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unbiased (or hell, biased if you want) opinions on the muslim brotherhood

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my parents are massive glenn beck fans (they also hate mexicans and socialists and gays, so it's no real surprise.) my mother posted the following link to facebook:


while i personally cannot stand beck, and i think bachmann is completely insane, this article brought up a legitimate question (indirectly; they did not bring it up, but it occurred to me) regarding the muslim brotherhood, their geopolitical relevance, and whether or not they are as radical as beck and bachmann seem to think. are they just fearmongering for votes (business as usual) or do they actually have a point on this one?

Back to the original question.

The truth is probably nuanced. The MB likely contains elements of hardliners and relative moderates much like a Western political party (although to us the moderates might seem to be hardliners). I don't think they are going to turn Egypt into another Iran or Saudi Arabia. Not all of them want that, and their hold on power is to tenous anyway. They also have to worry about the potential of a military coup is they go to far. But they are almost certainly going to take a harder line towards Israel and the United States. Just how hard of a line they will take is the real question.

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