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  1. I don't know about the last 2 years but the last 2 games have been bad
  2. Luke has been absent for 2 weeks now...you can poo me thats fine
  3. Jimmy

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    LT vs RT isnt as important a distinction as it used to be. Players like Von Miller, Watt, etc are coming at the RT. Leave em be
  4. Did anyone else on the team take him up on his offer to join him? Maybe they did but I haven't seen anyone else in the pictures published thus far.
  5. Jimmy

    Monday notes

    He never said it was "offense". He was comparing them when they had the ball in their hands. And to think for a second that Hester wasn't a badass when he had the ball in his hands is ridiculous because he was.
  6. Jimmy

    He's back!

    On paper we are where I thought we'd be...but having TD out is a blessing in disguise going forward. The reps and experience Mayo & Shaq got in these 4 games will be immeasurable down the stretch. Welcome back TD!
  7. Jimmy

    Monday notes

    Yo Ron, if you're going to compare Samuel and Moore to Devin Hester when they have the ball in their hands...then why in the mother fugging hell would they not be in the starting lineup, getting more snaps, more targets...do it damnit!
  8. He's only given up one TD in the last 3 games against the 3 best WRs in the game...what are you talking about