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    • I don’t think anyone has stated it won’t happen at all. Most have said if it does happen it will be a dumb move instead of waiting to see if he can get healthy. The flip side is those who say it’s already decided and a forgone conclusion. Could it be because of valid reasons? Sure but show me one that has said it’s a done deal that he is gone that has a smart reason for it.    He has 1 year left on his deal. He’ll be paid middle of the pack for QBs.  He hasn’t had a healthy season in 2 years. We have 2-4 major options involving Cam 1.) Keep him on a prove it deal and see if he can get and stay healthy 2.) He sits out the final year not wanting to play on a one year deal meaning teams haven’t seen him healthy in 3 years which hurts his stock 3.) Trade him (which either nets us a king’s ransom because another team believes he he is/will be healthy) or we get poo offers (which means teams don’t believe he is/can be) and at that point why get rid of him? 4.) Release him which means we get nothing back and don’t give him a shot to get healthy meaning we just yanked our entire franchise for literally no reason Not one of the forgone conclusion assholes can give a valid reason as to why they say it’s already decided and it makes sense because there isn’t a valid reason to believe it’s decided already. Oh it also helps lend to my thought process that those who say it’s already done that they can’t not knock Cam or bring him up in convos that aren’t about him. Strange huh? 
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