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  1. If you look out your window, you'll see that your city is on fire again
  2. When you can accurately demonstrate a working knowledge of variance and how it relates to the failing of computer modeling, then you'll have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, you're covering for your own lack of understanding
  3. All cookie.... and not one crumb of actual science to back yourself up? You were MADE for academia!
  4. ouch.... not exactly..... tell me the state where causing the death of an unborn at 9 months gestation wouldn't be prosecuted as murder
  5. Nope. Not one bit. I happen to actually land on the Pro-Choice side of the fence when it comes to policy. I'm pro-life when it comes to my personal life. The reason that I'm pro-choice is exactly because I can't dictate my personal morality on anyone else when I don't have definitive proof. The thing is... neither do you. You can't tell me what makes a person a person, when they start being a person, when they stop being a person, or what criteria would hold up to thoughtful scrutiny. I've studied a lot about how the brain develops, teratology and its revelations, how predictive it becomes to cellular and eventually behavioral expression, and how so much of it seems to run the course of how many people view the evolution of neurological systems. For all that we've come to understand, there remains an ocean of lack of understanding to what goes into making people as it is generally accepted. As a result, the people that have doubt on their positions are the ones I trust most. It is those people that strut about in absolute conviction of their faiths that send off alarm bells to me. You have firmly fit into that category. Here's a cookie
  6. And therein lies the crux.... you can't bring yourself to call it a baby. If you do.... then you've spelled out the failings of your position. If you don't, then you safely fall back to the "humans are the most important species, and fetuses are not humans" altar. Here's the problem Chuck. The reason the argument is so contentious is that NO ONE can definitely say when someone becomes a person. As a result, anyone on either side cannot claim absolute moral authority... but hell, people can sure as hell lash out with a long string of rationalizations to prevent themselves from confronting the horrible alternative.
  7. Sure it does.... you just didn't think it through. You stated that both are dead. Both what?
  8. you're not familiar with libertarians... if you were, then you'd understand the tenets of "age of majority" and the philosophical underpinnings from which the legal precedent stems
  9. So.... by that logic should we kill kids (or just regular people) living in dumpsters?
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