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  1. Dont Check My Chicken

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    David Tepper says it is "dead wrong" to accuse NFL players as unpatriotic. And, former NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has joined the NFL players in their fight against social injustice. Thank you. Both are showing courage and empathy for others. Thank you David Tepper! And, thank you Roger Goodell. For those wondering what this has to do with the Panthers football team, I would suggest these NFL icons are leaders and I appreciate their leadership during these confusing times. As a Panthers fan, I am comforted in knowing my team is in such good hands of a courageous leader with a good heart!
  2. Dont Check My Chicken

    One Thing is Certain: Competition at an All-Time High

    I hope you are right about better safety play because our green coaching isn't capable of developing a game plan to mitigate this weakness.