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  1. Jump Zone

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    If not for the Panthers, I would still be a Packers fan. I am just old enough to remember the end of the Lombardi era. I suffered through the next couple down decades and about the time they were good again, we got the Panthers and I switched to the home team...
  2. Jump Zone

    Your most hated NFL team?

    1) Cowboys 2) Falcons 3) Saints 4) Eagles
  3. Jump Zone

    Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    Hey, we are in the South. Let's show Cardinals fans some good southern hospitality if they come by your tailgate- feed so much food & booze that they will be too stuffed to cheer for their team. Let's take them out of the game before they go via the food coma... Whose house? OUR HOUSE!
  4. Great pictures as usual and thanks for the back stories that go along with them.
  5. Yes, I don't see going all Lions in the draft with B2B 1st Round WRs.
  6. @JumpZone24 And I have followed Jakob.