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Jeremy Igo

Ok let's hear it. Predictions for Carolina at Arizona

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I feel like this is one of those games that will piss the fan base off even more than it already is. 

I think the offense will actually look a bit better, but the defense will have by far it’s worst game of the season (similar to how many of the games went early in 2018). 

I think we go to 0-3 and I think we see a coaching change after London. 

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We lose close games at home. 

On the road we lose even bigger.

Murray turns into a media darling and we get one game closer to Hurney and Rivera getting canned.

I've got no faith in this team anymore. 

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This game won’t tell us much at all, we’ll be sloppy as hell on both sides of the ball but will come away with a win.

Kyler Murray works some magic on our safeties and David Johnson leaks through our run D a bit.

McC goes off and Allen has a solid but not spectacular game with about 200 yards, 2 TDs and a pick. 

27-20 Panthers


After this week, division will be locked up at 1-2 for all teams. Falcons can’t win in Indy, Bucs fall to Daniel Jones’ magic, and Aints without Brees don’t stand a chance against the Seahawks. Ugly but we’ll be right there with them. Bucs will “lead” the division with the tiebreaker in divisional record by default.

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