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mick eye

Now that the comp picks have been leaked a mock draft.

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now we have.. And this will be my attempt to fill holes in the roster imagined and not. With players that fit and with names no one will be able to pronounce.

2nd. Andre Roberts WR / Citadel = hands receiver

3rd. Taylor Price WR / Ohio = fast receiver

4th. Daniel Te'o Nesheim DE / Washington = Mathis?

6th. Earl Mitchell DT / Arizona = undersized Under tackle

6th.Barry Church SS / Toledo = special teams and in box SS

6th. Mike Kafka QB / Northwestern = backup QB

7th. Rico McCoy OLB / Tennessee = backup OLB

7th. Leigh Tiffen K / Alabama = big legged kicker

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I don't like that draft at all. I can really see us getting Taylor Price from Ohio because we have been looking at him pretty hard but getting Andre Roberts in the second round is too high. I would rather us get Demaryius Thomas or trade down and get shipley. Roberts does how ever look look pretty talented and I actually never knew much about him till I saw this video and read this



Roberts looks like a good player but I think we can get him in the 3rd or fourth round.

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