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Can We Win the NFC South in 2020 **

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''For the sake of argument, I will estimate Cam recovers to full go''

The question is how far away are we from winning the division...


Cam Newton


CMC / Scarlett / FA


Moore / Samuel / FA or Draft


Thomas / Manhertz / FA or Draft


Little / FA or Draft / Paradis / Turner / Moton

Offensively I don't see us not being able to compete in the NFC South for a title, with an MVP caliber QB in Cam, along with two 1K receiving options (Moore / CMC), as well as good compliments in Moore, and Thomas I think we could have a pretty potent offense, especially if Brady lives up to the billing. I'm not as down on the OL as many here considering as injuries / guys coming off of major injuries played a large role on top of an inadequate QB not able to get the ball out on time consistently. I'm willing to see the development of Little, and with an upgrade at LG and a return to form for Paradis a full year off of injury with Cam under-center and a more modern offense I'm fairly optimistic. 


Short / FA or Draft / FA or Draft


Burns / Shaq / FA or Draft / I think Addison or Irvin returns to play opposite Burns


DJ / Cockrell / FA or Draft


Boston (I think he returns) / Reid

I think any non-casual fan realizes the ''BIGGEST'' needs lie on the defensive side of the ball, I could see a restructure or outright release of Poe, and I could see a guy like McCoy coming back, regardless the defensive side of the ball has a ton of question marks. If things pan out offensively I think we could surprise as a top 8-12 offense, without FA hits / Draft hits the defense is probably looking like a unit destined for the teens to 20's as far as rankings are concerned. 

I don't see us FT'ing / extending Bradberry, the cost is too high, I think Brown or Simmons is the pick at 7 depending on how FA plays out, I think I'd prefer Brown to Simmons at this point, because if we are able to bring back McCoy, and either Addision or Irvin, our starting front 7 would would pretty solid pending who we add as the 2nd ILB. 


With that said I think we have the chance to win the NFC South with a healthy Cam at Quarterback, without him, we're picking top 10 again, because at this point I think it's Cam or bust on the season, no need to spend money on this free agent QB class to simply win your way out of a top pick. Some might argue that with Cam, but anytime the time around him has just been ok, we've made the playoffs. 

Here's to hoping new minds, and fresh ideas, help us turn the corner along with a healthy QB. 

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We're seriously talking about winning the division?

I'm not that confident we're gonna win six games.

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I just want to see continued improvement from the coaching staff and younger players. 

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We know who we have as players, who do we have as a HC and staff? There is basically zero NFL experience and we have no idea what they will do at this level. You could have a 100% Cam and a bunch of idiots running things.

If you want my opinion this team struggles to win six games, regardless of who the QB is

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The number one cause of disappointment is unrealistic expectations.

I only see one possible path to the Panthers competing for and maybe winning the division.  That will be if our season goes the way of 2014, where things click and we rattle off a string of wins down the stretch and the other three teams crater.  That is not an impossible scenario, but not one I would bet much on.

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