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  1. But the title of his post IS saying that Reid could be a distraction and that's the point of my post...it is for the clicks, it's poo journalism.
  2. I read the article and stand by what i said
  3. Holy Crap! You channeled some old school @SCP here. THIS IS EXCELLENT!
  4. This is not news here nor is it shocking that someone would have a negative opinion about our "favorite" ESPN beat writer but this asshat has to go. His latest Twitter headline link to his new ESPN article reads: Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on this is just trash journalism. I say it is trash because I have not heard from ONE, not ONE, Panthers fan who has had an opinion either way about what Reid said after the second preseason game against Buffalo. I follow a ton of you guys on Twitter, I'm here on the Huddle, and a 5 year member of the Roaring Riot. Haven't heard a fuging peep about this from fans. *So what is the overshadow exactly*? David Newton in this article has CLEARLY written it for one reason and one reason only...FOR THE CLICKS! He is a fuging hack. Just tired of his trolling bullshit.
  5. He is good on straight-forward blocking but I thought in the pass rush he reached to much and doesn't slide to his right quick enough. Just needs more work
  6. No hate towards CAP, I like him, he just doesn't get the touches I think all of us thinks he should get. The coached just don't give him the ball for whatever reason.
  7. Y'all leave my boy Gano alone...I'll fight you
  8. He'll be good, not worried about about Boston, at all....considering what the alternative is.
  9. I'm just not sure what our depth chart even looks like at RB: CMC, CAP, Bonnafon, Scarlett, Holyfield That seems a little slim at the position considering the following: CAP never gets touches, Scarlett didn't play last night, Bonnafon is an unknown although he had a couple of flashes last night, Holyfield redeemed himself. If CMC (GOD FORBID) goes down we are in some trouble in my opinion at RB. Am I wrong in this? Maybe I'm missing something.
  10. There was only one play where I thought he looked semi-decent, he stuck his left left hand right in the right tackles chest and pushed him back 4 yards, great push, but then nothing. No secondary move, no nothing...hopefully he is trade bait.
  11. Hi brothers & sisters, my long-time friend and I are starting our own real estate firm and everything is in place to get going (office, signage, furniture, files, office equipment, etc) and the one thing we really need help with is a website. I know you can go out there and pay someone $5k-$10k to create one for you and there are web hosting services for much less. Neither of us have the technical experience to do this although I figure I could probably figure it out through something like Vix or Squarespace. Any recommendations/solutions? We need the ability to give the customer a full experience on the site; search for current homes, links to MLS listings, contact us, real estate agent profile pages, FAQ, and space for photos and possible drone arial footage of properties et al.
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