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  1. I'd be shocked if we win more than 2 games. But heck, let's win them all?
  2. Years? He hasn't had the snaps to be someone we have "been expecting things for years now"! Okey Dokey
  3. Who is an Olsen on the team that you can point to other than Thomas to fill the role? No one is the answer. So might as well jump on board with our TE1 and hope for the best. He has potential. You're killing me with these replies and no alternative answers.
  4. Simple topic/thread: Now that we committed to defense in the draft and offensive weapons in FA the next concern obviously is OL. With that said the TE position is going to be crucial. I believe in Ian and he has the tools to be great (maybe block a little better). He is going to be huge on 3rd down and goaline stances. He needs to really step up this year. Has the potential to be a true breakout player
  5. It's like you guys have amnesia about how little Burns played last year. Benched a majority of the season...you want pass rush, well, we have it. Let Burns eat. They starved that young man last year for no apparent reason.
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