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  1. It's not any secret that Cam is not known for his accuracy. What caused defenses to fear facing him was being a dual-threat QB. It has now been known for years that Cam couldn't keep up that style of play for long. It has been known for years that Cam had to find some way to become more of a pocket passer if he wanted to make his mark. The coaching staff and Cam have continued to fail in this endeavor. We actually have skill position players that are getting open, and our QB can hit them when most other QBs in the league are getting to these guys with relative ease. That's why the OP is relevant. If this continues and I'm the GM, I'm not giving Cam a barn-burner contract. I'm cutting my losses to salvage what I can with the considerable assets in the rest of the team. To those of you that are intent on hugging Cam's nuts until the end, you have at it. Don't be surprised when the team tanks with him.
  2. We have all the tools in place to be a contender this year. For fug's sake get the play calls in for our packages so we don't have to keep needlessly burning timeouts. Can't do anything about the officiating except take it out of their hands. The best way to do that is to man up and overpower the one-one-one match-ups in the trenches. D-Line looks like we can do that in spades where the QB has to drop back. O-Line looks like we'll have to scheme a fair amount against some teams. Yesterday was very promising on that front. Aside from that, Cam needs to work the mechanics to get the damn ball down. You've got a freakin' stud opening up the PA in CMC with all kinds of outlet passes finding their way open in the flat. Do your job, continue to make those throws and we'll come out with plenty of wins.
  3. Jeebus.... from the way some of these posters go about their business, we need a crying baby emoticon
  4. Can you program it to be scratch and sniff but only while underwater?
  5. Is Ron calling the defense? If not, I am not confident in how our D performs at all. We'd have to have an absolute domination-fest with our interior line to wreck LAs run game throughout the game to cover for Washington's mis-management
  6. 28-3.... but big enough to fill the page and an ellipsis
  7. It's very much in the vein of a Penny Dreadful with del Toro tossed in for fantasy world building
  8. Criminally under promoted. Is like del Toro, George RR Martin/Tokein and Lovecraft collaborated on this series:
  9. Normally not my thing, but Abrams puts together a solid trailer:
  10. With the first string, too many of our down linemen getting pushed off their gap assignments. 2nd level had too many missed tackles. This kind of play will lose us a lot of games.
  11. I very much agree. They would be monumentally stupid not to work out some kind of deal. 30/70 would be a reasonable landing spot, so we're in agreement on that front as well.
  12. And I would agree with that if Sony didn't do a counter offer. Instead, they just left the table, altogether. And you didn't really quote me correctly. That's not 5% of the take. That's 5% from the take on the first day of release. That's a pretty s#% deal for an organization that took a franchise that you killed twice and made it the biggest moneymaker in your company's history.
  13. Sony just saying, "Nope. You guys get 5% of the first day's take and that's it" They'll have to reboot the property if the pull out of the MCU altogether. Too much of the storyline invested in the Stark legacy to work around it.
  14. The animus between Snipes and Goyer was well documented. It was to the point that Snipes wouldn't even speak to the director, but simply communicate in short post-it notes. All the other actors were very uncomfortable when Snipes was on set because of the tension. When Snipes was working with Del Toro, there didn't seem to be any issues.... at least nothing that surfaced in the years since those films.
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