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World Cup General Discussion

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The groups with match specifics...


So...who advances?  My humble guess...

Group A:  Uruguay and Russia

Group B:  Portugal and Spain

Group C:  France and Denmark

Group D:  Argentina and Croatia

Group E:  Brazil and Costa Rica

Group F:  Germany and Mexico

Group G:  Belgium and England

Group H:  Poland and Columbia


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15 hours ago, Goondal said:

Germany wins the whole thing. =)

They are at the top of the betting pool.  I really like France and Argentina.  Love the new format...great teams will have to face off.

Spain is a definate contender.  They are amazingly talented...not feeling their vibe but they are as talented as any team.

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1 minute ago, Shocker said:

They are at the top of the betting pool.  I really like France and Argentina.  Love the new format...great teams will have to face off.

Brazil seems to be the slight fave, although I have to think most bettors are ignoring the whole “it is in Europe” thing.  The bettor in me likes Spain, but I am biased so...

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Anyway, my bold predictions are:

-Portugal does not make it out of group
-Argentina falls in Ro16
-Uruguay to the SF

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France is being France...  look amazing, full of talent, control the game but fail to score.

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Assuming Salah can play... 

- Uruguay & Egypt (Russia is absolute garbage. Fans will turn against them when they draw with Saudi Arabia)

- Spain & Portugal (I want really badly to put Morocco here, and probably would, had they not left Bouffal home. I think Ronny carries Portugal through the group stage.)

- France & Peru (Paulo Guerrero having his suspension lifted is such a boost, both emotionally, and on the pitch. I don't trust Denmark to be able to muster an attack outside of Eriksen. Will be easyish to stifle them.)

- Argentina & Croatia (Iceland and Nigeria are two potential teams that could have done things in other groups, but Argentina and Croatia have too much class.)

- Brazil & Serbia (Costa Rica will piss Brazil off for like 75 minutes, but eventually Neymar and Willian break through. Serbia's midfield is just too much for the bottom two of the group.)

- Germany & Mexico (South Korea will have some exciting moments with Son up top, but they're not complete enough to challenge.)

- Belgium & England (England is average compared to other big footballing nations, but they have a favorable group. Should coast into a quarterfinals I would imagine.)

- Colombia & Senegal (James has some more tournament magic, and Mane & Koulibaly propel Senegal into the knockout rounds.)


Spain wins the whole damn thing. Just too complete, and have a great manager. Don't trust Brazil ultimately in a World Cup overseas, and the wonderful French talent will be fuged by Deschamps moronic ways. The likely Semis between Spain and Germany will be absolutely wonderful. 


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A: Uruguay & Egypt

B: Spain & Portugal

C: France & Australia

D: Argentina & Iceland

E: Brazil & Switzerland

F: Germany & Sweden

G: Belgium & England

H: Colombia & Poland

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In what world is Spain vs Portugal a "meh" matchup? 

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Group A: Uruguay-Russia (Uruguay rolls, Russia has favorable draw and schedule, is playing at home and could be the beneficiary of some “questionable” calls)
Group B: Spain-Iran (I have Spain doing to Portugal in the opener what Germany did in ‘14 and once again putting them behind the eight ball.  The winner of the Morocco-Iran game goes through.  I am going Iran because most people are picking Morocco)
Group C: France-Denmark (France top Australia bottom is one of the best bets in my mind.  That Denmark-Peru match on Saturday should be very interesting.  Denmark also gets possibly an already qualified France last which could help them on goals or even get a result)
Group D: Croatia-Argentina (I do not like Argentina at all in this tournament...hell they almost had to stay home.  This should be the most interesting and wide open group but I expect the two favorites to eventually go through)
Group E: Brazil-Switzerland (Brazil to the QF in this tournament is a virtual lock.  Only Germany, Belgium and Spain earned more points than Switzerland’s 27 in qualifying and they are probably underrated.  That being said they had the worst possible draw, in a group with Brazil that is probably unwinnable for them which means a Ro16 match-up with Group F winner Germany)
Group F: Germany-Sweden (Gotta say, I am concerned with the performances in the tune up matches.  That being said, they have no lost a game that counts in ages and there is no real danger in this group as they play into form.  I feel as if Mexico is just expected to go through by many but it should be noted that Italy is not at the party for a reason, and that reason is Sweden)
Group G: Belgium-England (This is the easiest top two to predict for me as the winner is obvious and the second place has very little to worry about in terms of challengers.  Belgium earns all nine points and while there will be some point where England does something to make their fans freak out, they will still get through relatively easily)
Group H: Senegal-Colombia (a very wide open group partly because it is the weakest.  In a tournament that I see UEFA dominating, this is the one group where they will not represent)

Ro16 Winners: Uruguay-France-Brazil-Belgium-Spain-Croatia-Germany-England

QF Winners: Uruguay-Belgium-Spain-Germany

SF Winners: Belgium-Germany

Winners: Germany

I also have Lukaku edging Suarez for most goals

EDIT: Lopetegui news has caused me to send Germany to the final where they defeat Belgium to repeat

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