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  1. Except he was and was good before his injury, and did brilliantly for the Saints when he stepped in for Brees.
  2. I like it. And not a bad value for a starting QB in the NFL. 3 years, build in the draft with some cap space in 2021. I can dig it.
  3. He dominates top WRs more than other CBs, just compare stats. $15M/yr, no, but none on the market are worth that much
  4. FA is the key to rebuilding in the short term and the draft is the key rebuilding in the long term. Go get Hunter Henry to replace Olsen. Draft some stud OL, go grad a CB or/and Safety in FA, draft a LB, etc et al.
  5. Love it all but.... Donte Jackson, but it is a best case scenario after all
  6. On this day, the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead
  7. He is great depth in a 4-3 system, not a liability and I love his character
  8. I liked it...why? Because it is a movie and not real life and I like to be entertained especially by the Pew Pew Pew
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