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Hornets sign Rozier 3 years 58 mil or 19 a year

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Next season is going to be pain. Cannot believe we lost Lamb and then replaced Kemba with Terry Rozier, for 60 million dollars. 

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You literally can make this poo up... this is legit a house of horrors. 

Incoming 30 for 30... What if I told you the Hornets could have traded Kemba Walker for Colin Sexton but instead held on to him for an entire year, lowballed him in contract negotiations, watched him join the Celtics, and then replaced him with Terry fuging Rozier for 3 year fully guaranteed contract for $58M dollars.

If you have to have a stop gap why not Mudiay who has at least improved every year. 

Rozier just complains about everything, fug that guy.

Got to love that 24.7% field goal percentage he shot in the conference finals.

If I'm Borrego I would flat out resign tonight.

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Gets better guys, read this BS. 



Some clarity on the Rozier/Kemba sign-and-trade: The Cs did this to keep options open for potential three-team sign-and-trades. But even if it stays as a 2-team transaction, Boston is expected to receive some compensation from the Hornets.


Lost Kemba, Boston doing Charlotte a favor to trade Rozier and Charlotte is giving up compensation for the transaction. 



Omfg, like wtf... Is MJ smoking

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4 hours ago, YoungPanthers89 said:







How many wins?


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13 hours ago, DeSim said:

younger, cheaper, good player that could improve, and we’re still going to be one of the worst teams this upcoming season and be able land a top pick...I don’t mind this at all. 

I love Kemba and it sucks to see him leave but this is better than paying Kemba 35 million per for the next 5 years just to be fighting for a 8th spot in the playoffs. 

I don't understand why people don't see this.. Easily tradable in a year as well.. You take a shot on a young player while still sucking out loud the next 2 years..

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6 hours ago, M_Loop said:


10 to 15 at best.. which is great for the tank and rebuild crowd. 

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    • I want the old Luke back he looked bad last year and last game he couldn’t get off any blocks and over running the plays again 
    • It is on Manhertz, it's also on Cam. Cam couldn't handle the jailbreak blitzes they were throwing at the team. They simply sent more rushers than there were blockers. When that happens there is always one or more uncovered receivers, the QB has to find them, fast, and fire. If you win it, you probably score big. If you lose, it's a sack. Most QBs coming  off of  their break aren't up to game speed yet and Cam didn't pass the test. The point is, those kind of  blitzes are rarely done in the preseason, kind of a gentleman's agreement between coaches to keep from getting  QBs injured. Guess what Belichick does? He goes after your weaknesses no matter when it is. He doesn't play by unwritten rules (or written ones when it suits him). And now we have an injured QB. If you really look at the original play in question, the jailbreak blitz is obvious with seven men rushing the line and an eighth joining in quickly after the snap. Before the snap, Cam sees the situation, calls an audible and begins to drop back. His drop back is deep and he realizes the pressure has broken with Manhertz getting beat to the outside. Others were getting  beat and gaps were being shot. He starts to scan but doesn't get enough time to find his hot read. Sack. I'm chalking it up partially to Manhertz who I don't think is really that great of a blocking TE, and to Cam who in later season form would have dropped back two steps and shot the tight gap to Manhertz's left and made a few yards. He may have also been able to catch his hot read with a fast pass.  It's preseason, though, and the team isn't playing up to game speed yet. The Patsies came in gunning for him. They sacked him there and eventually hurt Cam in the preseason yet again. I'm sure Belichick puts that as a positive in his ledger for how the season plays out.
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