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  1. twylyght


    That's why you had no trouble finding that quo.... oh wait.... right..... can't find me doing what you accuse me of
  2. twylyght


    Ah revisionist history..... what would ye be without thee?
  3. twylyght

    But her emails!

    Whomever is using that term, I haven't heard it. I was simply parroting CWG in my response to him. My point was looking to how foreign policy has been overlooked in this current scenario. I seriously doubt that Canada would appreciate us doing to them what Mexico is doing to us.
  4. As much as I've been called racist around here, why wouldn't it be about me?
  5. twylyght

    But her emails!

    Does your parents' house count?
  6. You've got at least one offer on the table with people supporting it.
  7. twylyght

    But her emails!

    Correction.... PSCs house
  8. twylyght

    But her emails!

    Record freaking "revenues" of $3.5T and we still find a way to outspend it by half a trillion. Freaking awesome
  9. twylyght


    You probably believe that... then again, you fancy yourself an expert level troller
  10. twylyght

    But her emails!

    Tack it to the list. As for the caravan of terrorists? Just put them on a series of buses at our southern border and ship them to our northern border like Mexico. Is Canada having an election now?
  11. twylyght


    I'm just a "make it official" kind of guy
  12. twylyght


    I've already nominated myself for a permaban. Hell, we should have a book burning and McCarthy hearings while we're at it
  13. twylyght


    This should be an easy exercise. Got to every thread where Fryfan, Philly, Googly, Rodeo, PSC and TheRed have responded. There's a 70% chance they are insinuating or outright stating that someone in that thread is racist. Better yet... just hold a poll with those guys, and they'll be happy to tell you who to permaban. Easy peasy Edit: Almost forgot. Add Gazi to the mix. Lord knows we need someone that fits in some special needs kids jokes for this process
  14. What is the purpose of TB if it is no longer a "no holds barred"/"anything goes" forum? fugit... I nominate myself for a permaban.
  15. Posters here probably think the last 11 pages legitimizes Warren's assertion for minority status. Time to elect our first Native American president, amiright?