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Jeremy Igo

Panthers to wear Blue Pants? Here is what it may look like...

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It looks a lot better then I thought it would.

I think our best uniform is the black tops / silver pants. Wish we would stick to that more often, I understand there is concern about the heat early in the season though.

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We usually wear the alternate blue against any team that has a white primary jersey (ah la Cowboys), but I'm worried that it won't be all blue after looking at the Cowboys colors in that ad. It looks like their Thanksgiving jerseys are primarily blue, or at least two-toned blue and white. 

We shall see. The website definitely still says blue jerseys on the calendar...

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Whoever designed Mizzou's alternative matte helmets should design one for us. How bad ass would that be with our  Panther on the side of it...


THis is EXACTLY what I've been saying. Change our silver helmets to these matte silver helmets. 

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Our glittery silver helmet is the dumbest thing about the team's uniforms. If they could just move to a black helmet then they'd be the best looking uniforms across the league.

/end metrosexual rant.

 Really want a blue helmet with a silver honeycomb lining with the black logo and silver facemask.

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    • Of course, I'm mostly mad at myself for being disappointed in your lack of being reasonable in this entire topic. I've been able to (I think) have some reasonable discussion in here in areas where I both agree and disagree with others, but you are just an angry dude. But I've known that from other things you've said and at times, I feel like you're well meaning and others feel you're flat out toxic. Just sucks that instead of discussing things you draw the line at "do they agree with me" and if the answer is no, you go to ridicule/defensiveness/anger/name-calling. And we're all guilty of a little name-calling but that is a go-to for you.
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