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Just had a thought...does Kemba need to stop with the 90 % of the ball and get his team involved?   Dominant ball is crazy with him on offense.

Way to easy to stop...just saying 

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7 hours ago, Shocker said:

I thought they played better last night with Tony at the point and Kemba at the two.  

Yeah, but if TP was in his late 20's and early 30's we could depend on that. We can't depend on a 36 year old TP to have those type of games. 


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Personally, I think Kemba plays based off how the team plays. If the rest of the team is going he is more likely to become a distributor, but if the team is struggling then he takes matters into his own hands. However, the team is at its’ best when Kemba is going and has at least one other contributor.

The most common line up used is the starting line up of Kemba, Lamb, Batum, Marvin, and Zeller.

For the qualifications of this test I set the minimum shot attempts at 7 while also shooting 50% or higher.

With that said, let’s take a look at who shot over 50% from the staring lineup from each game so far.

Bucks: Kemba (41 points) - Loss by 1

Magic: Kemba (26 points) and Batum (15 points) - Win by 32

Heat: Marvin (13 points) and Zeller (11 points) - Win by 1

Raptors: Kemba (26 points) - Loss by 21

Bulls: Zeller (14 points) and Lamb (12 points - Loss by 2

Bulls: Kemba (30 points) and Zeller (14 points) - Win by 29

76ers: Zeller (12 points) - Loss by 2

Heat: Batum (20 points) - Win by 12

The Hornets are 1-3 when they only have one player shoot above 50% meeting the 7 shot minimum qualification (I set the qualification at 7 because 7 shots usually gives a player the chance to hit double figures), the exception being the last game when the bench chipped in over 50% of the points.

As we can see by the Magic and Bulls game, the Hornets clearly play the best when Kemba is on his game and has someone else who is also knocking down shots.

I’d go out on a limb and say that the Hornets will win 90% of their games where Kemba and another starter both shoot over 50%.

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    • If all the players mentioned here can step up we will be in good shape this year.  If Gaulden can play a decent FS our defense could be really good.  Having Samuel break out would give our offense an awesome diversity of targets.  Moore, Samuel, Wright, Olsen, and CMC.  Have fun shutting all them down.   I was confused on the Scarlett pick in the beginning. But after doing some homework he is the guy I a rooting for to unseat CAP and actually provide someone for defenses to have to play honest against.  Maybe not year one but going forward I hope he can take some pressure off CMC.  And run some 4 min offense through him to grind out a game with a sprinkle of Holyfield.  I was watching some more tape on Godwin the other night.  Man I like his hands. Route running is pretty good too.  Hope he can show out on ST.  It would be great to have a 7th rounder make the roster and be the replacement for Wright in a couple years.  
    • I love Poe, loved him in ATL and KC, but his production, statistical or on film, does not warrant his contract/cap hit. And it only goes up next year. I'd much rather have the statistical/game field production from McCoy, I mean if we can get him for a solid offer, I'm good with keeping  Poe, but if we are thinking about KK, Poe and McCoy, on top dl contracts? I'm not seeing it. (KK, and Poe are already top 15 salaries) McCoy's production is more than likely going to warrant a nice multi year deal, which we don't have an option of rn with players nearing the end of their contract, ie Shaq. I'd love to have him, production is very good, I'd like to know what TB knows that the stats/film doesn't show? He's a luxury, a very nice, good pair with KK (on paper) but options are cut Poe, sign McCoy to a modest deal (not likely) or look at a freaking FS for God's sake!
    • 13 million is a ton for him. Unless he wants to work for less than 10 I don't see it....
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