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  1. 2010 and 2001 would like to have a word with this thread Anyone thinking that an overhaul STARTING with the OLine isn't the priority should probably check out now. I get that there's guys still out there swingin on Cam's nuts thinking he could magically make this work, but you people are insane. The only guy in the league who could remotely make something out of this shitshow would be Russell Wilson (I'm still taking in how good Jackson and Mahomes are to see how their bodies of work translate). I give the DLine more slack because we are decimated in the middle of the line. However, I've seen enough to convince me that Kuechly doesn't have nearly the command of the 3-4 as he does the 4-3. If we have solid line play throughout the year, then we have 3 to 5 more wins on our record right now. Rounding this out to the OP, 2010 didn't see any way to remotely hope for a win in more than 4 games that season. 2001 was an exercise in finding new and exciting ways to lose 15 straight. Nope, I don't like this season, but I'll take this team over that agony in a heartbeat
  2. I wouldn't want Norv as a head coach given his prior stints as HC at 3 previous teams. However, I would not mind at all if he stayed at OC. Like I said before, a ton of people are maligning him, but I would take Norv over 80% of the other options out there easily.
  3. Ah... so this is a troll job. Nicely done
  4. A number of them have already been stated here, but here ya go: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826694-an-early-look-at-the-2020-nfl-free-agent-class#slide0
  5. That portion was to address those lurking that have traditionally called for more skill positions. However, I'd MUCH faster get an upper tier lineman before grabbing Tua. I'd also grab a FA WR before using a draft pick with Hurney in the 2nd round. I'd trade if necessary to do another lineman. Our situation is that dire. No one gives Norv any credit, but he has been scheming his ass off to hide some pretty severe deficiencies on the OLine.
  6. Any scenario that doesn't address the trenches is batshit insane. You fix those, you make yourself a contender. A new coach is going to bring in a new philosophy. That is about the only certainty for the off-season at this point. Once that is settled, then you get at best a 30% rate of success at seeing how the off-season will play out with respect to personnel.
  7. You inserted a number of random perspectives that I didn't put forth and then attacked them as if I said them. Ergo... strawman. PootieNunu seemed to understand it without a problem. Philly and Jay chimed in their their usual poop emojis. But hey.... it's TB. What he hell did I expect?
  8. Didn't read what I read again.... lemme get my shocked face
  9. Please point to the passage where Jesus compelled charity at the tip of the Roman spear. There's been no lack of hypocrites of all stripes throughout the years. Any established and fiscally profitable Christian church is already in the spiritual red when it comes to abiding by what the Gospels laid out. That said, it pretty much comes as a blanket understanding for a lot of people these days that Christian equates to uneducated and hypocritical if no outright evil. In any conversation, when that comes up in American discourse (for Christianity, mind you... not any other faith), that's all a party of opposition needs to know. Being a Christian of professing faith explains away everything about their backwards and evil thinking. Only a casual understanding of pop culture references to the Gospel would lead someone to believe that Jesus would mandate Christian ethics through force of any kind. If anything, one would see the innumerable references to how the priests and preachers of the day aligned with government to challenge Jesus and ultimately have him killed. Only a casual understanding of pop culture references to the Gospel think that prosperity and faith are mutually exclusive. Certainly, Jesus never once advocated personally stealing or using governmental agency to steal to help those in need. He advocated leading by example to be sure, so your references to people professing faith while holding up Trump as a godly man are certainly at direct odds with one another. However, to think that this automatically presumes that Jesus would align with the Democratic party as a result is simply a falsehood that all to many people in pop culture embrace without the same scrutiny. So yeah.... use "boomer" to be dismissive... just understand that it's a selective dismissive like any other time.... it's just the word presumed to have elevated weight because of how it dismisses in and of itself.
  10. it's cute when kids latch onto new words like it's cool
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