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  1. twylyght

    The evolution is in process

    you can tell who wasn't around during the Seifert era
  2. Any off-season that doesn't address our needs on the O-Line is a disaster for me. I think D-Line can be serviceable for another year with good coaching, but I would feel better with upgrading that unit as well.
  3. Tried to answer you in PM, but system says your account isn't taking. Short take is thank you for the honest attempt at civility. Long take involves the answers to your questions. If you want them, let me know.
  4. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Good talk buddy. Shine on you happy, pretty, little light
  5. Still refusing to listen..... well, I tried Here's your victory trophy: Everyone's a racist. You totally see everyone.
  6. There was a very concerted effort to engage the black church pastors to inject politics to bring the black vote to the Democratic party. If you're telling me that most people look at the information, process it, and then decide when it comes to peer pressure, then I've got nothing for you. Peer pressure doesn't go away with childhood. It remains and sometimes people find ways to congregate to groups where they can be their more natural selves. However, most of the time, we're dealing with our immediate surroundings and checking to see what we should believe/do. Believe it or not.... the facts don't care.
  7. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Is this the part where you say racist enough and you win the argument?
  8. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Why is sovereignty a racist policy?
  9. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Not changing anything. Mississippi NEVER should have had that over-representation to force CA to give them money. For me, the solution is to fix what broke it in the first place
  10. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    I figured this would be the thing to set people off. My reasoning for this is for a few things: Being able to vote just because of where you were born makes no sense to me. I think if you pay into the system rather than take out of it, then you should have more say in how your taxes are spent. Most importantly, if someone you elect can put your life on the line, then you should have more say in who that person will be.
  11. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Just jumping back into this thread so this may have already been brought up. Just last year, it was promised with an unprecedented blank check for a budget, that there would be good faith talks about getting the wall underway. It didn't. In the years prior to that, there's been countless other times when this has been put forward for negotiation, and there was some promise to talk about doing it. At some point, you have to be stupid to continue believing that any promises are not in good faith. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me for the 100th time... Jesus, how stupid can you be?" As for the shutdown, I already pointed out where the priorities lie. All of this is for 0.1% of last year's budget.... 3x that amount was put forth for foreign aid to countries that hate us. If Congress was really valuing furloughed workers more than the wall, then this would have been done 3 weeks ago. But they don't, so we're still going with this entirely stupid exercise.
  12. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Yes, and they shouldn't
  13. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Because.... reasons
  14. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    The short answer is no. This is where I get more radical from anyone else than I know. My thought is that people that contribute should be more represented than those that do not. For instance, to be able to vote, one should first be a citizen. To be a citizen, it shouldn't be something afforded to someone by right of birth. Rather, it would be much more like what every naturalized citizen must go through to attain citizenship. I would mandate that the naturalization process require that people serve in public duty for a minimum of two years. Once done, you get a vote. If you serve in the military, you get two more votes. If you are a net positive tax payer, you get another vote. (if we implement something like HR25, then this could be discarded) If you are a veteran, you get another vote. If you are a first responder, you get another vote. Under this system, a first responder that served in the military and is a net positive tax contributor, they could wield 5 votes per ballot entry to divvy however they see fit.
  15. twylyght

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    No, Mississippi doesn't. I thought I had addressed this earlier in the thread, but states that generate more revenue should not be forced to redistribute their wealth to less productive states. That's the opposite of representation. Mississippi would then effectively be conscripting a portion of California's citizens' earnings to support themselves by way of force through a central government who's primary function should be the protection of its citizens' rights.