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Should have tanked

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1 hour ago, OldNorthPowell said:

We can agree on many of these issues. [Cool.]

However, yes I do think the NBA is rigged. Heck, they do their lottery behind closed doors. That is shady. [I have never heard Michael Jordan complain about it.  If it were rigged he would put up a stink.]  

Also, the NBA has a bigger footprint than the NFL. [Disgree.] In theory this should lead to bigger market areas. Globally and domestically. [Basketball is played globally but this fact doesn't help an inept owner like Michael Jordan in any way....it's not like a bunch of French folks are flocking to Charlotte to watch Nic Batum play.]

I do agree that MJ has not been a good owner so far, and the team does a poor job reaching new fans. [Terrible job.  The franchise doesn't have any idea how to market to the residents who can really afford the product on a daily basis, quite the opposite really.]

Also, they have one of the worst TV deals in the NBA. It is hard for people to find them on TV.  [TV people want high quality content...the #Bobcats/Hornets aren't that.]


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2 hours ago, OldNorthPowell said:

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on some issues.

Fair enough.

One last thing I would like to mention though is the revenue sharing arrangement the NBA has in place to assist smaller market teams --- are you familiar with it? 

For example, a $22 million payment made to the Bobcats on heels of 2013/2014, the largest in the NBA --- this money was taken directly from the coffers of high revenue teams like the Lakers and the Knicks --- a bit of wealth redistribution if you will.

Another example, 2 years ago the new league wide television deal kicked in and without lifting a finger the #Bobcats/Hornet got a $40+ million revenue kicker --- just like every other team --- this even though the Bobcats/Hornets don't move the TV needle for the NBA in any way.

Two clear examples of the NBA looking out for the smaller markets...


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