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  1. Jimmy

    Phish Concert

    Tonight at PNC Pavilion....anyone else going? I am not a huge fan but the wife is and this is her birthday present. We'll be on the lawn with a blanket. She'll be dancing and I'll be looking at all the freaks and laughing my ass off.
  2. Supposedly in SC, any Huddlers in South Carolina there know more about this story? I hope he's ok
  3. Fair and Balanced remark. I knew you had it in you. Ha!
  4. Did everyone just forget about Hogan and Wright?
  5. I don't like it as much as I would've like just cutting Torrey and saved $5M instead of $2M. Torrey is bringing nothing to the table, nothing. But if we can get McCoy that's great.
  6. Will have to pass Riggins for that mantle
  7. Great list. Future guys IMO - Pep, Cam, Luke, TD, R. Kalil Maybe we could put a plague next to the Men's Restroom on the 500 level with D. Williams name on it.
  8. Unless you put a Waffle House or donut shop in the endzone he ain't worth it.
  9. Congrats to Cori Hurm, former App St cheerleader, and family friend for making the squad!
  10. I've been extremely excited about our draft (still am) but this one is a head scratcher. Whether you are a "need" or "BPA" guy, I'm not sure he is either one at this spot. What it sort of tells me from a historical standpoint and RR's predilections is that he is still not sold on CAP. Which I really don't understand.
  11. We've all had our nails painted brother....ain't no shame in that!
  12. Before I pie...did she climb on top because you're a fat fug and needed climbing gear and you begged for it like a bitch...or because she was horny and needed the D?
  13. I love this pick because these guys told me to love it....I was too deep in Arya Stark to know
  14. It was close Z...he almost attacked the iPod for Zoe...that Boss Baby is a real Boss
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