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For those dumbasses in smack.


I don't play yalls games, yall play mine.

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    • But they always miss the key point, you gotta add the simple sugar in while the tea is brewing and therefore still hot, otherwise it just settles in the bottom and doesn't mix. If you surveyed local restaurants you'd be surprised how many of them have sweet tea urns with collectively thousands of dollars of sugar going to waste sitting in the bottom of the urn while you and I sit out front complaining how close to unsweet the sweet tea is. Unless you're talking about Hooters, and then those maniacs are just trying to all give us the diabeetus. Just one reason I wont' go there anymore. Mostly it's just one of my pet peeves from bygone years bartending and dealing with often brain dead useless wait staff.
    • I'm from the South and just joking with you  because I am bored with work. Waxhaw ain't Chapel Hill.....lol and that dental school didn't start until 1950 no matter how old the building it is housed in is. I'd say they can't get it right because it's literally just sugar water and a waste of tea and they don't care? The word's tea connoisseurs would look at southerners destroying tea and say "why can't they get it right?"
    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNC_School_of_Dentistry Yeah, it's always nice when people stereotype southerners. That's the link to the second ranked dental school in the country which is consistently regarded as one of the very best in the world, and it's housed in the second oldest public university in the nation. If yankees brought dentists with them, they were just bringing the quality of dental care here down, not up. If brewing sweet tea is so easy, how come yankee kids in restaurants (and I've worked with plenty of them) so consistently can't get it right?
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