fans trying to pass those off as excuses. Insulting really.
  3. Peppers90 NC

    Who would you rather

    at least one contributes, sort of
  4. Peppers90 NC

    losing out will be the best thing for us

    you are too weak-minded to be apart of any super bowl
  5. Peppers90 NC

    105 points last night!

    Gonna go ahead and announce Tyreke Hill as the best WR in the league, that dude is fugging sick. Go back to that play against the Pats, he jumps, catches a pass behind him, lands and by his third step was already at top end speed. He is Steve Smith on steriods.
  6. Well at least we know for sure we cant trust him to win one on one matchups. Good to know.
  7. PFF suggested we get pressure on roughly 37% of passing plays, #4 in the league.
  8. I agree there is some validity to it, I certainly am not suggesting it be the reason he/they shouldnt be on the field. Moore and Samuel are by far and away our best playmakers on the outside, the only two who dont go down as soon as they catch it. I would love for them to be on the field 90% of the snaps if it were feasible.
  9. I don’t believe anything Ron says. He has no respect for the fans trying to pass of this BS for so long. Moose suggested on the radio today that if Samuel played more, teams would game plan for him more and thus making him less effective. While I see what he is saying, it’s definitely worth the risk. It’s just so easy to plan for other guys who fall after the catch like uhm, 17.
  10. Peppers90 NC

    “Missed Opportunities”

    We know he talks out of his ass. His reasoning to get rid of CJ was to give CAP more opportunities. How many plays was he on the field for again?
  11. eh Cam doesnt have the passing stats to be considered by most in the Marino level.
  12. Peppers90 NC

    “Missed Opportunities”

    He is right, we had opportunities to make catches and make easy FGs. We also had opportunities to take Bumbass out of the game but he stayed in for some odd reason.
  13. I think after this last game he should pass Goonchess on the depth chart. If #10 and #12 arent on the field the majority of the plays, we know the staff either doesnt care about winning or absolutely clueless on how to do so. I think #13 has played well given his role, I dont want to reduce his role.
  14. Peppers90 NC

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    The play up or down to their competition. Kinda worrisome.
  15. Peppers90 NC

    what we need to do this offseason

    we definitely don't need weak-minded people making suggestions about building for success.