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Should we be excited about our special teams?

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Damn, how long has it been since this team has fielded a decent ST unit? Watching the game last week actually got me pumped for our ST this year. I know it’s only one game but they really looked improved over past years and we might finally have a legit returner in Godwin. Hiring Blackburn could end up being one of Ron’s best moves.

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It's August I'm legit optimistic & excited about everything.

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Chase Blackburn has been a great hire.  I'm hopeful this could be the best coaching staff Rivera has had.

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I’ll get excited when we see our starters vs opposing starters.   

Tough to really tell much reality yet.  Our depth looks good though vs others teams’

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I will always have my doubts about our special teams with Ron at the helm.

We had 3 years of Ted Ginn Jr. returning punts and he never took one to the house. All the opportunities he had were always called back by stupid penalties. 

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Hell yeah we should.  I think Blackburn is doing a hell of a job so far.  

Also, I just heard that there were only 10 people on the field for Godwin’s 57 yard punt return.   Lmao. 

Hopefully it continues.  

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    • I've noticed throughout the years the many fairweather fans and the narcissistic ones as well. It's amazing how much negativity towards this team happens in most Others groups. From Facebook, to Twitter, to the Huddle. Opinions are great, analysis: even better, constant bitching about the best QB this team had ever seen or the best coach we've had is getting old. It's not wrong to be optimistic. It's still the offseason. Kickoff is in what? 15 days-ish? Let's just save all of that until we see the real team play.
    • Huddlers fail to realize that this team wouldn’t be half as good if they did not have Ron’s ample chest to motivate them.
    • Its obvious that when a team blitzes, there are likely going to be defenders unaccounted for by the offense's blocking scheme. But that has nothing to do with "missed blocks". And Manhertz's "missed block" on the man that he obviously chose to attempt to block had nothing to do with the blitz.
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