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Posting while colored

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Why does a post with 40 plus replies, multiple pages of football talks, require a grammar nazi to step in and voice opinion. Not everyone that posts here cares for exact proper sentence structure or punctuation. Some can’t even construct a proper sentence but still love football. You have some people on here that just want to come in look at what they see and not even comment on the subject at hand but put for there obvious prejudice. A quick glance to the left corner of a pic of myself from almost a decade ago you see a brown kid and the moment I don’t appease with proper literary etiquette, here come the MAGAs ready to judge every last character typed. I’m trying to be as ethically polite as possible but wtf keep those opinions to yourselves. Talk football and leave it at that. Don’t say poo you wouldn’t say to someone in person be humble not overly prideful. And try to enjoy some Panthers football related conversations. 


Changed my profile pic for future posts to see if there are still random shots at peoples ethnicity, without actual evidence to use as motivation to speak on it. 

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