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Walking dead season 3

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I think you have to do it the way they're doing it though. Let's think here, you have 16 episodes. Let's look at how they paced this season. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED ALL OF THIS SEASON.


The first 2 episodes are a "catch up". A "here's where the group is now". They clear the prison. That's what we get. Also, we figure out what's up with Andrea and Michonne. So, good.

The next 2 are the fallout of the experiences with prisoners and the fallout of Andrea and Michonne going with the Governor, as well as some character deaths and Rick's breaking point.

Then you have 2 episodes of Rick losing it, Maggie and Glenn, and Michonne v. Merle.

Then you have 2 episodes of Michonne finding the prison, the group rescue/Michonne v. Governor, and then midseason "cliffhanger" (if you can call it that).

Now, since the break, you have 2 episodes involving Rick and the rescued with Daryl and Merle going off while Tyreese sees how insane Rick has become.

Then the prison raid. And recently, Andrea coming back.

So far, they've paced this well. They essentially have two (now 3) separate plots mingling into one episode a week (Prison group, Woodbury/Andrea, Tyreese's group). You have 45 minutes to cram all of this. They've done well. It seems long, but to really have the viewer buy into all of this, you have to give some details. You have to dive into it and not look back when you're writing it. Otherwise, you risk skimping on important minor details and the whole season feels empty.

They still have to have Rick's "coming back" moment. They still have to have Tyreese's group have their resolution and tie their plot together with the Prison v. Woodbury plot. They still have to get Andrea to have her resolution. They have to specifically state whether Merle is pro-Prison or pro-Woodbury with his "moment". Then, finally, the climax and resolution to the Woodbury v. Prison arc. These are just things I'm guessing, btw. If I were writing, these seem like the logical progressions. They still have 5 episodes left, and based on the preview for next week, next week will be a detour off the previously stated plots to a whole new one. Season 3 finale will not be the final showdown. Mark it down right now. Way too much to cover. If it is, color me shocked. Season 4 midseason finale, if I am guessing, will be the conclusion of the prison arc.

Sure, we all can guess that at least SOME of the prison group make it out of this debacle. No poo. Sure, we wonder what comes after the prison, as far as what the show is gonna do. But to wish it away is just silly.

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HOLY fuging poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This episode's awesome level is through the roof and we're only halfway done.

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Spoilers about the most recent happenings of this episode

I like how Morgan is Rick's "waking up" moment. He seems to be realizing that he needs to get his head screwed back on straight and start thinking clearly. Really interesting.

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