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Trident Panther

If you only time to grab a couple of things....

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what would they be?

This hurricane got me thinking of what I would take if I was in a hurry to evacuate my house for whatever reason. For me, it would be my 4TB external hard drive and laptop. 

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Wallet, Keys, Phone, contact lenses.

Handful of clothes.

Maybe my laptop, but most if not all of my important data is stored on the cloud.

I don’t have really any heirlooms anymore, I would have said my father’s St. Christopher medallion but that was already stolen from my house a few years back.

So just what I need for the immediate, everything else I can replace.

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most stuff really is replaceable.  I mean back in the day people would say pictures and what not but in today's world....all that is easily backed up. 

If I was legitimately evacuating my house? Basic toiletries and clothes to survive a couple days.  Definitely would make sure I doubled up on my footwear.  My phone and two of those power packs for the phone to charge on the go.   Only real item a take would be to grab my fire safe box.  That is really about it.  In it, are my deeds, titles, wills, power of attorneys.....all in one handy location.  Everything would fit into my travel backpack.   I would be go to go. 

I would then I have to fight with my wife and kids about all the junk they "needed" to bring. 

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I keep a go bag packed for my wife and myself. It has all the essential items necessary minus cash/identification for 3 days, which are kept separately but easy to grab. I think it was about $150 to put together both of them including high quality backpacks that I shopped around for and got on clearance for $10 apiece. Clothes are light and meant to be layered and food is rotated out every 6 months. I can be out of my house and on the move in less than 3 minutes if need be. Take the time and put one together for yourself and anyone else in your family. In an emergency, you will forget things that are essential. It may seem a little overboard, but the peace of mind is worth it IMO. 

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Depends on the situation and the time of year.


But I would recommend some type of go bag in the event of an event.

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