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Anyone Have Non-Profit/Charitable Organizafion Experience?

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Just came up with a great idea for a charitable organization that could potentially reach athletes in-need both in the United States and less fortunate nations abroad. I have some connections in the football industry that could potentially make it possible, and a handful of relationships with NFL athletes that could serve as my advertising platform on social media in return for good PR at no detriment or cost to them. 

I don’t want to give too much away or say too much at this time, but what would be my main challenges to get this ball rolling from a business perspective? Obviously I wouldn’t and couldn’t take a salary for some time and I’m not sure being profitable is even the goal at the end of the day, but building this from the ground up is obviously a massive undertaking and challenge. I have a close friend who is extremely busy savvy, currently lives in the Silicon Valley and has started numerous business and charitable organizations of his own that is willing to be of assistance. He has told me “the hardest part is just getting the ball rolling”. I know of an easy way to get the ball rolling, but it may fizzle out without any true infrastructure behind it. 

Any advice, thoughts, or anything for that matter that you would feel necessary to share with me please do. 

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